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Welcome to SERBIA !

Serbia is located in South-East Europe.It`s neighbours are Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Croatia and Hungary.

< basic information>
*This is the flag of Republic of Serbia*
Large Cities:Novi Sad, Nis..
Oficial language:Serbian
Time:CET (UTC+1)

Serbian capital City is called Belgrade (Beograd). It is also the largest City in country.
*In the picture there is view from the old fortress-Kalemegdan

Serbian people are mostly Ortodox religion.Here are the holidays that are celebrated in Serbia:
New Year-31/1 January
Serbian people like to have a New Year party with friends or family.Younger people usually like celebrating it in dicsos, caffes, private parties,etc. while older prefere going to caffe or staying at home.You can also celebrate New Year on the squares of big Cities(for example Belgrade, Novi Sad..etc)where famouse music stars have concerts.Thousands of people from country and abroad are there every year.
Christmas Eve-6th January
Christmas-7th January
Christmas is usually celebrated with family.It`s time when whole family gets together
Serbian New Year-13th January

Serbian people are known as hard working, and people who like to have a lot of fun.
Party starts on Friday and doesn`t stop until Monday:)Serbian poeple like to stay on partyes until early morning hours.There are places for everyone-caffes, discos, places with house, metal, pop, folk music...Everyone can find something according to hes/her own taste.

Novak Djokovic

Ana Ivanovic

Novak Djokovic

Jelena Jankovic

Sport is very importantn part of everyone`s life in Serbia

On many ways--some enjoy playing it, some just watching, but everyone loves it!

I also must not forget to tell you about our basketball team.We were the 1st on World championship in 1970,1978,1990,1998,2002, and 1st in Europe in 1973,1975,1977,1989,1991,1995,1997,2001!!
These are some of our best players:
Dejan Bodiroga
Vlade Divac
Aleksandar Đorđević
Predrag Danilović
Predrag Stojaković
Željko Rebrača

Milorad Cavic

Sydney Olimpic Games 2000-1st place
Europe Championship winners
Our best players are:
Nikola Grbić,
Vladimir Vanja Grbić,
Ivan Miljković,
Slobodan Bokšan,
Goran Vujević,
Andrija Gerić,
Vladimir Batez...



Belgrade is the capital and the largest city of Serbia. The first settlements in the area of Belgrade emerged in prehistoric Vinča in 4800 BC. The site of the city was settled in the 3rd century BC by the Celts, before becoming the Roman settlement of Singidunum.
The city lies at the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers in north central Serbia, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkan peninsula.

Novi Sad (Cyrillic:Нови Сад)is the capital of the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina, and the administrative centre of the South Bačka District.
Novi Sad is Serbia's second largest city, after Belgrade.In its most recent official census from 2002, the city had an urban population of 216,583.The city is located on the border of the Bačka and Syrmia regions, on the banks of the Danube river and Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal, while facing the northern slopes of Fruška Gora mountain.

Welcome to PANČEVO!!

Pančevo(Панчево)is a city and municipality located in Serbia at 44.87° North, 20.66° East,15 km northeast from Belgrade.In 2002, the city had a total population of 77,087, while Pančevo municipality had 127,162 inhabitants.It is the administrative center of the South Banat District of Serbia.Pančevo is also the most important port on Tamiš river, which flows near the city.Pancevo is also known for it`s summer international carnival.

Let`s learn some Serbian words:
Dobro jutro-Good morning
Dobar dan-Good afternoon
Dobro vece-Good evening
Kako si?-How are you?
Dobro sam, hvala-I`m very well, thank you
Hvala-Thank you
Kako se zoveš?-What`s your name?
Zovem se...-My name is...
Koliko je sati?-What time is it?
Volim te-I love you

P.S. I`d love to help anyone who is interested in learning Serbian.
Just e-mail me!:)

Serbian people are known as great meat lovers.There is meat in almost every meal.
Some of the most famouse meals are:
*Sarma(this meanl is made of cabbage and meat)
*Ćevapi(it`s just a kind of meat)
*Pasulj(this is a meal that contains bean and meat)

Thank you all for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed and learned something new about my beautiful country. I`m still working on this blog, so come and see the news anytime you want!
If you have any comments, suggestions, or if you wish to chat with me leave message in the guest book!

Kisses from Serbia!

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