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Adrienne Eliza Bailon a.k.a Chanel Simmons

Nickname : Age
Birthday : October 24th, 1983
Family : Mum-Nilda, Father-Freddie, Stepfather-Joe, Older Sister-Claudette
Big break : In 1999, while Miss Bailon was singing in church, Ricky Martin himself walk through the church door and ask for the 4 best singers from her choir. Adrienne was chosen and she was thrilled. but later she was asked to join 3LW, an R&B group. The group has already released "3LW" and "A Girl Can Mack".Its members consisted of Kiely Williams, Naturi Naughton and Adrienne Bailon. Their first album had a double platinum. But Naturi Naughton left the group a week before the 2nd album was released. So a new member, Jessica Benson replaced Naturi. They are currently preparing for their release of their 3rd album.
Tidbits : Her cousin, 'Jorge Santos' is Christina Aguilera's former boyfriend and dancer//Adrienne sterted singing when she was 5!
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Raven-Symone Christina Pearman a.k.a Galleria Garibaldi

Nickname : Rae
Birthday : December 10, 1985
Big Break : She first tried out for modelling they turned her down but that didn't stop her. She tried out for the Ford Modelling Agency and finally got her way. She tried out for 'The Cosby Show' when she was only three. She got her debut as Olivia Kendall. She wanted to try singing in 1993 and her first album Here's To new Dreams came up. In 1998, she starred alongside Eddie Murphy In Dr Dolittle. She played Charisse Dolittle, Mr Murphy's on-screen daughter. In 1999, she acted in Zenon:Girl Of The 21st Century (one of my favourites) with Kirsten Storms. In 2003, again she played Charisse in Dr Dolittle 2. Later she started That's So Raven where Kirsten Storms played Nikki in one of the episodes and Adrienne Bailon co-starred as Alana the bully on the show. That same year, Adrienne and Raven acted in The Cheetah Girls. It was shot in Canada and in also starred Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams.
Tidbits : She lived in a apartment with Lindsay Lohan before but eventually moved out//She was the captain of her high school step team

Kiely Alexis Williams a.k.a Aqua(nette) Walker

Birthday : 9th July, 1986
Big Break : She was discovered for her singing talent and joined 3LW. Her talent led her to her big break in acting. Her first movie, The Cheetah Girls really made her shine out. She is now waiting for 3LW's 3rd album to be released.Adrian and Keily New each other because they were in 3LW together.

Sabrina Bryan a.k.a Dorinda Rogers

Real Name: Reba Sabrina Hinojos
Birthday: 10th August, 1985
Big Break: This beauty from Yorba Linda, California took Sabrina Bryan as a stage name. She graduated from Esperanza High School (Anahiem) in 2002 (which makes her quite young). She acted in the hit soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful. That role shot her up to stardom. Because of that, she got a part in The Cheetah Girls which made her even more famous to this day.
Trivia: She is currently attending Chapman University//She has a sister name Starr//She owns a red Mustang//Her hair was originally brown but she dyed it//She was part of her high school's song team for all 4 years//SHE USED TO GO TO POMONA VALLEY CHURCH.People say her last name is Bryan because Hinojos is to hard to pronounce.Bryan comes from her cousin's name that died as a baby.
Extra! Extra! This is the Manhattan Magnet School Report!
Can you belive that the cheetah's are coming out with a new movie!!!!!
Cheetah Girls 3 in India!
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