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By Erin Hunter
The series begins from the perspective of a flame colored kitten named Rusty, who has recently been plagued by strange dreams about the forest, which lies outside the twoleg(human) neighborhood that he lives in. Against the warnings of his friend, Smudge, Rusty ventures into the forest, where he is ambushed, and then released by a gray kitten, identified as Graypaw,(later known as Graystripe) who becomes Rusty's prime friend and confidante throughout the rest of subsequent books and series. During the encounter, Rusty is invited to join ThunderClan, one of the four cat warrior clans inhabiting the forest,by its current leader, an older, thick-furred silver she-cat known as Bluestar. Rusty accepts, leaving his twoleg owners behind. He is given his apprentice name, Firepaw, in honor of his flame-colored coat, which reflects the rays of the sun. Later on in the series, Fireheart (Firepaw's warrior name, given at the end of Into The Wild) discovers a plot by Tigerclaw (the deputy of ThunderClan, appointed after the former deputy Lionheart's death in a battle with ShadowClan) to kill Bluestar, in order to succeed her and become leader himself. Tigerclaw, a dark tabby of unusually huge size and long front claws, had killed the former ThunderClan deputy Redtail in a battle with another clan, a secret that Fireheart learned from Ravenpaw, Tigerclaw's apprentice, whom Fireheart led away from the clan in order to protect him from Tigerclaw, in the first installment. After being appointed deputy, Tigerclaw aspired to become leader, and he could achieve this only when Bluestar had died. When Tigerclaw moves his plot into action in Forest of Secrets, however, Fireheart manages to prevent him from killing Bluestar during a planned attack on the Clan(Tigerclaw had gained the support of rogue cats living around the forest in order to have his personal fighting force, and they follow and stay with him for the rest of the series). The then-subdued Tigerclaw is banished from the Clan,and Bluestar selects Fireheart as the new deputy(from that point in the series up until her death, Bluestar becomes distant and effectively insane, having been shaken by Tigerclaw's betrayal, and her weakness causes numerous difficulties in the clan. Later, she dies saving Fireheart and Fireheart goes to Highstones to receive his nine lives. Then Fireheart leads ThunderClan, and has children named Squirrelflight and Leafpool. The series continues with Squirrelflight and Leafpool's adventures and their grandchildren.
Important Cats


He is the legendary leader of ThunderClan, who rescues the forest from Brokenstar, Tigerstar, BloodClan, and leads all the clans away from the forest, in which the Twolegs (humans) invaded. He also puts his clan first in everything, and loves and cares for his clan. But he can also be stubborn. He almost never gave up hope about Graystripe returning to the forest, and finally persuaded the clans to stay together always.

Former names:

Warriors Books 1-6 (first series)
It is about Rusty coming into the forest and adapting, growing, and saving the clan.
Firestar's Quest
Firestar makes a long trip to rebuild the long lost SkyClan.

Propecies: "Fire alone can save the Clan."


Bluestar is the ThunderClan leader when Rusty, a kittypet (later called Firestar) comes to the forest. She is mentor to Firepaw, and tells her secrets to him, like that her kits(Mistyfoot and Stonefur) live in RiverClan, and that she only has two more lives left, when the rest of the clan thinks she has four. Later, she makes Fireheart her deputy and dies soon after that.

Former names:

Bluestar's Prophecy

Prophecies: "Water will destroy you...."
The book shows how Bluekit grows up to be Bluestar. A special edition.


Leafpool is daughter of Firestar, the legendary leader of ThunderClan. She is a medicine cat, who is willing to give up her secret love, Crowfeather for her clan, at least for a while. She is taught by Cinderpelt, ThunderClan's medicine cat. Leafpool has dreams that come from StarClan, usually sent by Spottedleaf, ThunderClan's former medicine cat. The dreams tell her of danger, and the warnings save the day. But later, she decides she isn't ready to give up her secret love and mates with Crowfeather.

Former names:

Warriors the New Prophecy books 1-6 (series 2)


Squirrelflight is daughter of Firestar, the legendary ThunderClan leader. She has the energy of a fire, enough to scorch the whole forest. She is very close to her sister Leafpool. At first, all she and Brambleclaw does is argue, but they mate later!

Former names:


Brambleclaw was a cat who looked much like his father, Tigerstar (who was a great enemy to ThunderClan), and was mistaken because of that. But later, he proves his loyalty and saves Firestar and is appointed deputy when Firestar gives up hope that Graystripe will return. He also finds out some shocking secrets like about other siblings besides Tawnypelt (Hawkfrost and Mothwing).

Former names:

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