This blog is dedicated to ダウト(D=out). MY ENGLISH IS VERY BAD!!! and i'm sorry.
I writing this blog beacause i want speak that i like.

ダウト(D=out) is a group which begin in 2006. D=out is compose of five members:

Kouki: Singers
Ibuki: Guitare
Hikaru: Guitare
Reika: Bass
Minase: Drum


Kouki is a singer and the leader of the group. He is from Japan and is born in Kobe on 21 October 1980. He was in the group Mist of Rouge which was separating in 2003.

I things that Kouki has a very beautiful voice.


Ibuki is a guitarist of the group. He is born on 16 January 1980 in Kanagawa. He is a Ken's brother a bass player of And. It's maybe bizzar but i like his mouth.


Hikaru is a second guitarist of th group. He is born on 27 November 1985 in Awa, he is the youngest members of the group.

I like the sound of his guitare because when i hear this sound i'm overcome by a feeling of well-being, above all in this song
For more he is kawai!!


Reika is a bass player of the group. He is born on 5 august 1982 in Aoimori (beautiful name).
He play a bass magnificently good. He has a very beatiful smile


Minase is a drummer of the group. He is born on 2 March 1981 in Kyoto.

Personally the drum is my favorite instrument and he has a very beautiful eyes!!! And he play drum very good!!


After a career as solo, Kouki decide create a group with Hikaru, Ibuki, Minase and Reika. The 29 December for the first time, the group to play a concert in Holiday Shinjuku and after in Ikebukuro Cyber.

They begin product the first CD on 3 April Heisei Bubble which has a very good success. The second single seem in 19 December. After the group to sign with label indie Speed Disk.
The first single appeared in Europa is ZIPANG in CLJ at 2008.

And I'm very sorry for my English!!!!

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