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Chinese food is different from western food.many foreigners like to eat the boiled dumplings,yeah they are delicious,I also like eating them.(*^__^*) tell you a thing,my father cooks very well!!O(_)O

it's tea.some old people in China like to drink tea.

it's said that it's one of the most popular food among foreigner


soya-bean milk.
I drink it every day!
Maybe listening Chinese songs and seeing Chinese movies are a good way to learn Chinese.So I advice you something I like.
Chinese movies

Sorry everyone,because as a senior high school student, these days I was very busy at my studies,so I have no time to write.Now,I will introduce Chinese history. If I wirte wrong,please write a messege in forum,I will correct it soon.

Ok,let's start from Xia Dynasty (B.c. 2070-B.c.1600),it was the first hereditary dynasty.Because the system is Aimpartiality under the sky .Depend on the history books,it was also the first tribal dynasty. Qi, Yu's son, he killed Bo Yi ,founded Xia Dynasty.
Since this dynasty,the system had become family under the sky,it means a man who is a dynast must the former dynast's son.

in Xia Dynasty,people usually wore this kind of clothes.

Why people wore different color clothes every dynasty in ancient time?
In ancient China,color was the mark of degree,people wore clothes depend on their degree. But the dynast also wore diffendent color clothes every dynasty,why?
Please look at the picture."Yang" is a chinese word,it means " positive principle in nature",and Yin is its antonym. Mu,Huo,Tu,Jin,shui is concept of the five elements (of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth) used in ancient Chinese cosmology and later in herb medicine

The second dynasty_Shang Dynasty(B.c. 1600B.c.1046).It experienced three stages.The extractive industry ,the stock raising ,especially the handicraft industry developed very quickly.They were good at smelting bronze. The archaeology found inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells in Xiao Dun village.

the Zhou Dynasty)(B.c. 1046 B.c.256)

There are two periods in Zhou DynastyWest Zhou and East Zhou.It's a dynasty that continued most long time in the history of China. During the zhou dynasty, the dynast's policy is the subinfeudation ƣ.

these days I'm interested in chinese archaeology.I found a very wonderful thing about First Emperor of QinQin Shi Huanghis underground palace is so big and wonderful,there are many treasures and rare antique. as we know,the pottery figures of warriors and horses in Mausoleum of First Emperor of Qin. it's said that Qin Shi Huang used"Hg" as a river! you know that Hg is noxious! So,it's still a mystery. we think,someday,when the door of palace is opened,that will become a magnificent structure!!

now,I'll show you some picture.

The spectacular life-size army statues

They're so amazing!and they were all made by ancient Chinese people,you can't imagine ancient people how to make it by hand!

Why Qin Shi Huang gave out a command about making them?

Qin shi huang thought he was the first emperor of Qin,even in china. because he unified the country. he wanted to take his army into Underground Palace,and he tried in vain to build a palace so that he could be emperor in ground!

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