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G UNIT (Ireland) - 04/10/2004 : OMG No one commented here...I didn't know this country was even around! O_O
John (Brazil) - 08/02/2005 : Tuvalu is a peaceful country and it is the first to be wiped out of the face of the earth due to sea level rise and climate change.
Yasmine (France) - 10/02/2005 : From what I saw on T.V., I can say I really love Tuvalu !
orduna (france) - 30/04/2005 : combien se vende ses iles, si elles se suis acheteur.mais pour une somme convenable.
Sammie (USA) - 09/05/2005 : I have to do a project on tuvalu and pretend to take a trip there! I'm haveing a hard time with it... I only have $4,000 to spend o_O.... I hope i at least pass :(
hehehe (australia) - 03/05/2006 : i have to do a project on tuvalu and i no nothing but im pretty sure that it would be a great place
haha (france) - 03/05/2006 : haha likes to say that tuvalu beautiful country i like alot

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