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The Hisotry of Ethiopia
Ancient History
The early ancient states of Ethiopia are Punt and Damat. But there is nothing known about these states. Aksum is the other state next to Punt and Damat, Aksum is the oldest and ancient state of Ethiopia because there are many information about it. In history, there was a very rich dynasty around the horn of Africa which is Aksumite dynasty.
Aksumite dynasty
It originated in the middle of the second century.
It is located at the Northern part of Ethiopia, in the place called Aksum.
They are well known for building oblisks like Aksum oblisk form only on standing stone.
Zagwe dynasty
Itís a very long history in this period many kings have ruled the country. Here is the one who is most remembered.
King Lalibela
Lalibela is mostly remembered for his building of very beautiful churches which still exist and are tourist sits especially Lalibela Church and the 11 rockhewan Churches. This churches are different form others because they were made of massive underground rock. It took 40 years to finish this churches. The main reason why he built all this churches is at the time many people used to go from Ethiopia to Jerusalem to make prayers and for holidays. To avoid problems happening on their way he wanted to build the Second Jerusalem in his country. King Lalibela died after finishing his churches.

Rulers of Aksumite dynasty
King Zoscalus
He was the first king of the Aksumite dynasty
He was very greedy man which led his fall down.
Queen Sheba (Saba)
She is said to be one of the ruler of Axum.
She was very rich and had contact with many countries.
She once visited King Solomon of Isreal and had his baby called Menelik.
King Ezana
He was the first Christian king and introduced Christianity for the first time (3rd century)
King Kaleb
He expanded his territory to Saudi Arabia
It was in his time Islam introduced (7th century)
Aksumite was starting to fall
King Dile Naod
He is the last king of Aksumite dynasty
Aksumite dynasty completely disappeared (12th century)

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