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Penpal ads for kids, teens, students, teachers

This area is designed for kid, teens, students, teachers, and anyone who wants to discover world cultures. If you are over 24 years-old, you have to tell more about yourself into your text ad (occupation, job...)
Since 2019, the penpal area is separated into TWO parts:    Kids & students aged 0 to 24    or    Fans of world cultures aged 19 to 99.
Ad content
We have to be very strict in order to keep this website as safe as possible:

Text ad: This area is destined to penfrienship only. Any ad getting off the point (marriage, sex, business...) will be deleted.
First name area: You must register your First name only, not your family name or anything else. It must be readable by anyone (European characters).
Pictures: You must not publish bad-minded or "suggestive" pictures.
Kids under 16 years old must not publish any personal information like family name, phone number, home or email address, facebook, twitter, skype... You can do it if you are over 16, but we suggest you don't do it.
Date of Birth: We also recommend you don't publish your date of birth, because it's a personal information too. That's why you have to register your YEAR of birth only (all ages are automatically updated every year, on July 1).
Password : We also recommend you choose a REAL password ; not just "123" ou "qwerty". However, the password size is limited to 10 characters.
Protection of personal information
Any personal information saved on any personal area will stay confidential (we will never try to sell it to anybody). However, we will not be able to ignore eventual (and exceptional) requests from judicial authorities in the case they need help on any judicial investigation.

Each account is protected by a password (maximum = 10 characters). In order to improve security ("connection" or "disconnection"), no "session" will be used: once your page is closed, nobody can see it until the password is entered again.
Our website is monitored everyday, with the help of several computer tools (detections systems, automatic alerts, filters, blacklists...).
Our mailing system "SOTW mail" is also protected by several filers & detection systems in order to prevent users from unappropried messages (spam, swindlers or any abusive message...). However, for more security, all messages exchanged by kids should be monitored by their parents.

Pictures are also monitored every day, and we are VERY strict. Also, nobody will see your pictures until they have been verified manually by the moderator. However, the author (just the author) will be able to see them immediately.
Also, for security reasons, you cannot exchange pictures through SOTW mail.
We strongly recommend you don't include your address or phone number into your text ad.
Moreover, we recommend you don't include your e-mail address into your text ad, because it may be collected very quickly by bad-minded people (risk = spam).

Adults are not allowed to contact children.
If you are under 16 years old, we also recommend you don't reply to adults.

On the internet, you cannot easily verify the real identity and origin of people that are replying to your ad or publishing a new ad. Everyday, we verify all new ads carefully, but we may not be able to detect bad-minded ads that look correct (e.g.: a bad-minded adult trying to pass himself off as a kid). You must be vigilant and never give your address or phone number if you are not sure to know the real identity of your penpal.
First contact
Once your message is published, you can get messages from penpals that wish to come into contact with you. They have to write to your SOTW mailbox, in your penpal area.

Adults are not allowed to contact children.
If you are under 16 years old, we also recommend you don't reply to adults.
We strongly recommend you NEVER reply to a message that offers a job, money or an invitation, because it's ALWAYS a swindle.
Multiple registrations
You cannot put several ads using the same e-mail address (1 e-mail address = 1 registration). For groups having only one email address (families, classes...), everyone can register individually, provided you don't give any email address. But everyone will have to check his SOTW mailbox (in his penpal area) on a regular basis.
Access to penpal ads
Penpal ads can be consulted freely on StudentsoftheWorld.info. Registration and updates are free; you don't have to register your email address nor any personal information.
See also
Statute of the association ; snail mail correspondence
Please, follow this link : https://studentsoftheworld.info/menu_pres.html

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