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holy crap Nick is so hot!!!


joe's got muscles!

kevin = hotness

don't you just wanna kiss him (i do)


more goof

so rockstar

dang nick's buff! i like!

boys will be boys

miley cyrus: hate her!

love the hat nick!

even more goof

ooh i have those sunglasses

it's larry, curly, and fro bro!

disney gangstas!

nick's a gangsta!

they have the best smiles

my cousin's awesome artwork

they love the big glasses!

nick's voice just makes me melt

Frankie is their little brother. he's so cute!

tight pants, but we love him anyways

only real men wear pink

he's so hot when he sings

nick's workin those shoes!

i hope you liked my blog!

no matter what you think, the Jonas Brothers are the best band ever and the 3 hottest guys ever (but i think Nick's the hottest!)

vote on who you think is the hottest on my survey!

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