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In China, there's a lovely character called A-li. The prouanciation in Chinese is "Ah-Lee". "Li"in Chinese means fox. Ali is a very lovely fox. His creator is Hans.

To share his stories with you, I translated some of his interesting stories into English. I hope you'll like it.

*All stories come from www.a-li.com.cn
The Little Match Fox

"Sir, would you please buy a match? "
"It's gas station here!! We'll buy all matches you have. Leave here quickly!! "
After going home, Ali said to Bear," You see, The Little Match Girl (wrote by Anderson) was not a true story !"

Uncle Peter bought a new door. It can only be opened with fingerprints. I can't help thinking that it will be great if my heart is like the door, which can only be opened by your fingerprint."

Ali's new neighbour, Rabbit, sent everyone a present. For Ali's present is a book named how to improve your IQ.

Bear told Ali," I love a girl. But I haven't told her yet." Ali was surprised," Who is she?" "She's a gril named Honey."
Just then, the gril passed by. Ali said to the gril loudly:" Honey, Bear loves you !! "
What happened next? We didn't know...


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