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Things Needed
fry pan
6 eggs
4 cups of flour
large mixing bowl
2 T baking powder
wire whisk
1 T salt
measuring cups
1/2 Cup of powder milk
measuring spoons
1 cup of oil
3 cups of water

1.Mix all ingredients thoroughly
2.add enough water to make runny
3.put the some of the mix into the frying pan and cook till it is browm or dark if you (like them that way) on both sides with your spatula then enjoy your pancakes

Pineapple pie

Things Needed
large mixing bowl
4 Grahm cracker pie shells
wire whisk
lg box lemon jello
lg whip cream
lg can crushed pinapples
sm tub cream cheese

1.Mix lemon jello asolirected
2.Mix whip cream & Cream cheese together
3.fold in drained pineapple (you can use juice when making jelly
put the pineapple in jello
4.pour the jello into pie pans Refrigerate 1/2 hr, or till pulls away when finger touches
5.then add the mixed whip and cheese cream on top of the jello then put it back in the refridgerator for another 1/2 hours

Egg bread

now you get to use the bread maker

Things Needed
Bread maker
1 egg
measuring cups
1 cup milk
measuring spoons
2 T butter
microwave bowl
3 1/2 C flour
1 1/2 t salt
1 T sugar
2 t yeast

1. crack 1 egg and put the yolk and whites into the bread pan.
2. in small bowl add one cup milk and 2 table spoons of butter.
3. put the bowl into the microwave.
4. turn microwave for 50 sec.
5. pour the milk into the bread pan.
6. add 3 1/2 cups of flour to the bread pan
7. put 1 1/2 of tea spoons of salt along 1 side of the bread pan
8. sprinkle 1 table spoon of sugar over the top of the flour
9. make a dip in the midle of the flour and add 2 tea spoons of yeast
10. turn on the bread maker to cook the bread
11. when bread maker is done use a pot holder to take to bread out of the machine
12. hold the handle against the side of the bread maker
13. turn the pan up side down and shake onto a plate
14. let it cool for 15-20 min then put it into a plastic bag

make one loaf of bread, lasts in refridgerator for 2 weeks

Coconut Fruit

Things Needed
Lg. Bowl
lg can chunky pineapple
Storage containers
One of each of your favorite fruits
1/2 C Moist sweetened flaky coconut

1. Drain pineapple, and save the juice, put it into the large bowl.
2. Chop fruit into bite sized pieces and put them into the large bowl.
3. Next add the coconut & toss the mixture thoroughly.
4. Put in storage containers and put in refrigerator until needed.

Apricot Butter
Makes 1 1/2 cups

Things Needed
2 C dried apricots
lg. bowl
2 t vanilla
Rubber Spatula
1 C frozen apple juice concentrate
Sm. storage containers
1 t grated orange rind (optional)
Salt to taste

1. Soak apricots several hours in the apple juice until fruit is soft 2-3 hours.
2. Drain and save liquid.
3. Whiz apricots in blender with remaining ingredients, use only enough liquid to operate the blender.
4. Use as spread on toast, biscuits, or English muffins.
5. you can add brick of cream cheese to make fruit spread for bagels.

Apple Butter
Storage Life 2-4 weeks

Things Needed
Lg. jar applesauce
Measuring spoons
1-2 t Cinnamon

1. Open the jar of applesauce.
2. Add cinnamon (to taste).
3. Mix thoroughly, cover, and store in refrigerator.
4. Spread on toast, pancakes, waffles, English muffins or bagels.
5. can add 1 brick of cream cheese to 2 C apple butter to make fruit spread for bagels.

Breakfast Gravy
Serves 4-6 people

Things Needed
Fry Pan
1/4 C margarine
Wire whisk
3 1/2 T flour
Sm. bowl
2 1/2 C milk
Cup (C)measures
1/4 c Baco pieces
Tablespoon (T)measures
2-3 eggs
Teaspoon (t)measures
Season to taste
garlic powder

Cooking the Eggs

1. Fry, scramble , boil, or poach eggs
a. Fry eggs in frying pan with 2 T oil and season to taste until done (time may vary)
b. Whip eggs in 1/4 C milk & put in frying pan with 2 T oil and season to taste
cook on medium heat until done.
c. Place whole egg (in its shell) in small sauce pan with enough water till all eggs are covered.
Turn on to high heat until water boils, boil for 10 minutes.
Peal the shell off the eggs.
Then drain water and place eggs in ice cold water until they are cold.
d. To poach an egg you need a microwave egg poacher. Crack the egg open then put it in the poacher.
Then put the poacher into the microwave & cook for 30 seconds - 1 minute until the egg is cooked.
Season to taste.

Cooking the Gravy

2. In small bowl mix the flour, seasonings & warm water together until it is smooth (no lumps)
3. Add milk to the mix.
4. In lg. Skillet (fry pan) melt margarine, over medium heat.
(If you are dieting or don't like margarine you can substitute butter, 2 T oil instead.)
5. Mix Baco (Bacon bits) to the mixture.
6. Pour the mixture into the skillet (fry pan).
7. Cook the gravy until mixture is starting to get thick.
8. Remove gravy from the stove and pour it into a gravy boat or small pitcher.
9. You can pour this gravy over a slice of bread you like, biscuits, or English muffins.
10. Serve with fruit and Juice.

Easy Breezy Granola
11 one cup Servings

Things Needed
Large Bowl
7 C Oat meal
Large Cookie sheet with edges
1 1/4 C Wheat germ
Large kitchen spoon
1 1/4 C Sweetened coconut (optional)
kitchen knife
1/2 C Brown sugar
2 t. vanilla
Lg. Storage containers
2/3 C Water
1/2 C oil
1/2 C dried fruit (your favorite)
Season with salt optional
1/2 C dates (optional)
fruits & nuts optional
1 C Nuts (your favorite)

1. Mix dry ingredients in large bowl (gallon size).
2. Thoroughly mix liquid ingredients in a separate bowl.
3. Slowly add liquid mixture to dry ingredients mixing thoroughly with each addition.
4. Spread thinly on large cookie sheets and bake at 250-300 degrees F for 1 1/2 hour stirring every 30 min.
5. Add dried fruits & nuts and bake 30 more minutes.
6. Remove from oven and cool until all mixture is cool.
7. Store in large storage container.

Low Budget Rice Pudding

Things you need
Bowl/baking dish
2-3 cups cooked rice
Mixing bowl
1/2 cup Sugar / 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup milk or cream
Storage bowls
2 eggs

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Mix milk, cinnamon, and eggs in the mixing bowl
3. Add rice and put into baking dish
4. Place baking dish in the oven and cook for 30 min.
Will makes 3-4 servings

Sushi Idaho Style

Items needed
Cooking ingredients
Fresh vegetables
Side dish and dissert ingredients
Rice cooker
2 cups rice
Egg flour soup
Fry pan/baking dish
Water, oil
Green peppers
Meso Soup
Cutting board
1 lb chicken breast or equivalent meat
2 cucumbers
paring knife
1 can Tuna
bochoi (if you like it)
Storage bowls
3 or more eggs
any other vegetables you like
left over rice

OH, Please don't forget the sushi

1. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees
2. Fill the Rice cooker pan to the 1 mark
3. Add 2 cups rice for a dryer stickier rice
4. Turn on the rice cooker
5. Take out the baking dish
6. Place 2 Tablespoons oil in the dish and spread it around.
7. Place chicken in the dish, and cook it for 45- 60 min.
8. Wash and Cut up vegetables into strips about 3" long
9. Put vegetables in storage bowls and place in refridge.
10. Break open the eggs and place them in a mixing bowl
11. Mix up the eggs until completely yellow
11. Put 2 Tablespoons oil into frying pan and place on a medium degree burner
12. Cook until firm then filp eggs over, making omlet type eggs
13. Cut eggs into strips about 3" long
14. Put eggs into storage bowls and refrigerate until chicken is done.
15. Cut chicken into 3" strips put into a storage bowl.
16. Open sushi wraps and break in half (it will make them 3" wide)and put onto a plate
17. Put all storage bowls and sushi wraps onto the table

Making a Sushi roll

1. Take one sushi wrap and place it on the plate
2. Put 1-2 Tablespoons of rice onto the wrap
3. Spread it out and make a layer of rice
4. Place one slice of meat in the middle of the wrap
5. Place vegetables and egg on either side of the meat (you can change the order if you want)
6. Roll the wrap from one end to the other and eat healthy

Bake Potato Tops
Makes as many servings as there are potatoes

Things you need
Side Dish
Bag of Large Potatoes
Salad mix
Storage bowls
Sour cream
green peppers
Cutting board
1 16ox bag cheese
Salad bowl
other toppings or vegies you like

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
2. Wash Potatoes and cut off bad spots
3. Wrap clean potatoes in enough foil to cover the potatoe
4. Place potatoes in oven.
5. Set Timer and cook for 1 hour or until you can pinch them and they squish and make a dent.

Microwave instructions

1. Wash potatoes and cut off bad spots.
2. Slice the potatoe barely cutting the skin.
3. Place potatoe in microwave safe plate, or bowl.
4. Set microwave for 1-2 minutes and cook.
5. Check potatoe by pinching it if it leaves a dent it is done.
6. repeat step 4 & 5 as often as you need for potatoe to be done.

While waiting for potatoes to cook:
1. Wash and cut up vegetables into bite size peaces
2. Wash salad mix and drain water.
3. Put salad mix into a salad bowl
4. Add chopped vegetables into salad
5. Put Ingredients into storage bowls
6. Cover and place ingredients and salad into refrigerator

When potatoes are done:

1. Place potatoes into a large bowl (still in their foil)
2. Remove covered ingredients and salad from refrigerator.
3. Place all items onto the table and enjoy your meal.

Enchiladas for Guests
makes eight 10" enchiladas

Items Needed
Side Dish
Vegetable or Salad
13" cascerol or
rectangle/cake pan
pkg of 10" tortillas
1 bag salad mix
Spatula for serving
3 pkgs 16 oz. Cheese
Salad Dressing
Lg. Mixing Bowl
1 lb. chicken
1-2 tomatoes
Salad forks or tongs
1 lg. can cream
of chicken soup
1-2 green peppers
Fry pan
1 sm bottle green taco sauce
1 cucumber
Salad bowl
cooking Oil
any other vegetables
you want in your salad

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Place 2 tablespoons oil and chicken in fry pan.
(Wash your hands after handling the chicken it reduces salmanilla poisoning)
3. Cook the chicken on med-high until chicken is done.
4. In lg. mixing bowl add all other ingredients and only 2 pkgs cheese.
5. Mix the ingredients until they are thoroughly combined.
6. Cut chicken into small bite size pieces.
7. Add the cut up chicken to the mixture.
8. Place some of the mixture on the bottom of the 13" baking dish until it covers the bottom.
9. Spread 2-3 lg. spoonfuls of the mix in the center of a 10" tortilla.
10. Roll up the tortilla and place it at one end of the baking dish.
11. Repeat steps 9-10 until placing them next to one another until a row is made across the baking pan.
12. place another row of mixture on top of this row.
13. Repeat steps 9-12 one more time or until the mixture is gone.
14. Top with layer of salsa and then a layer of cheese.
15. Place pan into oven and set your timer for 30-40 minutes.

While Dish is cooking make your Salad.

1. Place salad mix into a strainer and run cold water over it to clean it.
2. Shake strainer until very little water is draining off the salad.
3. Place salad mix into a salad bowl
4. Wash each vegetable before cutting them up.
5. Cut vegetables into bite size pieces and add them to the salad.
6. Mix the salad thoroughly and place in the refrigerator (covered)

Preparing for the meal

1. Set your table for guests, and wait until the timer rings.
2. Turn off the oven and leave it for 5 min.
3. While it cools a bit before serving bring out drinks, salsa, salad, and salad dressing.
4. Once the table is set bring out the enchiladas and enjoy your meal.

Low Budget Stew
makes 6-8 bowls

Items Needed
Fresh Vegetables
Frozen Vegetables
Large Crock Pot & Frying pan
6 medium potatoes (Red)
1 bag frozen green beans
Kitchen Knife & Vegetable peeler
1 small bag of carrots
1 bag frozen mixed vegetables
cutting board
6 stocks of celery
Seasons to taste
Ladel,Bowl & Spoon
1 bunch of green onions
1 box beef broth (liquid)
Storage bowls
1 lb hamburger
teaspoon Salt

1. Buy Ingredients
2. prepare fresh vegetables
a. wash the vegetables
b. cut out the bad spots
c. put fresh vegetables in storage bowls or zip lock bags
d. store fresh vegetables in refrigerator until you need them
3. Put potatoes in crock pot and cover with water.
4. Turn crock pot on to high
5. Leave it alone until potatoes are soft (about 30-45 min.)
6. Pour in beef broth and add chopped vegetables in crock pot
7. Add frozen vegetables
8. Cook,in the fry pan, hamburger with salt and seasonings you like, when the meat is brown without any red or pink color put it nto the crock pot
9. let it cook over night or for another 15 min.
10. You can put the stew in storage bowls to freeze until you want more stew. Keep the stew 2 inches from the top of the bowl to keep it from over flowing


Items Needed
Food Needed
2-3 qt. sauce pan
1 lb. shredded taco mix cheese & 1 jar Salsa
Kitchen Knife & spoons as needed
1 sm. can olives (if you like)
Cutting board
1 bag Corn tortilla chips
Storage bowls & can opener
1 bunch green onions
1 sm. can chili

1. Open can of chilli, put it in a sauce pan and heat on med until warm
2. Cut up green onions & olives and put them into storage bowls
3. Serve
a. put chips onto a microwave safe plate
b. add chili, olives, onions, and cheese on top of the chips
c. put the plate into the microwave for 30-40 seconds (until cheese melts)
d. when melted top with salsa and sour cream
4. Eat it makes as many servings as you want Just make sure you double for larger groups

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