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Beautiful Switzerland - The cantons


State Capital: Aarau
Member of Swiss Federation since: 1803
Administrative language: German

Schloss Lenzburg
Canton Aargau is a canton in the north of Switzerland in the midland. Its name comes from the river Aare which flows throug the canton. In the Middle Ages there were the Alemanni and the Habsburgs. Thus today you can see some castles of this time and the historic centre of its state capital Aarau is also very beautiful.There is also a famous monastery: Monastery Muri. In this canton are many rivers and lakes. The most famous river is Aare and the lake is Lake Hallwil (German: Hallwilersee).

Lake Hallwil
Appenzell Innerrhoden & Appenzell Ausserrhoden

State capital: Appenzell City
Member of Swiss Federation since: 1513
Administrative language: German

Appenzeller with traditional clothes
Appenzell Innerrhoden and Appenzell Ausserrhoden are together a whole canton. Religious diffeneces broke up the land after the Reformation in two spilt cantons ("Halbkantone"). The most famous mountain is Mount Säntis with 2'502m. Some people there wear traditional clothes on celebrations and a dog is called after the canton: Appenzell mountain dog.

Mount Säntis

State Capital: Bern City
Member of Swiss Federation since: 1353
Administrative Language: German ("Bern"), French ("Berne")

Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

Canton Bern is the second largest canton in Switzerland. In this canton there are the famous mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The Swiss cheese (Emmentaler) is from the Emme Valley which is in also in this country. The capital Bern is also famous for its chocolate industry. There you produce the chocolate "Toblerone". In the Bernese Oberland there are a lot of mountains and also the Thuner- and Brienzersee.

Basel-Stadt & Basel-Land

State capital: Basel City
Member of Swiss Federation since: 1501
Administrative language: German

Border Triangle

State Capital: Liestal
Member of Swiss Federation since: 1501
Administrative language: German

Augusta Raurica
These are again two spilt cantons and they are in the north of Switzerland. Basel-Stadt is the smallest canton of Switzerland (37km2). In Basel City you can see a border triangle, the Rhine with a port, a zoo and much more. This city is also famous for its chemical industry. In Basel-Land there are some roman relicts like the amphitheater in Augusta Raurica.
Freiburg (Fribourg)
Canton Freiburg is a canton in the west of Switzerland. There is also a lake: Lake neuenburg ("Neuenburgersee"). The most famous cities in this canton are Freiburg and Murten. Both cities are bilingual.

State Capital: Fribourg City ("Freiburg"/"Ville Fribourg")
Member of Swiss Federation since: 1481
Administrative language: French and German

Historic centre of Fribourg City
Genf (Genève)

Lake Geneva
Canton Genf is a small canton in the southwest of Switzerland. It share a big boarder with France. There is also a little part of Lake Geneva. This is with 582km2 the second biggest lake in Europe (the biggest is Lake Balaton in Hungary).

State Capital: Geneva City (Ville de Genève)
Member of Swiss Federation since: 1815
Administrative language: French

State Capital: Glarus City
Member of Swiss Federation since: 1352
Administrative language: German
The state capital Glarus City is the smallest state capitall of Switzerland. It has just 5892 inhabitants. In this canton you find a canal between Walensee and Lake Zurich through the whole lowland where is the river linth. The most famous villages are Braunwald and Elm. In winter they are ski regions and in summer you can go hiking there. Klöntal, Kerenzerberg and Sernftal are also very beautiful.

Linth canal

Klöntal with Lake Klöntal

State Capital: Chur
Member of Swiss Federation since: 1803
Administrative language: German, Italian, Romansh
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