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January 29
I've seen this movie 4 times,and every time with out fail I felt the same wonderful combination of happiness and sadness. The fist I saw this movie while watching the opening scene I was expecting it to be the same old traditional musical, which I don't really like, but boy was I wrong. I love that the first half of the movie is basically a love letter to the old musical, they're cliché and a bit unrealistic but still so beautiful. The fact that the opening scene is in one take makes me love it even more, it flows together so flawlessly just thinking about it makes me smile. All the musical numbers flow into the storyline beautifully, they fit like puzzle pieces and don't make you feel like "oh they're singing now what's going on". The music in the movie is also amazing, Justin Hurwitz is officially one of my favorite composers. For me personally I feel as though there are 3 main characters Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), Mia (Emma Stone) and the music. I consider the music a character because you notice it, how could you not, and it does this without completely taking you out of the movie. I could go on and on about this movie forever but in final words, Ryan and Emma, AMAZING fit they're roles perfectly. I feel as though this movie just did everything right and thank you Damien Chazelle.

December 19, 2016
I chose to see this over Rouge One, call me crazy but it was worth it! Manchester by the Sea is probably my favorite movie of 2016. This movie was equally sad and funny and just overall beautiful. The end had me really confused and a little angry at first but after letting it settle in my brain I could not stop thinking about it. While watching the movie having the flash backs in the middle had me a little confused but of course at the end of the movie it all made sense. Overall I thought this is movie was amazing, I don't know if I can watch it again because some parts are just too sad to see multiple times but I'm willing to suffer through it. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in seeing it you will not regret it.

OMG The Hunger Games was sooo good :D
I just wish they had stuck to the book alittle more and no focous on the begining so much and more on the train and the GAMES part of the movie..... any way it was really good i think EVERYONE should
go see this amazing movie! if u already have go see it again!! i saw it a second time!!soooo go watch!however there is alot of blood but it is not that bad... the mutts were kinda kool and kinda scary but it was very action packed so go seee the amazing film if u have not already or even if u have!
well talk to u later world, Movie Lover out peace!
so mutch better the second time

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