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Chapter 1
You Clap your Hands and there is a Golden Whisker of a Three Legged Pig.

You think it is a joke right? Not to me, no way Hosey.
All I have to do is wake up in the morning with birds flying around me and bunnies doing my laundry and clap my hands and say ¡°I want a golden whisker of a three legged pig¡±.
And tada, there you have it.
You¡¯d say it is a miracle and enjoy yourself with a glass of white wine.
But not me Not BJ Highness (I really do hate my last name).

Well I guess I should introduce myself before I start the story.
This isn¡¯t your world.
This is Atlard-the world of tales.
This is also my home world.
I am a princess though I wish I wasn¡¯t.
But thank goodness I¡¯m not the only princess of Atlard.
You see because Atlard is the land of tales, there are lots of royal families here.
For example Queen Snow White¡¯s family is straight down Apple Street and Queen Cinderella¡¯s family is down Slipper lane.
Only Royalties live in this land- the land inside the Roy borders, a border that keeps the land beyond harmless to the Royalties.
Mom (She says that I should call her mother or madam or your highness but I don¡¯t care) says that the land beyond the Roy border is harsh and full of wild monsters and barbaric people.
But I don¡¯t care. It seems so fun and cool.
And someday, I¡¯ll be a hero. The greatest of the history of heroes...

I went to school today.
Yes, Royalty children go to school too.
We call it the Royal School.
I¡¯m in the sixth grade now.
The school principal is Prince Patrick.
My teacher¡¯s name is Princess Priceless.
If you want to know something about Royal school, read the rules

The rules of the learning kingdom for care free young minded prince and princesses
1. To greet a royalty always say ¡° How do you do Madam¡± or ¡°Gentleman¡±
2. Always be tidy.
3. No fighting like barbarians. We fight with our believe of the culture of lecture
4. Even if you do fight, fight with style and luxury. Only princes may fight. If they use weapons, they can only use 1mm sticks.
5. After school, always have tea.
6. Always be proud and haughty. A prince and princess¡¯ life is depended on that

So now you get the idea what royal school is like.

Today when I entered school I heard a scream, sorry, a little loud voice coming up on the hallway.
Two princesses were looking at me in terror.
I was used to it so much that I just passed by.
You see, because I don¡¯t like the royalty ways I don¡¯t act like Royalty.
I act as I please.
That's how I learned combat techniques while no royalties do.
But then I realized something really weird.
The girls weren¡¯t screaming or making little loud voices or whatever at me.
They were screaming about something or someone in my classroom.
Chapter 2
The Boy who had Black and Red Hair and a Bad Attitude.

There was a boy.
Simple as that.
There was a boy.
He was sitting on the teacher¡¯s desk eating something that suspiciously looked like an egg flavored ice cream.
He looked like he was my age of course only a little taller.
He was a little less pale than a marble table with his left eye covered with his black with red streaked hair.
His eyes were scarlet red but not like a crying eye.
More fiery, revengeful than crying.
He wore strange combinations of black and gray Hanbok.
The boy looked at me and snickered.
What was he looking at?
I wasn¡¯t wearing anything special.
Just a black jacket, sleeveless blue top and indigo jeans.
Clearly he was annoying. But for some reason he looked sad.
And also he looked nothing like a prince.
Maybe that was why the princesses were shocked and screaming at him.
Just then the school bell rang and nobody ran into the classroom.
Two seconds later in a straight and neat line, walked in the princes and princesses.
They all took their seats, took out their pens and textbooks and opened exactly with one flip, page 7777777. And all fell silent.
At exactly 7 seconds later, the class teacher, Miss Fairy Goddess flew in with her wings spewing perfume everywhere.
The class sprang up and tried to get every single drop of the golden droplets.
I on the other hand tried to avoid it but wasn¡¯t a bit lucky.
The new boy tried to avoid it too but wasn¡¯t lucky either.
He looked like a bear covered with honey!
¡°Settle down ladies and gentlemen.
Today we have a new prince in our class.
His name is Prince Silver Medala!¡±
Miss F said.
Almost at once the prince and princess talked and whispered.
¡°Medala? Isn¡¯t that the last name of the elite of class ¡®Honor Student¡¯?¡± one asked.
¡°Oh I heard about him. His name is Prince Golden Medala. He¡¯s quite handsome with his rich skin and flowing golden hair.¡± Another princess said.
¡°But that prince is nothing like a brother of the polite gentleman of class ¡®Honor Student¡¯¡± a prince said.
Miss F hold up her finger to her lip.
¡°Class, where are our bright and happy manners?
Let us give a nice warm welcome to our new family.¡±
She smiled. But I could tell.
She did not like this prince and totally didn¡¯t want to welcome him.
The class stood up but I sat down. ¡°We welcome you to our lovely and humble family prince Silver Medala.¡± The class said in unison and immediately sat down.
The new boy-Silver, frowned but said nothing.
Miss F sent him to a desk across mine and he sat down.
At first I hated the fact that I was sitting across from that guy but as time passed and the class started to learn about rhymes and the nature of lovely laces, I decided that I should talk with Silver.
Clearly, he was bored like I was.
He had one foot one his desk and one hand on some kind of handle.
It looked like it was made out of iron, not like the handle of the golden fencing knives we use at fencing class.
It looked like it had three ring made out of a combination of mud and black parchment.
There was some engraving on it too, but I couldn¡¯t make it out.
So anyway, I leaned over while the class was pouring their eyes on their papers, and Miss F on her magazine (It¡¯s about diets. Did I mention that Miss F is fat? F for Fairy and F for Fat. Fat Fairy), I leaned my chair and poked a little bit on Silver¡¯s shoulder.
Thankfully he didn¡¯t scream.
¡°What!¡± He whispered loud enough to let me know that he was angry but I talked to him anyway.
¡°Hey. My name¡¯s BJ¡± I said.
He frowned ¡°So?¡±
I was a little disappointed about his answere but I decided it would do me much good if I broke his neck. ¡°You look different from the other princes I know¡± I said.
I thought he¡¯d say ¡®so?¡¯ again but to my amaze, his face brightened up.
¡°For real? Thanks! What¡¯s your name again?¡±
¡°Umm¡¦ BJ¡±
Just then the bell rang and everybody sat up.
¡°Thanks for the compliment.
Looks like you and I have lots common.
We should hang out sometimes.¡± He grinned.
¡°Umm¡¦ thanks?¡± but for some reason, I like the way he smiled.
It looked way much better than when he was frowning."Okay then. See ya.¡±
Then he backed away and walked along the other side of the hallway.
¡°Well BJ¡± I grumbled ¡°Looks like you made weird boy as your only friend in school.¡±


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