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My name is H.M. chamod Imalka. I'm a student from Sri Lanka. I'm 13 years old and study in grade 8. My school is Rambuka eVillage school.t is situated near by the Sinharaja rain forest that world heritage in Sri Lanka.My mother is Nandani Dipthika. She is a good housewife. My father's name is Premachandra and he is a Samurdi Divorcement officer. My village is thanabela and it is in Sabragamuwa province.
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I have three sisters. They are Nimna Sathsarani, Nethmi Sansala,and Sadani Nisansala.
My village
My village is Thanabela.I like very much to my village. It has about 450 people .There is very beautiful River. There are mountains and tea estates in our village. There is a popular Temple and post office. Children in our village study at Rambuka Evillage School. Love is my village.
My school
My school is Rambuka eVilMy s.It is in Rathnapura distric. .Our school principel sir is Mr. somadasa koswaththa. It has about children 900. It has about 30 teachers. My computer teacher is Mr. H.M.Wijewardana sir. My school in gread 1-13 I like my school.

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