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Puerto de Valparaí­so.

Providencia, Santiago.

Torres del Paine

Kayak Expeditions

Patagonia Expeditions

Juan Fernández:

This archipelago is formed by 3 main islands called: Robinson Crusoe,
Santa Clara and Alejandro Selkirk. Besides 3 more islands called San Félix,
Salas and Gómez Islands and San Ambrosio Island.


Avenida Pedro de Valdivia. Día Domingo, Enero 2007.

Providencia, Santiago.

Av. Santa Rosa 2600

Commune: San Joaquín

City: Santiago

Abril 2008.

A boy and a vagrant in Providencia, Santiago.

A boy and an old man in a short street of San Joaquín, Santiago.


Commune: Ñuñoa.
City: Santiago.

This and right picture are from Valparaíso. The old cemetery and a stairway of Cerro Alegre (Happy Hill).

A stairway of Cerro Alegre, Valparaíso, 5th Region of Chile.

I was there with some friends last weekend (July 2008).
El Quisco, V Region of Chile. On the hill.

This is a small health location. Is in "Población Aníbal Pinto" of San Joaquín, Santiago, Chile. It helps to clear the over population of the medium health locations ("consultorios"). Technically, places like this are called "Centro Comunitario de Salud Familiar (CECOF)". This idea born from San Joaquín =) and now is growing all along the country.

Subway in Santiago

Metro de Santiago



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