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The Life of a Teenage Girl - Introduction

So, I'm a 14 year old Muslim girl, living in Algeria. What's it like? Depends. - Hey, I'm a teenager - my life is full of ups and downs just like all other teens. Right now, I'm not doin so well: the summer heat is broiling and I have lower back pain from spraining it. Not good.
Next year I'm going to be passing my BEM, the entry exams for lysee or college. Right now, I'm not that worried, but I know that this year is going to be hard and I'm really going to have to put my head down.
I like a lot of sports, including rollerblading, swimming, cycling, walking, running, and I do karate as well, which has to be my favourite sport, and I got my blue belt last week.
Right now, though, it's holiday time: no school and no karate till September, so instead I'm going to spend a lot of time on the internet, with my BF, baking cakes, cleaning or watching TV.

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The Life of a Teenage Girl - Introduction (My family & friends)    -    Author : Lubna - Algeria

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