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Korean Modern History

Korea has sad modern history.
korea was called "joseon" or "chosun" in korean. but king Gojong changed the country's name
Korean Empire in 1897.
this country was kingdom and suffered war with France, US in 1866, 1871.

Korea became japanese colony in 1910. korean people was mistreated by conscripting human shields in japanese army, women taken to sex slave in the Pacific War.

Korean language was banned to speak, and people killed.

Japan lose the WW2, korea got independent.
But strangely though Korea was victim, korea was divided instead of japan. North and South korea created, The USSR and US started trusteeship.

In 1950, Korean war(6.25 War) outbroke.
this war, US and UN helped South Korea and China helped North Korea.

after the war, 3 millions of korean people dead, and South Korea became the most poorest country in the world.

Dectative age and revolution

The South korea's president, Lee Seung-Man(이승만) often tried to continue government.
Finally In April 19th, 1960, the revolution arised. revolution successed Lee Seung Man asylumed to Hawaii.

But the happiness of victory was short. General Park Jung-Hee(박정희) stage a coup.
He raised industry for 29 years with army, but he sniped in 1979.

it is not end of dictative.

The iron fist was started by General Jeon Doo-Hwan(전두환) who is very cruel.
In may 18th, 1980 in KwangJu, there was protest demanding democracy.
But Jeon Doo-Hwan insisted that people in Kwangju are red commies commanded by north korea, and he sent special force.
There was terrible massacre.
This incident was made of movie, 'May 18'(화려한 휴가,2007)

Revolution of June [6월 민주 항쟁]

In January 1987, the university student Park Jong-Chul(박종철) dead because of water torture.
at June, the revolution raised. every people in the all country protested. university students, high school students, cleric, women and company workers raised. Company workers threw tissues and money to out of buildings, girls and women made meals for protestors.

finally the dictator announced democracy at June 29th.
Korea became Democracism Nation!

Economy development

Korea's economic development began in 1960 by Park Jung-Hee. He raised iron manufacture in Pohang and built roads throughout country. the 5-year economic development plan succeed. korea joined OECD in 1996.

(Picture : Wiki, billion)

Company workers encouraging protestors

Korea's favorite sport is baseball.

Busan Sajik Baseball Stadium

Girl's Generation


"TaeWangSaShinGi" 2007

Nowadays in Korea

South Korea has great power, and participant of G20.

North Korea and South Korea
6.15.1999 / North Korea invaded South Korea's sea territory.(Yeonpyeong Battle/1차 연평해전)
6.29.2002 / North Korea invaded YeonPyeong again.(2nd Yeonpyeong battle/2차 연평해전)
7.11.2008 / North Korea killed South Korean tourist in Keumgang Mountain.
3.26.2010 / North Korean navy sinked South Korea's Battleship 'Cheonan'.
11.23.2010 / North Korea fired to Yeonpyeong Island, South Korea.

South Korea often damaged by North Korea.
Though Korea threated by North, South Korean people hate Kim Jung-Il but worry about north korean compatriots.

Hope korea unified close someday, the korean's long cherished desire.

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