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MYSTERY MYSTERY . . . Hey everybody I want to talk about best friends and how confusing they are! So when I was in the 3rd grade I was playing cards with a girl in my class she introduced me to her cousin and we became besties. Then in the 4th grade I moved so of coarse I left her and moved to a different school then coincidentally she moves to the same school as me! We were still tight and became besties again but then at the end of the year she disses me for some girl I really can't stand so I got jealous (only a little) and when I asked (I swear I just asked no yelling involved) if she was still even friends with me she goes off on me saying how she can hang out with whoever she wants blah blah blah so at recess were both mad at each other (being over dramatic LOL) and her cousin is trying to fix our friendship but it still ended their. OK so in 5th grade I just coincidentally become best friends with her cousin we were best friends that whole year and when I'd ask her about her she'd say that she's still mad at me. So I just brushed it off and forgot about her so the next year her cousin moves away and I go to internet school blah blah nothing special but I did keep in touch with her cousin through Facebook but of coarse we grew apart and don't really talk to each other anymore. Anyways I go back to public school this year and guess what I find out she's in all my classes even special! She wants to be my bestie again and I'm not necessarily brushing her off I'm talking to her everyday but something feels weird! Anyways I'll keep you updated on how I'm gonna get over this dilemma. LOL now that I'm writing this I feel mad dramatic. Do you have a problem with a friend that's just really confusing?
MYSTERY MYSTERY . . . YO SUP! LOL I'm just kidding . . . so I found out what I'm gonna do about my friend! I thought about it and then of coarse I realized I was being ridiculous . . . so were friends again WOO HOO! Anyways my teachers are really weird this year . . . you know how usually when you say something inappropriate they send you to the office well not this year. Someone was joking on Facebook and said a kid in my class broke my teachers heart but here's the weird part she was joking and going along with it! Isn't that weird or is it just me? OK gotta go I can't stop listening to this song you guys should listen to it!
MYSTERY MYSTERY . . . HEY!!! Haven't wrote for a minute . . . mostly because I have been sleeping the whole weekend LOL. I live really far from my school plus school is tiring (really dreading going to high school LOL) so I have just been sleeping non-stop. I just finished my drama Two Weeks! I was really put through an emotional roller coster LOL . . . it was sooo good!!! Anyways just wanted to write again so everyone knows I'm still alive LOL . . . BYE!

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