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true me and my true my life

I Jose have gathered my little thought and come up with Ideal of having the strong relationship with community as whole .thus I come up with peace crusade and children supporting group which I'm looking forward to have a good response from you over it . Having seen of what’s happened to our people ,children in the community, election violence ,children torture ,killed with innocent look in them that way I want to fight for children of the world .it's is out time to deploy peace among the nation ,community disregarding the background ,tribe ,race ,religion and other imation which can cause difference among Us youth.

It's is with my humble plea to you as a friend, please talk peace, think peace for good democracy .Join me Jose for the fight against children molestation, and also to campaign for peace in the world, your contribution will be highly accepted.

Having develop the interest in the helping the other regardless the background, race, i would like to

Sharpen my spiritual value and virtual accordingly thus i want to dedicate myself to the action by sharing

The interest with other in the world we live in.

My greatest joy would come when i will have the call to share the little i have with my brother and sister.

it's through doing worthy did that i look forward to have a strong relationship by helping other om the world .

having grown up from the Church ,i went well with the teaching and i was the leading of the Sunday school

that was in year 1997-1999,later i was choosen as the head of the senior school and laterthe youth leader
in our church
i was the organizing member to all church group
i have served in the neigbouring country where i was the chairman of the for foreign christian student team

I have a certificate cource in Councelling im HIV/AID which i did as a result of my willing to serve the community.

iafter completing my study i was employed in the same organization as a secretary and later as the Tutor ,
i delivered the effective measure of the HIV/AID
i was the organizing of the student in the organization ,i acted as field management

Ever in the limelight of the God doing what’s the Lord have prepare for Us.
For so He loved us and He gave HIS only son to die on us we have also to be righteous in all our undertaking before thee. Making a vow to Him in life that i want to dedicate my life to Thee ,we a the youth have to share the Christian value that we have in Us ,make a choice to show your little breathen how to Pray ,how to read Bible ,and also hoe to handle other peoples life in Godly ways and tha the Lord will Help you all way .share you faithful ,believe ,with other ."Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling".






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