Question 1 / 8
Out of the 2 million limestone blocks that form the Kheops' Big Pyramid,
how heavy are the biggest stones ?

120 Kg (260 pounds)
1 ton
14 tons
220 tons

Question 2 / 8
Papyrus was used for making paper. But it was also used for :

building boats to snail on the Nile
designing nice dresses for little girls
making sun hats
making little houses for cats

Question 3 / 8
Young Egyptian's wooden toys were very precious. Why ?

because they were supposed to chase evil spirits away
because they were supposed to bring good luck
because they were made exclusively by the pharaoh's craftsmen
because wood was very rare in Egypt

Question 4 / 8
What did priests have to do to cleanse themselves ?

they had to shave their head
they had to eat every other day only
they had to drink salt water only
they had to walk on glowing embers every Sunday

Question 5 / 8
What was the particularity of the pharaoh Tutankhamen ?

he came to the throne at the age of 8
he was scared of snakes
he liked sportscars very much
he lived 107 years

Question 6 / 8
What was the particularity of the pharaoh Thoutmosis III, also named "the Napoleon of Egypt" ?

he had a great sense of humour
he was bald
he was a great computer buff
he was less than 1.50 meter tall

Question 7 / 8
What could you see on the wonderful funeral mask of Tutankhamen ?

a falcon's head
a jackal's head
a king cobra
Mickey Mouse

Question 8 / 8
When a pharaoh died, the Egyptian used to paint his face on the sarcophagus. Why ?

to chase demons away (demons were supposed to be scared of colours)
to make the sarcophagus nicer
to help his soul to regognize his body in heaven
to pay homage to him and remember his face

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