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The Thirteenth God
There were 13 kinds of animals that made human life beautiful. The mouse, the cow, the rabbit, the tiger, the dragon, the chicken, the monkey, the pig, the horse, the lamb, the snake, the dog, the pig, and the cat. The King of the gods wanted to make the leaders of these animals to gods. He called upon the leaders. Ja of the mice, Chock of the cows, In of the tigers, Mio of the rabbits, Jin of the Dragons, Sa of the snakes, Oh of the horses, Mi of the lambs, Shin of the monkeys, Yu of the chickens, Sul of the dogs, Heh of the pigs, and Miow of the cats. The king of the gods opened a council about accepting the animals as gods. The council agreed to let 12 of the leaders to become gods. There was a race. During the race, Ja the mouse was running last and Miow the cat was running first. The mouse didn¡¯t want to loose to his old enemy so he jumped on to other animals and ran to the side of Miow the cat. He jumped off Chock the cow and landed on Miow the cat. He scratched and bit on the cat¡¯s back and Miow the cat tumbled. And in the end Ja the mouse was the first and Miow the cat was the last. The others became gods except Miow. Ja who was first to end the race became leader of the gods. Miow grid his teeth. The wounded cat sat up and howled at the skies. ¡°I shall take my revenge! Some day, when you think all is peaceful, I will stab back on you like you did to me! My son shall avenge me!!!¡±

Chapter 1

¡°Wow!¡± a little girl squealed. She was looking at a tall boy with pale wind blown hair, a playful grin, and a flowing bluish purple scarf. He was skillfully swaying his yo-yo with his toes.
¡°If you like that, Hannah, watch this!¡± He let go the yo-yo from between his toes. The bright green yo-yo with a big black mark sailed over little Hanna¡¯s head. The boy lurched forward and ran toward the falling yo-yo. He jumped and caught it in mid air. He landed with his yo-yo spinning in circles in his fingers above his head. Hannah squealed and jumped with delight.
¡°Ikol! How did you do it!¡±
Ikol Fracswolf grinned back at her. ¡°I¡¯v got skills.¡±
After Ikol played with his little sister Hanna, he walked through the streets. Blood red and orange lights began to color the blue sky.
¡®I have to hurry up.¡¯ Ikol thought.
He started to walk in a faster pace. His yo-yo jiggled nervously in his pocket-a present from his dad. He walked into the shadows of a deserted street. The brick walls were sprayed with green and red. Help Ghost live here ha ha losers it wrote. Ikol brought out his yo-yo and began to sway it. He jumped up and the yo-yo fell. It burrowed into the ground like it was a two ton elephant. Ikol tumbled into the dark underground.
As he fell Ikol¡¯s hair grew two little horns. No, not horns. Pointy ears. Out of his hair grew two pale brown cat ears. His teeth grew into fangs. His hands and bare foot felt stuffier and heavier. Pale brown fur covered his hands and foot and morph into paws. A furry yet beautiful brown tail sprouted from his back side. When Ikol landed on the ground unharmed, he was half cat.
¡°Meow,¡±He said.
Echo rang threw the slimy tunnel. Above Ikol's head, the hole his yo-yo made began to fill up again. Ikol began to walk through the tunnel. He walked these tunnels a thousand times since last year August. He found his dad here. As he walked he began to think again about that day.

That day Ikol was at his comfortable house. It wasn¡¯t much. Just a yellow brick house with a red roof. It was missing a few tiles or two from last summer¡¯s storm. But still, Ikol had lived there with his mom and little sister his whole life.
¡°Ikol, can you buy some groceries from the store please?¡± His mom called. Ikol couldn¡¯t here her because he was half asleep.
¡°Ikol? Honey?¡± His mom poked her head out from the kitchen. She had a warm feature that always made Ikol think about hot chocolate. She had dark brown long hair with melting chocolate eyes. Her lips were curled up in an amusing smile as if she was thinking My little kitten, what are you thinking about?
¡°Ikol?¡± she asked again.
¡°What? What? I¡¯m awake.¡± Ikol stammered.
¡°Groceries please?¡± His mom said. ¡°I need a mackerel, some milk, eggs, a loaf of bread, and you can buy a thing or two for you and Hannah.¡±
¡°Oh,¡± Ikol began to sit up. ¡°Ok.¡±
He got a plastic bag and began to go out the door.
¡°Be careful honey.¡± She hugged him tightly.
¡°Mom,¡± Ikol whined. ¡°I¡¯ll be fine. Seriously, what could be bad?¡±
He never thought that his words were wrong. As he walked out his mother looked at him sadly as if she knew that it was the last time they would ever see each other.
Ikol wasn¡¯t the best rode finder you could rely on. He kept turning the wrong way, finding dead ends and bumping into them. Eventually he got lost and tried to find his way back home. He looked up at the noon sky which was now turning to a shade of purple.
¡°Ah man! Lost again!¡±He whined.
He turned to a corner that kind of looked familiar but it was another dead end. Ikol scowled and slumped on the wall. Then he saw a glint at the corner of his eye. He got on his fours and crawled to the edge of the wall which was piled with dumps of garbage. And between two black bags of garbage, he saw a bright green yo-yo.
It was the size of his palm with a big black cat¡¯s eye in the middle. It looked almost very new.
¡°What¡¯s a brand new yo-yo doing in a dump?¡± he asked himself. But he felt a slight of urge to try the string on his finger. He picked up the toy and pulled the string out. And he was shocked to see that it was made out of silver. The real deal.
¡°No way. This has got to be the most expensive yo-yo in the world!¡± He exclaimed. He slipped the circular loop to his finger. It fit perfectly well that it almost felt comfortable. He stared at the yo-yo in awe.
¡°This can¡¯t be a normal yo-yo.¡±he said softly. The yo-yo felt tingly in his palm.
¡°What is this thing?¡±He murmured. Then he heard it. A howl that rang through the skies. Then everything happened so fast.
Black shadows rippled and lashed out of the opening. Some just passed the dead end Ikol was standing. But other shadows turned the corner and sprang toward Ikol. The shadows rippled and suddenly in its place were three creatures. They looked like foxes. Only they were larger. The size of a small lions. They had murderous looks on there scarlet eyes. Their teeth were bared and from the looks of it, the teeth looked like they were just sharpened from a super high tech pencil sharpener. Or in this case, a tooth sharpener. And they had nine tails. twenty seven big orange fluffs of fur ruffled around like they had minds of there own. They looked like gigantic pillows used in pillow fights. But these guy didn¡¯t look like they were looking for a fight. They were looking for flesh and blood.
One suddenly lunged at Ikol. Its lips were curled back to a snarl and its teeth wanted blood. Ikol felt dizzy. What could he do? Attack it? He was powerless! He had nothing but a yo-yo that someone threw away and a plastic bag. Ikol felt pain and he slipped into darkness.
When he woke up he was at a realm of darkness. He sat up straight. ¡°Ow!¡± Ikol rubbed his arm. It had a real nasty burn. But someone must have took care of it because there was a thin layer of gel covering the wound.
Ikol had been lying down on a cold stone floor. In front of him was a black throne and a man sitting on it. Strangely he felt very compelled to the man. ¡°Who are you?¡±Ikol demanded. ¡°Where am I?¡±
The man made tsk tsk sounds and him.
¡°I thought every cats had there senses. I must have been wrong.¡±
Ikol suddenly realized that he was different. His hands and feet were paws! His ears weren¡¯t where they were supposed to be. They were on top of his head! Pointy cat ears stuck out of his messy hair. And his butt! What in the world was sprouting out of his butt?
¡°You are half cat,¡± The man said. ¡°As for what happened to you, my cats defeated the last of the nine tails-¡±
¡°What? Those were nine tails? Those fox monsters in Korean myth? The ones that eat human liver?¡± I thought those were only stories!¡±
¡°Myth,¡± the man purred. ¡°If the nine tails were myths would they be around to get a taste of your bloody liver?¡±
Ikol stared at him with disbelief. He studied the man¡¯s amusing complexion. Then his brain began to match the pieces. The man tapped his head in the way that Ikol always did when he was nervous or he thought his brain had a few missing marbles. He didn¡¯t want to but he said it.
¡°Are you-¡±
¡°Yes,¡± His father said. ¡°As you might say, I am your father.¡±
A million emotion sprang through Ikol¡¯s brain in a matter of milliseconds.
¡°Dad?¡± He asked in disbelief. ¡°Your my dad? Your my dad?¡±
¡°How many times to you have to say it boy? Yes. I am your father.¡± His dad said motionlessly.
¡°But, but mom said........¡±
¡°Yes, Chae Han Fracswolf thinks I am dead,¡± He looked pained to speak Ikol¡¯s mom¡¯s name.
¡°But I had to leave her. It isn¡¯t the nature of a leader to abandon his realm for his love. I was sorry for you and your mother.¡±
¡°What about Hannah?¡± Ikol demanded.
¡°Yes,¡± His father gave him a sour smile. ¡°Hannah. But she has her mother¡¯s blood. Not the blood of an immortal.¡±
¡°Then lets go back together. We can tell mom you¡¯re alive. We can tell her you are the king of-¡±
¡°Excuse me?¡± Ikol asked.
¡°Cats,¡± His father said. ¡°I rule the realm of the cats. The forgotten animal of the zodiac.¡±
¡°Ok.,¡± Ikol knit his eyebrows. ¡°You can see her again.¡±
The look in his dad¡¯s eyes were a look of pain and sorrow.
¡°I can¡¯t¡± he said miserably. ¡°We all can¡¯t. Because........ today, she dies.¡±
Ikol couldn¡¯t believe his big cat ears. His mom will dies? Today?
¡°Why?¡± Ikol demanded. ¡°And how could you know?¡± His dad shut his eyes and slumped his head miserably. Ikol was furious. His dad, who had never showed up before today is telling him that his mother would die today?
¡°You¡¯re a god! Can¡¯t you do something?¡±
¡°I¡¯m just merely immortal. I can¡¯t interfere with the gods¡¯ works¡± Ikol¡¯s father looked up and Ikol saw in his eyes pure pain.
¡°They will send monsters to destroy her.¡± His dad said.
¡°Why? Whom?¡±
¡°I can¡¯t tell you. Just that since you¡¯ve figured out that you are my son you¡¯ve triggered a balance. To match the balance again they sent monsters for your mother. I¡¯m sorry son. I can¡¯t do anything.¡±
¡°Then why did you tell me you are my dad!¡± Ikol screamed at him. He was mad. At whom he didn¡¯t know. But he couldn¡¯t bear the thought of living with out his beloved mom. His dad looked up and suddenly there was amber fire flickering in this eyes.
¡°If you do not want any of this to happen ever again, use my present I sent you. It was meant for you when you were born.¡±
¡°What?¡± Ikol said as he blinked back his tears.
¡°The weapon!¡± His father said furiously.
¡°The yo-yo?¡±
¡°Yes, the yo-yo.¡±
Ikol pulled out the weapon.
¡°It¡¯s a powerful tool. You can use four elements, fire, water, earth and air as your partner weapon when fighting. But beware. Those powers also shorten your life force.¡±
¡°What are you talking about?¡± Ikol shouted.
¡°We shall meet again soon,¡± his father said. ¡°Please forgive me about your mother.¡±
Ikol¡¯s body began to dissolve and soon he was back at the dead end where he was attacked. He started to walk back home and this time it was easy to go back. As his dad had predicted his mom was gone with his house shattered to pieces of shards. The police said that there was an explosion that took his mom. They took his little sister Hannah-who had survived-to an orphanage near by. Ikol rufused the orphanage and ran away occasionally seeing his little sister and his dad. He figured out that the yo-yo was the key to the entrance. And he figured how to use it as a weapon. And at last his dad made this horrible demand and Ikol had foolishly accepted it.

Ikol had arrived at the entrance of his dad¡¯s realm. At the end of the tunnel was a small door. The door was wooden and color with midnight black. It was decorated with cats carved into the wood. And the door nobs looked like cats eyes. One was amber and orange, flaming like the sun. The other was silvery white, cold as the moon. Two black cats stood guard.
¡°Hi,¡± Ikol said. He wasn¡¯t really happy to see his father. Bad enough that he knew at that day mom was going to die but didn¡¯t stop it, he abandoned his mom, Hannah, and Ikol when they were so helpless, and Ikol felt bad about hiding the secret about there dad to Hannah who was at the orphanage.
The two black cats studied Ikol and when they saw the yo-yo, they let him inside.
The house of cats. The house of cats echoed with the soft meows of cats. Occasionally cats from brown to black to olive to orange cats darted in and out of the dark caverns. At the end of the house was a throne covered with bones. Rats, birds, vole, shrew bones littered the floor. This place was the nightmare of rats, birds, voles, and shrews.
At the throne sat a man with cat ears, paws, tails. His eyes were darting and changing from emerald green to ice cold blue to amber orange. His stiff fur looked unnaturally beautiful. The man had midnight black hair and wore tattered brown coat. He wore a black cloak that was decorated with brown fur.
¡°Hey, dad.¡± Ikol said glumly.
¡°Son,¡± His dad said. His voice was quiet and in between feline and man.
¡°Did you say good bye to your sister?¡± His dad asked him.
¡°Yes,¡±Ikol said. ¡°You promise you will watch over her? She¡¯s only seven. She¡¯s at the mercy of social service. It¡¯s bad enough I won¡¯t be near her.¡±
¡°I, I promise.¡± His dad said forcefully.
Ikol looked at him darkly. The first time he met his dad he¡¯d been so happy. His dad wasn¡¯t dead like his mother thought. He could go back with not only groceries, but his dad. But then his dad said that he couldn¡¯t come home. He was forbidden. And he said that Ikol had to go to a place to do his dirty work. Soon, Ikol hated his dad. He hated him because he made his family miserable. He hated him because he let his mother die. He hated him because he was using him like a pawn.
Ikol walked to a part of the house. The floor was shaped like a cat¡¯s eye. It was a portal.
¡°I¡¯ve already made preparations for you at school. Even though I¡¯m not a god, since........¡±
¡°Since what?¡±Ikol was suddenly curious. His dad wanted him to go to a special school for kids like him-the children and also the successor of the gods. The GS Elementry school-God Successor. But his dad didn¡¯t tell him why.
¡°Nothing,¡±His dad seemed like he had a mixture of emotions. Sadness? Anger? Hope?
¡°Just step into the portal,¡±His dad continued. ¡°When the spell is done, it will take you to the celestial sphere.¡±
Ikol took a deep breath. ¡°I¡¯m ready.¡± He announced.
¡°Then we shall begin.¡± He rose from his throne. As he walked through the pile of cat prey bones, the crunch and the cracks echoed through the air. He looked down at his son and put one paw on his wind blown pale brown hair.
He started to chant but stopped himself.
¡°Good luck. Ikol.¡± Ikol hated his dad but when his dad said his name he sobbed back a tear. His dad never said his name. Just son. When his dad said his name he felt a warm lump spreading from his throat.
His dad began to chant. As he chanted cats began to gather. There glinting eyes settled over Ikol. There mews seemed to say 'danger lies ahead danger lies ahead good luck little prince'.
Ikol looked down at himself. As he stared down at himself he started to fade. 'Mom' Ikol thought. And he disappeared completely.
Chapter 2

Going through a portal was like going through a real gooey jell-o. Ikol felt like he was going very fast yet very slow. He didn¡¯t have the sense of wear he was going. He couldn¡¯t figure out witch direction was up or down. The dimension he was going through felt solid like he was stuck in cement. Yet he went up(or was it down?) just fine without getting his face flat.
Soon, Ikol saw light and soft sounds. He could see vague shapes. Until then, Ikol felt like someone was pushing him and he couldn¡¯t stop. Now, he could move again. Then suddenly the gooey jell-o feeling vanished and Ikol landed on his butt.
¡°I have got to stop getting problems on my butt.¡± he grumbled. He got up and looked around his surroundings. It looked like a school yard. The ground was a mixture of green grass, good smelling earth and....... were those clouds? Ikol started to move again. He got to the white fluff and gently brushed it but his hands went straight through. There was nothing on his hands but Ikol felt cold moisture and air on his finger tips.
¡°Cool,¡± He muttered. At the far end of the cloudy land there were some kids about his age. Ikol walked toward them still wandering where was this place? Where was the school his dad mentioned? As he got closer to the kids though, he saw a white two storied building. It looked like it was there for years.
There were children scurrying around the building, some reading, some studying. At the far corner Ikol saw a large tree. It was lush, tall, and green but twisted and very old. On one strong looking branch, there was a tire swing.
A girl about his age sat on it, sobbing. The girl was sweet looking one. Unlike him, she had antlers instead of cat ears. Her eyes were so blue that Ikol almost thought it was the sky. She braided down her brownish yellow hair with brown ribbons. She had a weak face but it wasn¡¯t ugly. She wore a purple dress but nothing else. Maybe out of modesty?
Beside her was a muscular and tall boy with a set of two strong looking horns and cow¡¯s tail sticking out of his bum. He wore a gray muscle shirt over his black top and maroon pants that stuck tightly to his muscular legs.
The guy was looking down at the girl grinning and talking, but Ikol didn¡¯t think he was flirting. Ikol walked closer to the two, forgetting all about going into the school and talking to the principle.
¡°What¡¯s the matter girly?¡± the boy said. He had a deep and sarcastic voice. ¡°Didn¡¯t have enough oil to go? No guards to help you? What kind of name of yours is Gnoil Nogard anyway? Should we ask your daddy waddy? Oh, I forgot. He¡¯s missing isn¡¯t he?¡±
¡°Stop making jokes about my father, Woc.¡± the girl named Gnoil replied with her small but strong voice. The fact that the tough guy¡¯s name was Woc was even funnier that the fact the girl¡¯s name was Gn-Oil.
¡°My father isn¡¯t missing. And I¡¯m proud of my name. So stop making jokes about me, too.¡±
Ikol couldn¡¯t help giggling like a girl when he kept thinking about the guy¡¯s name. Soon he couldn¡¯t help himself and doubled over. At the sound of his laughter Gnoil and Woc turned to look at him on the grass.
¡°Who are you?¡± Woc said in a You are one loose cannoned cat tone. ¡°And what are you laughing about?¡±
¡°Oh, so sorry man,¡± Ikol stood up, whipping off the sliver of drool that came out of mouth when he was laughing. ¡°It¡¯s just that your telling the girl that her name is weird right? And when your name, Woc, that¡¯s your name right? So, when I put your name backwards it said-Cow.¡±
The girl-Gnoil stared at him like she just saw him eating three day old socks. Woc¡¯s face turned pink like a flamingo.
¡°As for who I am, I¡¯m Ikol Fracswolf. Am new here.¡±
Woc¡¯s nose blew out smoke. ¡°No wonder you¡¯re messing with me. A newby huh? Well, here¡¯s your first lesson. Do not mess with Woc Wolley.¡±
Ikol almost doubled over again. Wolley remined him of the red and white striped hat wearing character with glasses.
¡°You¡¯ve got to be kiddin-¡± his word were cut short by Woc ramming him with his horns. Gnoil screamed. Ikol flew back and slammed into the ground. ¡°Guess you aren¡¯t an easy guy huh?¡±
He grabbed his stomach, witch hurt really bad, and brought out the yo-yo from his sleeves. ¡°Well I¡¯ve gots some tricks out of my sleeves. Literally.¡±
Ikol put one paw on the ground and one paw extended out. He put his two back paws planted on the ground. Around him and Woc, a crowd began to form. They spoke in hushed tones and looked at Ikol sympathetically. Gnoil was staring from the crowd at him. Her eyes were on the verge of tears.
Woc charged and everything became silent. Ikol concentrated hard. He sent his thoughts deep into earth. He felt the yo-yo growing heavier in his palm. Woc flew and he flung with his horns straight at Ikol. Suddenly Ikol¡¯s eyes flew open and at the last second, he sprang up and parried Woc with his yo-yo.
Woc tumbled back and he tried to get back up but he couldn¡¯t.
¡°Yo-yo skill,¡±Ikol told him. ¡°I put a spell on it. Kcor Yvaeh. Means heavy rock. You can¡¯t get up for twenty minutes or so. My win. Don¡¯t bully anyone from now on ok?¡± He smiled at the bully. The bully did not smile back.
Ikol looked back at the crowd that was now looking at him in awe.
¡°Hi,¡± Ikol said cheerfully. ¡°I¡¯m new here. Name¡¯s Ikol Fracswolf. 13. Where can I find the principle¡¯s office?¡±

The principle-an elderly god who called himself Mr. Oak- really wasn¡¯t happy about Ikol fighting on his first day of school. But he understood it was for a noble cause and turned a blind eye.
Ikol didn¡¯t know what to make up about the man. He was stout and had a big red nose like he¡¯d been drinking. He had very long hair and beard that covered mostly everything on him except his bald head.. He¡¯s hair was the color of the season¡¯s first snow. He wore a white silk robe with gold strings sewn into it. He also wore a traditional hat that covered his bald head.
¡°Your father is the forgotten animal of the zodiac,¡± Mr. Oak said. ¡°That means you belong in the zodiac class.¡±
¡°There are different classes?¡± Ikol said curiously.
¡°Of course.¡± Mr. Oak told him. ¡°Depending on which kind of god is your master or parent. If you are a Greek god¡¯s successor you go to the Greece class. If you are an Egyptian god¡¯s successor you go to the Egyptian class. If you are a Hindi god¡¯s successor you go to the Hindi class. And so on.¡±
Ikol was suddenly interested about those classes.
¡°So how many classes are there?¡± he asked. The old teacher sighed and turned his chair so that he could face the window that showed the playground.
¡°There were so many in ancient times.¡± he said wistfully. ¡°There were many religions, believers, followers. And so there were many gods and goddesses. So there were many classes. There were so many that at that time I couldn¡¯t remember how many classes were there. But many are forgotten these days. Lost in memory or ignored. Every century there are fewer classes.¡±
There was a pause of silence. Ikol could see that the old teacher¡¯s hazy blue eyes were glazed with tears.
¡°Introductions are over Fracswolf. When you go out the office, the class president of the zodiac class will give you a tour around the school.¡±
Ikol stared at the man¡¯s back for a few moment. He felt very sorry for the principle. He didn¡¯t really know why fewer classes was a big deal but the way the man said it, it was sorrow. Ikol stood up and went to the door.
¡°Um, Principle Oak?¡± he called. ¡°Thanks. know.¡±
Ikol opened the door and walked out leaving the principle.

¡°Hi,¡± As soon as Ikol had turned around the door he saw the girl he saved-Gnoil Nogard-standing nose to nose with him. ¡°My name is Gnoil Nogard. I¡¯m the class president of the zodiac class. You¡¯re Ikol Fracswolf the new student right?¡±
Ikol backed up so quickly that he bumped into the door. ¡°Ow!¡± He cried. Ikol rubbed his head with his paw. Gnoil giggled at him. Then she noticed Ikol staring at her.
¡°Oops, I¡¯m very sorry. I shouldn¡¯t be rude to new comers.¡± She apologized.
¡°So you¡¯re the class president?¡± Ikol asked. He couldn¡¯t believe it. The sobbing little girl he saved was the class president?
¡°I¡¯ll give you a tour of the school. We can start from the playground to our class.¡± She smiled at him. With a shock Ikol felt a warm glint starting to form inside of him. Like when his mom read stories to him. She¡¯d read a scary legend one night and when Ikol squirmed to her side she¡¯d squeezed him close and smile at him.
¡°OK.¡±Ikol murmured. Gnoil took him outside. The sky was turning a little shade of orange. ¡°The piece of land we¡¯re on is the imagination of mankind,¡± Gnoil began. ¡°The more and bigger the imagination, the larger and stronger the piece of land is. Man kind can never live with out imagination, so it never crumbles.¡±
Ikol looked around the land with astonishment. ¡°So its like a cluster of brains!¡± he announced. ¡°That¡¯s really disgusting.¡± he decided. Gnoil smiled. They moved on to the large old twisted tree with the tire swing. ¡°That¡¯s Yggdrasil, the world tree.¡± Gnoil said.
Ikol stared in awe at the gigantic tree. ¡°The world tree.......¡± he repeated softly. Then he paused. ¡°Wait, you¡¯re telling me that the world tree is that tree? How can it be? Why would it be here?¡± Gnoil went over to the trunk of the tree and gently touched it. ¡°It¡¯s one of the imagination of man kind. It exists in the minds of people. That¡¯s why it stands here.¡±
Gnoil let that hang. Many of the kids had now went into there classes or ran into an another white building beside the school.
¡°Guessing that¡¯s where the students stay?¡± he asked. Gnoil turned to the direction Ikol was looking.
¡°Yes. That¡¯s the dorm. Many students stay there.¡± As Ikol watched he saw many students scurrying in and out. They shouted and ran toward each other and talked to each other. That made Ikol a little sad. He never went to a proper school. His mom home schooled him at home so he never got along with any kid his age.
¡°We should move on.¡± Gnoil nudged him. Ikol snapped out of his trance. ¡°R, right.¡± He straightened himself to shake off the memory about his mom. Too painful and too embarrassing to sob in front of a girl. Even though the girl was nice and kind.
Gnoil showed him the classes, the lockers, the hallways, the cafeteria. They passed many kids on the way. Some were staring at them but others just passed through. Ikol thought the school was incredible. The idea that all the gods¡¯ of the world had successors and all of them were going to this school was.......what was that word? Shocking.
On their way out of the cafeteria something hit Ikol in his mind. ¡°So, you are the zodiac class¡¯s class president right?¡± he asked Gnoil. Gnoil nodded at him and kept walking. ¡°Then, what are you? I mean your other half?¡±
Gnoil touched her antlers gingerly. The antlers were a graceful silvery set of horns, curved into beautiful arcs. ¡°I don¡¯t really remember there was a deer in the zodiac.¡± Ikol pointed out.
¡°I¡¯m my father, the Jin the dragon¡¯s successor.¡± Gnoil said in a small voice. That hit Ikol like a shock wave. He felt like he wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there.
¡°Oh,¡± Ikol murmured. He walked in silence after that. It was kind a uncomfortable that he was next to a dragon¡¯s daughter. He knew the story of the zodiac, how the dragon controlled the water-the elemental enemy of cats. He felt weird thinking that the girl might control the water and soak Ikol to a puddle in a matter of seconds.
Gnoil kept showing Ikol around the school. They didn¡¯t talk very much. An uncomfortable atmosphere hung between them. Gnoil told some bits about the school program and stuff. Gnoil looked like she was feeling quite uncomfortable too.
They turned a corner and there was a class with sign. The sign was just a brown chunk of wood with a drawing of a zoo. Gnoil pointed at the sign.
¡°That¡¯s our class¡¯s mark. A zoo. Minerva from the Greece class made that for us.¡± They walked to the class which was empty at the moment. Ikol touched the glass door with his finger tips. It looked like a normal class room. But it had drawings of different zodiac animals painted on the walls, chairs, desks and so.
¡°Our teacher is Miss Guan. Her full name is really long-Guansaeumbosal-goddess of buddhism.¡± Gnoil told him. ¡°Right now the students are in their dorms. You¡¯ll see them in class tomorrow.¡± She placed her hand gently on Ikol¡¯s shoulder. A jolt passed through him. ¡°Um, ok.¡± he answered. ¡°So, where do I stay?¡±


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