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Dear Writing Guru,
I have a horrid time, becaue I just can't write annything interesting that I want to write. To be clear, I am talking about Writer's Block. It's just so hard to overcome. So do you have any tips and ideas that could help me overcome this HIDEOUS writers block?

- FantasyLover
Dear FantasyLover,
Yes, we all have these times! Sometimes it can be that the way you get your inspiration is blocked. Your inspiration is blocked because, either you have nothing interesting around you to make you write, or no thoughts are popping up out of the blue. Hopefully, I will help you with this. So I have came up with a bunch of adive and tips to help you overcome writers block.

Tips & Advice
- Check out new places. Seeing new places is good, beccause the enviroment and climate is different and so will your writing if you get any inspiration!

- Do new things. Let's say, you did tennis everyday. You get so used to playing tennis... but then you changed to swimming, sometimes doing new things can really put an impact on you. Remember, even the littlest things like, doing chores and getting ready for work helps.

- Meet new people. Everyone is different, and you never know you might be inspired by someone and if they tell you about their past you might be inspired by that, and that might give you an idea for a poem or story etc.. So get meeting different people!

- Write a diary. If you write about what you did, for a whole week and looked back to your diary entry on Tuesday, for example, you might have realized soemthing interesting had happened and you get an idea!

- Write about writers block. This usaully gives you something to write, and if you write... you get inspiration from your own writing!

I hope this helped.

Best regards,
The Writing Guru

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