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Glitter Bow 14 magazine no# 2

Welcome too the 2nd Glitterbow14 magazine

This Month in June = very special <3
it's all about pampering, relaxing,
fashion advice, look of the month,
reports, outfits of the month +
tips, beauty products projects,
advice + tips, make-up tutorials,
beauty mistakes, DIY crafts
and it's just so amazing.

Ciao 4 now

Note from the Editor:

Hope you have fun reading my blog
also i will making another blog
called ThePolishPrincess it will
be all about nail polish and tips :D

Smile :D and relax

Opal xo

Super Sport Tip of the month-

It is always good to get exercise at least once a week
so maybe you could join a sport like soccer or gymnastics
or you could do trampolining or skate boarding
many girls love to dance<3

So when you have sport what do u put in your bag?

- spare clothing like socks, crop top and shorts
- water bottle or an energy drink i love flavored water best
- sneakers
- ipod just incase
- lip balm
- deodarant
- hair brush, compact mirror and a few hair ties.


Fashion Advice : Ugg-boots
Don't wear Ugg-boots with stockings
because you'll get fluff all on your
stockings and it doesn't look well.

Look of the month:
- Skinny jeans in black, navy blue or sky blue
- Jeggings, shorts and leggings
- Ugg-boots and ballet slip ons
- Tank tops in peachy pinks & baby blues
- hoodies ( you can even wear a hoodie with real machine washable headphones)
- fluffy creame coloured scarves and vests
- black silky scarves and faux fur coats
- leather jackets

Fashion news:
Hippy style is back in!
Wear a tye-dye top,rainbow tu-tu
huge peace sign headband
white tights or leggings
plaited leather headbands too.

Outfit of the week:
Pink fluffy warm hoodie
light blue skinny jeggings
black velvet ankle boots
white silky scarf

Fashion tip:
Like girls should have sooo many accessories
into their dress. Even if it's a basic coloured dress,
always remember to put accessories on or else you
will look really boring and %0 fashionable.

If you're going to wear any colourful printed dress or
sequined dresses, always put stacks of fashionable
accessories into you. Like accessories works with anything,
and it will deifinately won't come out of fashion...

Girls these days make heaps of diy bracelets, necklaces,
headbands or any other things. So if you don't know how
to design dresses yet, you can always make diy accessories
for your first fashion project. Or why not send it to your friends?
Giving gifts to your friends always make them feel better if
they're upset about something.

Season picks:

Autumn: leopard print dress + purple velvet jacket
long black velvet wedged heel boots and gold chain necklace.

Winter: Violet blue hoodie, leggings in black, denim shorts and cute bow flats.

Spring: Hot pink sequin mini dress + black leggings and silver heels.

Summer: tye dye orange and pink dress add black things too.

Accesorized Ciao

Beautiful Beauty tips:
- Because it is winter and your tan is going why not use a tanning lotion
- Why not make a day for you to wear a full make over like friday you could curl your hair and put make up on
- Your hands this winter will tend to get dry so why not use a hand cream lotion
- Are your lips always chapped? why not get some honey put on your lips then wait a few minutes after scrub it off and put your lip balm on what this does is take away the dead skin.

Beauty Advice: Don't try and put on make-up randomly because you might get teased you
gotta really learn to put on make-up there are alot of useful sites like youtube.com
then when you learn you can be fabulous <3

Beauty projects: Wanna make your own lipgloss?
just grab a little lip balm pot then add vasaline
or petroleom jelly and then add an fragrance oil
like rose or strawberry and add coloured eyeshadow
mix all around and done!

Beauty DIY:Why not have a mini Pageant show?
Take your besties to your house set out a place
you would like to have your pageant then get ready
put on make-up do your hair and wear a fab outfit
then take lots of photos also get 3 judges and you
should make it 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so everyone gets a prize
like a ribbon and a goodie bag made by you!

Beauty Products:
- MAC black liquid eyeliner
- covergirl mascara
- Max X factor black mascara
- Maybelline foundation
- Miki pink lipgloss

Make-up Mistake:
No Acohol Wipes
do you wear make up but at school when your parents don't know
well quickly make-up remover wipes they even wipe off
foundation and eyeliner so good luck

Fashion Report: Prom Styles

Rock аnԁ Roll Chic
a stylish leather jacket,
skull cross bones tank top
skull rings аnԁ ankle booties.
Metallic silver minx nails

creame coloured ruffle dress
a black hair puff and cute
red velvet stillettos
Rhinestone stick ons for nails

Fashion-Forward Party Girl
bright coloured mini dress
sky- high heels and a pretty
gold necklace and crackle polish

pearly silk with
multiple οf scrupulous lace, beaded οr fringed dress
tangled gems for bracelets and pearl necklaces.

Sequins аnԁ Metallics Dresses
Pick a dress thаt wіƖƖ shimmer, gleam аnԁ glitter.

Cotton Candy Dream Eyes x_X

Colors of eye shadow you need are
- light candy floss pink
- Ice sky blue
- Ultra light violet
- snow shimmer = white

Step 1: sweep a ice sky blue over the eye lid with a normal eye shadow brush

Step 2: Blend in a violet

Step 3: Add a touch of light pink

Step 4: Brush lots of snow shimmers too your eye lid

finishing look : you can use black eye liner - double winged looks are kool and black mascara
or a silver glitter eyeliner and black mascara.

Cotton Candy Ciao

Styles of the month:
- Ponytails they can be straight or curled high or low
- side ponytails
- buns they can be high or low curly, wavey or straight also top knots and ballerina buns
- take to pieces of hair to the back and add barrette
- french twists
- plaits can be fish tail braids or french braids
- twist hair to the back add pretty clip
- half up half down ponytail
- pig tail with ribbons
- hair fountain add claw clip

Hair Care: If you have free samples of hair treatments well
go ahead and try them and then figure out what the best was so you
know what to buy when you go hopping for it.

Hair style Tutorial:
Ballerina bun

You need:
- hair elastic
- paddle brush
- hair spray
- bobble pins
- pink ribbon

Brush your hair with a paddle brush make sure your hair is as smooth
as possible tye it into a ponytail really high then twist the ponytail
andpull it around to make a circle tye another hair elastic to
hold it add bobble pins to secure it then tye a pretty pink bow
with ribbon around the bun so it shall look like a bun sitting on
the top of your head now you are ready to dance!

Hair Flair tips-
- Brush your hair 3 times a day 100 times on each side that makes your hair feel beautiful and smooth
- You should treat your hair every week pick a day i treat my hair every Sunday
- Get Dead ends trimmed off

Monday to Friday Hair styles:

Monday - TOP KNOTT
wednesday - FISH TAIL BRAID
thursday - LOOSE WAVES


Adore Galore

Headbands of the month:
- Plaited Leather
- Floral Hair Scarves
- BIG pastel colored platic headbands
- Vintage silky lace bows
- red rose headbands from DIVA
- Fluro platic headbands
- polka dot headbands
- boho elastic gem headbands
- Jewel Headbands
- feathery headbands

Headbands I made this month where:
- My black headband with a gold messy rose and a black lace over the top
- Gold headband with a MEGA black bow and with a few silver sequin sparkles on it
- My silver metallic headband with lots of of cute little bows with broken black lace over the top
- And last but not least MWAH black headband with a big messy rose with a big lace over the top which covers my eye n_n

Adorable Idea:
Do you make magazines? Well why not make a headband
and sell them with your magazine or make lots of headbands and sell them to your
friends or neighbours.

Make a Elastic headband!
Get a thin black elastic and decorate it by making
a puffy lace rose and decorating it with pearl rhinestones
glue it all together with a hot glue gun

Winter Tips:

- Do your hands get all dryed up? if that's the case just use a hand cream lotion you can get all different types of smells and it will make you feel fresh and fab.

- Crackled lips? simpily just use a lipbalm you can get natural lipbalm and flavoured it also help the dead sking to break and make your lips feel moist.

- No idea what to paint your nails this winter? PEARL polish is so awesome you can get pinks, whites, purples, greys, greens, blacks and blue even yellows so paint your nails a pearl colour today.

For all the writers Competition

Last Months Poem
By Silje from the fashion forum

Beauty is my life
Beauty's what I love
I love beauty
It's like a flying dove

Lipstick, Perfume
Eyeshadow, Blush
Maybe I'll impress
my crush

The best about beauty
Is to feel pretty
If you want to know more
Go to the city.

This month's theme is Pampering and relaxing
so make up a poem and send it into my email
and your poem will be in my next monthly blog
and weekly newsletter!

stars* and smiles :D

Chicca competition

Last months winner was
she designed an easter bow
it was just AMAZING!

This Months design a bow is
so you design a bow according too
it's theme you can make it for real
or draw it then send it to my email
which is glitterbow14@gmail.com

Have fun!

Flossy Ciao

Fun Stuff:
Movie mania -
This weekend why not have a girls night
with your sister or your bestie and watch
a girly movie like
- Wild Child
- Harriet the spy blog wars
- Picture this
then you can cuddle up to your fluffly
pink blanket and that brown teddy of yours
called snuggle or what ever it's name is
and make some caramel popcorn and
drink lucious lemonade.

Music this month are
- Bring me too life Evanscene
- Last night by Ian Carey & Snoop Dogg
- Please don't go by Mike Posner
- The show goes on Lupe Fiasco
- Never say Never by JB
- Up by JB
- Some body to love by JB
- Price tag by Jessie J
- Perfect by Auburn
- Party rock by LMFAO

Fabulous fun sites:

Quiz of the week - What Season suits you?
Q1 - What do you like to wear
A. Jeans, T-shirt and sneakers
B. Fluffy ugg boots, Scarf, leggings and a hoodie
C. Mini skirts , cute tops and flip flops
D. Fancy dresses and pretty bow flats

Q2 - What do you like to do
A. Collect leaves and draw pictures
B. Go to the snow
C. Picking flowers adding pretty ribbons to it
D. Going Swimming with your besties

Q3 - What is your fave Season fruit
A. Mandarin
B. Apple
C. Cherry
D. Watermelon

Mostly A's
You love autumn!
you are good at drawing you love
when all the leaves fall down and you
crunch them with your feet you love
all the solid and shiny colors of autumn.

Mostly B's
You Love Winter!
you love the snow and snuggling up
to a good book and you love wearing
fluffy ugg boots and warm scarves.

Mostly C's
Spring Bling that's what you are
you love long pretty ribbons, the
smell of fresh sweet flowers you
love to eat cherries and you adore
mini skirts full of lace and silk.

Mostly D's
You love Summer!
you adore hot nights, midnight swims
star gazing and roasting marshmellows
to a hot fire and watermelon by the pool
is so your thing.

Celeb News.......
Did you know Cecilia Cassini
visits different schools to
make little girls dreams come true?
to find more check out her website.

Fun Ciao

Opal's Art Studio

1.Why not buy some small Canvas
and learn to paint sunsets,
forests and a beach you could sell
them for $5 dollars or you could learn to
draw celebrities the most popular celeb
is Justin Bieber you can sell drawings
to your friends too.

2.Sketch book - why not keep a sketch book
because when something inspires you it's best
to sketch it down and you can decorate the front
cover full of sparkly lace borders and solid shiny
gold gel pens.

3.Why not make a fashion story board?
all you really need is magazine cut outs
and craft embellishments well first pick
a theme i pick Paris because I am obsessed with it
so my story board is all about poodles, Paris, fashion
boutiques, pearls and high fashion and I am gonna make
it look CHIC by using lace and silk <3

Craft Corner-

DIY pretty pins:
do u have old rusty clips well
here is what you can do -
take a bobble pin and put nail polish on it
you can paint them in pretty colours
that shine like pearls and you can
get super glue and stick on little
craft bows and roses <3

Fancy hair clip:
Buy a huge clip then if you don't
like the colour paint nail polsih
on it then get some hot glue and
add patterned feathers and
sparkling diamond gems
wait to dry then wear your
fancy clip that is so FAB.

Scrap booking!
Is amazing you can do many themes
and have lots of fun so why not make
a scrap book you can use photos,
pretty paper, embelishments and many more
if you don't have any photos why not cut out
pics of your fave celebrity and make a scrap book
about them you can make a lyric page, a picture page etc.

Decorate your flip flops:
do you have spring or summer in your country?
why not decorate those old pair of flip flops
all you need is decorations and a hot glue gun
then let it dry and now you can be fab where
ever you go and why not decorate your dog's
collar in little diamond gems then you can be twins.

Pocket Curtains:
Your curtains can serve a purpose other than covering your windows.
Cut the pockets off your old blue jeans and pants
(with an adultís permission), and sew them onto your curtains.
and store pens, hair clips, and all sorts of stuff in them!

Fashion Folio:
you need:
- paper
- magazine cut outs
- beads, materials
- glue, scissors
- craft embelish ments

make a theme like pick your fave place it may the beach
so then pick a glimmering stardust blue and make a story board
of fashions you can add materials and lots more.
But most of all have FUN!

Style File Nails :D

Nail Polish of the Month are:
- BYS Crackle
- BYS Mood Change
- O.P.I JB's collection
- Pirates of the Carribean Collection by O.P.I
- Pear polish
- metallics
- solid black
- Glossy Pinks and golds
- Fuchsia
- Fluro Orange

Nail Tutorial:
Number 1. Starry Night Nails

Step 1. First wash your hands so they are squeaky clean
Step 2. Rub some Cuticle cream into your nails
Step 3. Brush on 2 coats of a light Shimmery Crystal white polish & let it dry
Step 4. Add a solidd Dark blue to the tips of your nail & let it dry
Step 5. Brush on a sparkly Ocean blue to the solid blue and let it dry
Step 6. For the Final touch add a clear glossy polish and TAA DAA
You can also add little stars to complete the look.

Number 2. Disco Ball Nails
Step 1. First wash your hands so they are squeaky clean
Step 2. Rub some Cuticle cream into your nails
Step 3. Add a solid mettallic silver & wait till dry
Step 4. add little silver rhine stones
Add now your nails will represent your school Disco :D

Number 3. CupCake Chic
Step 1. First wash your hands so they are squeaky clean
Step 2. Rub some Cuticle cream into your nails
Step 3. File your nails and buff them into shape
Step 4. Paint each nail a different colour but must be very pale like Ice blue, Cotton Candy floss pink, Grassy Green, baby sunset Orange and Ultra light Violet.
Step 5. Then make an Icing with white nail polish make it curvy like lace edges
Step 6. Add little coloured dots from the nail polish
Step 7. Brush on clear gloss
Step 8. Add a little red rhinestone like a cherry at the end of your nails

Nail Care:
Take care of your nails at least once day or week
by rubbing coconut oil or either olive oil into them
or you can use cuticle creams and hand lotions.

We Heart Nail Art Ciao

Sewing Studio:

How to make a dress-
Take your material it might be silk but cotton is easier to work with first
then trace it out with tailor's chalk then pin it all up
cut it out with material scissors thensew it and take pins out as you go

Fabric Chic-
Fabric these days get fancier and prettier so why not but some fab material and make a dress
materials you can buy are:
- Silk
- Lace
- Cotton
- Satin
- Velvet
- Leather
- Linen
- Polyester fleece

You don't just have to make clothes
You can make calico bags, handbags
leather jackets, clutches, shoes
headbands and jewellery many girls
these days make their own accessories
maybe you should try it.

You can always make little felt things by hand sewing
it just takes time and lots of practice.

Sewing Ciao

Pamper Mwah Pretty:

Spa Kit:
- Towel
- Face washers
- Little bars of Soaps
- Essential oils
- brush & hairtyes
- tooth brush & tooth paste
- make-up
- mirror

Hot Chocolate Spa bath:
Do you want your bath to smell like chocolate?
well first make your bath up with warm water
then add cocoa powder then some dry milk powder
and add some shampoo and fill it with some more water!
DONE are you ready to smell like chocolate?!

Foot bath:
After a long week of school why not pamper your feet
you could make a foot bath for your very on feet
add essential oils like lavender or peppermint
and scrub them to they are squeaky clean then
you can dry them and add a sweet smelling lotion
also you can paint them a pretty colour.

Fashionable bath:
Wanna know how to make your bath girly and fabulous?
well first fill your bath with warm water then add
a few drops of rose oil and then add some pink and
white fresh rose petals then sit in with your new
fashion magazine and RELAX!

Cocoa kisses delight make-over:
- first use a brown foundation i think cream is best
- then add some concealer to hide you freckles or whatever
- than brush a pale brown to your eye lid then sweep a brighter gold to your eye
- then get a liquid brown eye liner and line your eyes top and bottom
- add black mascara to the lashes and add dark blue to the lashes too
Finished!!! Just add your chocolate berry lip gloss and your DONE!

Relaxing Ciao

Recipes of the month!

It is getting colder so
why not bake your own
treats to keep warm
and enjoy your food.

Hot Chocolates:
- first step is to take a cup or mug and take to tspoons of cocoa
drinking powder and add a pinch of sugar too make it sweet.
- second step is to boil some water in a kettle when boiled fill half way into cup
then get some milk and fill the cup up to the top
- add whipped cream a cherry on top little marshmellows and chocolate flakes.

Quick after skool snack!
Just pop 2 scones into the microwave for 20 seconds
take out add real butter, whipped cream and fresg jam!

Fruit Salad sticks:
cut up all sorts of fruits
then add the fruit on sticks obviously not
outside stick the one you eat with chicken
what ever you call them then add a pattern
it could be banana, apple, watermelon
grape and strawberry and your absolutely

Why not make some pancakes?
just mix egg, milk, flour and sugar together
lightly grease the pan then add your mix
into meduim sized pancakes ask an adult to help too
also flip thm when they start to bubble and they should
look golden and puffy also top off with vanilla ice-cream
maple syrup, mixed berries and icing sugar.

Smoothie of the month:
Looks like smoothies are very popular today
so why not make my fab smoothie for some
great tasting all you need is to follow
my fab instructions <3

Apple Berry Bliss:
put in your blender
chopped apple pieces
ice - it will get crushed
frozen mixed berries
apple juice
vanilla ice cream
milk & yoghut
Blen it up all nicely then pour into your glass add a straw
and maybe chop some banana and you can put it into the smoothie
with whipped cream mmm tasty.

Yummy Ciao

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