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About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, land of fire! of extremes! Land of hospitality! Land of culture! Land of beauty. Yes, Azerbaijan is all of these things. Land of extremes. Azerbaijan has nine of the eleven climate classifications of the earth - from arid to subtropical. Landscapes from desert to dense forests. Land of some of the most hospitable people you could ever meet. People who value the presence of a visitor and treat the visitor as if he were a king. Land of beauty. Some of the most beautiful landscapes can be found in Azerbaijan. Some of the most beautiful works of art can be found in Azerbaijan. Some of the most attractive people can be found in Azerbaijan.

The natural surroundings in Azerbaijan paint a bright picture with gold beaches washed by the warm waters of the Caspian Sea. Green, dense forests with cool mineral springs and a multitude of flora and fauna harmonises with the picturesque Caucasus Mountains, eerie rock formations and crystal clear lakes. One of the most amazing things about Azerbaijan is the level of education and culture enjoyed by its citizens. Tradition, the arts, original oriental art, delicious cuisine are all part of the daily life of the Azerbaijani citizen. Of course, the hospitality of the Azerbaijani people is a phenomenon which can hardly be matched by any other country. With this brochure we are inviting you to come and enjoy this beautiful country, its cultural and natural riches and to accept the extra ordinary hospitality of its people! Hope to see you in Baku!

Novruz Bayrami-New Year

Nizami Museum

Applied Art

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