Bon Jovi - Random things about the band

Alec John Such

Birth name: Alec John Such
Born: November 14, 1952 in Yonkers, NY (USA)

-He is the former bassist for Bon Jovi.

-He left the band in 1994.

Hugh McDonald

Birth name: Hugh John McDonald
Born: December 28, 1950 in Philadelphia, PA (USA)

-He took over Such's position as bassist

-He's not an official member of the band

Bobby Bandiera

Birth name: Robert Bandiera
Born: October 13, 1953 in Ney Jersey, USA

-He is a guitar player.

-He's not part of the band, but he has played with them for several years now.

Phil X

Birth name: Philip Theofilis Xenidis
Born: March 10, 1966 in Toronto, ON (CANADA)

-He's replacing guitar player Richie Sambora while he's not there.

-Did a North American leg in 2011.

-Did a North American leg in 2013 and currently doing the European leg.
They feed us lines but I won't act
And all good things will come to pass
But the truth is all you have to have
And would you lie for it?
(Do you) cry for it?
(Would you) die for it?
Would you

I believe
I'd love you I'd please you
I'd tell you that I'd never leave you
And love you till the end of time
If you were in these arms tonight

In These Arms
I never wanted the stars
I never shot for the moon
I like them right where they are
All I wanted was you

I Want You
You know, I bleed every night you sleep
'Cause I don't know if I'm in your dreams
I want to be your everything...

Diamond Ring
Some pictures of Bon Jovi live in the 80's
I could save the world
Since the night your love saved me
Maybe I can't save the world
But as long as you believe
Maybe I could save the world

Save The World
Tomorrow's getting harder make no mistake
Luck ain't even lucky
Got to make your own breaks

It's My Life
Thank you for loving me
When I couldn't fly
Oh, you gave me wings
You parted my lips
When I couldn't breathe

Thank You For Loving Me
Now the parking attendant knows my first name
These long green hallways all look the same
There's four elevators, one goes to that floor
I brace myself when I get to the door
I close my eyes and take a deep breath
Then sit down beside your hospital bed

Kidnap An Angel
David Bryan through the years

Jon Bon Jovi through the years

Richie Sambora through the years

Tico Torres through the years

We've got to hold on to what we've got
'Cause it doesn't make a difference
If we make it or not
We've got each other and that's a lot
For love - we'll give it a shot

Livin' On A Prayer
We weren't born to follow
Come on and get up off your knees
When life is a bitter pill to swallow
You gotta hold on to what you believe
Believe that the sun will shine tomorrow
And that your saints and sinners bleed

We Weren't Born To Follow
Remember at the prom that night
You and me we had a fight
But the band they played our favorite song
And I held you in my arms so strong
We danced so close
We danced so slow
And I swore I'd never let you go
Together - forever

Never Say Goodbye

You say you've cried a thousand rivers
And now you're swimming for the shore
You left me drowning in my tears
And you won't save me anymore

I'll Be There For You
Some picures of Bon Jovi live during the 90's
Tell Frannie I'm sorry she didn't get to know her dad
I'll bet he's sorry he didn't get to know you too
Tell her there'll be people saying things that make her sad
How her daddy felt alone, how he was hurtin' bad

Lonely At The Top
Goodbye to all my yesterdays
Goodbye, so long, I'm on my way
I've had enough of cryin'
Bleedin', sweatin', dyin'
Hear me when I say
Gonna live my life everyday

The first time I saw you it felt like coming home
If I never told you I just want you to know
You had me from hello

You Had Me From Hello
Where we once were divided, now we stand united
We stand as one... undivided.
How many hands? How many hearts?
How many dreams been torn apart?
Enough, enough...

Some pictures of Bon Jovi live in the 2000's

During Wanted Dead Or Alive

Hey, baby, there's nothing you can do,
Hey, baby, it's isn't up to you.
'Cause I am the thief of hearts,
Don't hide or try to run,
I'll play the part, I'm the thief of hearts,
I've come to steal your love.

Thief Of Hearts
I told you a joke and you laughed
When I asked you to dance
You said there's no band, there's no radio
I got up real slow, started singing real low

The One That Got Away
They say we're too young to understand
They don't know how it feels when I hold your hand
They say we've gotta to prove what we're made of
You and me against the world
Outlaws of love

Outlaws Of Love
'Cause this time you know I ain't afraid to fight
For you I ain't afraid to die
As long as you are by my side it will be alright
When all faith is gone, I will pray for you
Just keep holding on, I'll be there for you

Nobody's Hero
Some pictures from the The Circle Tour (2010) and the 2011 Tour

During the Acoustic Set

On the roof of the O2 Arena

In Munich

In Munich

In Dallas

In Oslo

In Helsinki

During Keep The Faith

In Manchester

In Edinburgh

In Chicago
It's a bitch, but life's a roller coaster ride
The ups and downs will make you scream sometimes
It's hard believing that the thrill is gone
But we got to go around again, so let's hold on

Lie To Me
Oh I'm going, gonna walk out the door
Saying you don't care for me anymore
That's alright, just two hearts breaking even tonight

Hearts Breaking Even
Sometimes it's hard to love me
Sometimes it's hard to love you too
I know it's hard believing
That love can pull us through

Til We Ain't Strangers Anymore
These days, its hard to have a heart
It doesn't matter where you come from, or who you think you are
These days, it's hard just fitting in
Why does someone have to lose, for someone else to win

The Last Night

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