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ten chinese kinds of food(the most famous):
Sichun Food,Siyuan Food
Zhejiang Food,Place Food
Jiangsu Food,Tanjia Food
Fujian Food,Islamic Food
Ba and Shu Food,Guangdong Food

Sichuan Food:Sichuan as China Han four big cuisines, is widespread, varied seasonings, varied dishes, refreshing taste Chunnong both, is famous for its hot and spicy, and to have a style of one's own cooking method and rich local flavor, combining characteristics of southeast northwest parties, gambling public house long, good at drawing, good at innovation, reputation China and foreign countries.Sichuan to Home Dishes, based mostly on daily Barilla, characterized by red taste exquisite Ma, spicy, incense, Bai Weixian still with some spicy fresh.Chengdu Sichuan flavor, including Leshan, Neijiang, Zigong, Nanchong and other characteristics of the local cuisine, the main features is the taste based and diverse, use namely composite flavor. Pepper, pepper, pepper, bean paste is the main condiment, different ratio, with a spicy, hot and sour, spicy, mashed garlic, sesame, mustard, Red oil, sweet and sour, fish, taste and other flavor type, are all solid Chunnong, with "a dish a grid", "subway hundred dishes" special all kinds of food flavor, all win universal praise.

Zhejiang food, is one of China's Han eight big cuisines, the picturesque scenery, abundant delicacies beautiful, so the saying: "a paradise under Jervois". Zhejiang province is located in the coast of the East China Sea, the north channel into a network, known as the Jiangnan Yumizhixiang known. Undulating hills southwest, Shanzhen abounds in game. The eastern coastal fisheries clouds, rich in aquatic resources, economic fish and shellfish water more than 500 kinds of products, the total output ranks first in the country, rich products, food from the United States, features unique, enjoy great popularity among the people.Zhejiang vegetable rich Jiangnan features, has a long history, has a long history, is a famous place in China of colza. Zhejiang cuisine originated in the Neolithic culture of Hemudu Site, the Yue ancestors develop accumulation, Han and Tang Dynasties and mature in the song and Yuan Dynasties to finalize the design, development and prosperity of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Zhejiang has formed a basic style dishes.

Jiangsucai:Nanjing food and alcohol, exquisite delicate; Yangzhou food is lighter, fine knife; Suzhou food trend sweet, elegant and colorful. Its famous dishes are roast party, crystal pig hoof, clear crab lion head, Jinling balls, stewed chicken, stewed chicken, Wong Fu boiled salted duck (Jinling salted duck), gold incense cake, chicken soup boil dry silk, stuffed with meat, raw bran, phoenix tail is, three sets of Wuxi duck, meat bone, lugaojian PigHead meat sauce, Peixian the dog meat. Jiangsu cuisine (hereinafter Su). Starting in the southern and Northern Dynasties, Tang and Song Dynasties, economic development, promote the prosperity of Jiangsu catering industry, a "Southern food" two big pillar. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jiangsu north and south along the canal, the more rapid development along the Yangtze river. Coastal geographical advantage to expand the influence of Jiangsu cuisine at home and abroad.Jiangsu cuisine is characterized by: the materials used widely in rivers and lakes, sea and fresh; fine knife, cooking methods varied, good stew stew simmer Wu; the pursuit of the taste, fresh and peaceful; dish style Yali, appearance and they are beautiful.

Fujian cuisine is one of the eight Chinese cuisines, experienced mixed, cultural exchange Han in the Central Plains and the local Guyue nationality culture and gradually formed. Fujian cuisine is based on the Fuzhou based dishes, and then fusion eastern Fujian, Fujian, Fujian, Fujian, Puxian local flavor dishes formed cuisine. The people of Fujian and overseas, especially after long-term exchanges between the South Pacific Islands people overseas, the diet custom has gradually penetrated into the Fujian people diet life, thus make the Fujian cuisine as a unique cuisine with the opening characteristics of. Fujian cuisine to cooking table delicacies from land and sea is known, based on color fragrance shape and taste, especially the "aroma", "taste" is good, its freshness, and alcohol, dirty smell, not greasy style, as well as the characteristics of Tang Lu widely, a unique seats in cooking the altar in the garden.
Fujian cuisine is one of the eight cuisine, originated in Fuzhou, Fujian cuisine in Fuzhou as the representative, is actually a Fuzhou food as the main body, representing the Fujian culture.

Ba and Shu Food was invented by the Chinese people from Sichuan,at first,it is used to celebrate the harvest,in fact,it is most used to eat for the poor farmers. Tian Xi general use of pig, chicken, duck, fish and home grown vegetables and fruits as raw material, cooking into a rich and simple cost-effective dishes.some times it will appear in a wedding,a birthday party(most for old people),spring.and some of the most famous dishes such as steamed chowder, save silk chowder, Zha meat, braised pork, chicken, pork, buckle sweet salty pork, Steamed Pork Slices with Red Bean Paste, crisp meat, steamed pork etc..,if you come to Chin,do not forget to try them,then you will love Chinese food:-)

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