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jennifer lugones (usa) - 16/04/2004 : hey i love taiwan. hi all my friends, jnara,nancyliz amanda, and gabby.i love you yosmany to florida,okkechobbe
Concerned American (USA) - 17/08/2004 : The government in Taipei has independent de facto control over a significant piece of land, and has done so for several decades. So Taiwan is, under the usual definition in international law, a country.
a real chinese (china-france) - 20/08/2004 : taiwan is not a country, it's just a separatist island who will join surely china. So webmaster if you want to treat it like a country do as well with corsica, bretagne kashmire and palestine, these countries are in the same position as taiwan
American (USA) - 20/08/2004 : Although most American citizens here do identify Taiwan as a separate country, it is true that most governments do not identify Taiwan as a country although they have their own democratic government, currency, etc. What I do not like, however, is how most of the mainland Chinese people are arrogant and persistant to say that Taiwan is part of China, when in fact most of the Taiwanese citizens do not want reunification, and those who do are willing to do so if China changes its government. Most of the Hong Kong people I know did not like the way they merged with the mainland. China's 'bullying' also puts Taiwan in a precarious situation in that they can either declare independence and be bombed, or join China and become communist. It is a lose-lose situation. Even so, Taiwan and China has remained distinctively different politically for many decades, which shows no sign of changing soon. So is Taiwan a country? That's debatable. Is it a separatist island under the terms of mainland China? Yes. Will it surely join China? Not in the forseeable future. Also, this page deals majorily with tourism, and when people enter Taiwan, I doubt the mainland Chinese government need to know about it. People coming and leaving Taiwan is their problem. Therefore, the webmaster has every right to list Taiwan here. And secondly, Corsica is an accepted and undisputed region of France, as is Bretagne. And I doubt anyone would be interested in visiting Kashmir or Palestine these days with the ongoing violence. None of these 'countries' are in the same position as Taiwan. Those examples are equivalent to saying that Alaska is attempting to gain independence from America. All in all, Taiwan is identified informally as a country, only because the governments wishe no ill against yours. If you wish to hear my reasoning on this I would be more than willing to explain. I'll be waiting for your reply... hopefully this time it'll have some backing to it.
LOL (america) - 23/08/2004 : You real chinese... how can you even compare Israel-Palestine against China-Taiwan? The Israel-Palestine situation is more like America-Iraq (i.e. targeted killings and terrorist attacks). the China-Taiwan situation is much more unique in that Taiwan already has an established government and China has absolutely no control over Taiwan. the longass post above mentions this. But anyways, i have visited Taiwan many times over the past few years, and i must say that it is a wonderful place to spend your vacation... that is, if you know someone there ;)
Galil (Malaysia) - 21/09/2004 : In response to 'A real Chinese': You must be a kid with no understanding at all of reality. You parents must be filthy rich allowing you to live/study/play/debauch in France. That is your problem. You are probably more concerned in maintaining you 'rights' (privilages) that you have to be the CCP's bigotted mouthpiece. Go get a life. Your beloved CCP is nothing but a bully, whose Taiwanese ambitions have less to do with unification, than with finding an opportunity to start a war to divert attention from internal problems. If China wants a fight, then all it has to do is to send a few missiles Taiwan's way. And my word, it will get such a bloody nose, China will wish it had been more civilized and reasonable with the Taiwan issue.
cheng kang (china) - 24/09/2004 : taiwan is not a country, the taiwan regime is the resoult of cold war,without US support the taiwan regime can not keep up even one year! the united china will be achieved not too long when mainland china got stronger,soon or later,that day will be come,all chinese believe it.
RW (NZ) - 21/10/2004 : China is an Imperialist Country. It has conquered Tibet, and largely destroyed it. Now it wishes to conquer Taiwan, to add it to its empire. Nobody else in the world, outside of China, thinks China has any right to claim Taiwan. Its claims are based purely on history, like Britain's claim to the US, but nobody would believe that has any merit either.
Christy (Taiwan) - 02/11/2004 : Taiwan I love u,my homeland
BECAREFUL (China) - 21/11/2004 : It's none business of ur Americans!!!!!! also the RW(NZ): HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO TIBET????? ÄãTMD¼òÖ±Êǰ׳Õ!!!!
Xin (China) - 06/12/2004 : No intend to enter a meaningless fight. I am just suprised that Korea was drawn as a single country and China not Oh, it is also funny to check the board for Korea too 'Korean there keep saying that The Sea of Japan should be Dong hae or SEA OH KOREA' Btw, the formal name of Taiwan should be Republic of China, and that of mainland is People's Republic of China Taiwan I love u and welcome to Taiwan
bobula (america) - 16/12/2004 : Cheng Kang, it's not wise to boast a comment without facts. Show me proof of why Taiwan will collapse in one year under your stated conditions. And last time I checked, the United States was also a business partner with China? Without US support, wouldnt China have some economical issues as well?
bobula (america) - 16/12/2004 : Oh, and in response to 'BECAREFUL', it's not a question of 'being there', it's a question of humanity. During WWII, I don't believe many people said 'HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO EUROPE?!?' when the Nazis were around. 'It's none of business of ur Americans!!!!!!'. This poorly formed sentence is proof of your ignorance. Also, I do not believe that China is an imperialist country. However, they should get over the fact that they lost some land. Russia doesn't whine over losing land or threaten to take back by force the states that were once part of the USSR. Get over it.
David (China) - 16/12/2004 : to tell you the truth... i disagree with all of you. in a situation like this there is no right or wrong, just a difference of opinion. just let it be
vivian (taiwan) - 16/01/2005 : my homeland.........i love you
Wallace (Canada) - 18/01/2005 : I love Taiwan. Hey Mainland Chinese, leave Taiwan alone. I don't like Mainland Chinese at all.
Paige (US/Taiwan) - 24/01/2005 : I was born in Taiwan and I loved it and I still love that country even though I live in the U.S.
Paige (TaiwanessAmerican) - 24/01/2005 : I think Taiwan people should stop calling themself Republic of China. They should just called themself Taiwan/Taiwaness. Then again..why can't China just leave Taiwan alone?! Come on (they are just bullies)! I know I shouldn't be judgemental of other counties, but I'm not really crazy about China.
Karina (Taiwan) - 27/01/2005 : I'm a local Taiwanese and I'm very upset and disappointed about what Beijing has done to us. I guess most of the people in Taiwan also think so. Mainland China tries its best to stop everything which is related with 'Taiwan,' though there's no any relation to politics. I can't understand why Mainland China always threatens Taiwan for lots of reasons. We do speak the same language, Mandarin; we do celebrate the same traditional holiday, the Chinese New Year. There are too many similar tradition and culture we both have. But, the difference of government--- communism and democracy, and the extant separation of Taiwan and Mainland China, are both an imperishable facts. After all, Taiwan and Mainland China have already separated for about 56 years. There are too many differences have to be realized. Mainland China shouldn't just say, 'Taiwan is a part of China, that's the answer.' If they do think so, they are too naive and ignoramus. And most of all, to have a war is the most stupid way to solve the problem. I am Taiwanese, and I won't confess that Mainland China is my mother country if they do have a war to conquer our 'trust.' Mainland China should do other more reasonable and clever act to win Taiwanese respect and conviction, if they do want Taiwan to be a part of China.
Phaedra (ROC) - 05/02/2005 : I love my country I love Chiang Kai shek I love sun yet san I love Republic of China!!!
Chuck (USA) - 22/03/2005 : Republic of China no longer exists. Taiwan Yes!
Amy (Taiwan) - 02/04/2005 : I love Taiwan! Taiwan is a great place. Taiwan is not a part of China!!!! and i am really happy that there are many people love Taiwan.
naomi (taiwan) - 06/04/2005 : taiwan is soo a country and its not even part of china, duh, thats y the people fled to this place in the first place!!!
Amy (Taiwan) - 29/04/2005 : i love my country Taiwan! i am a Taiwanese forevr! Oh,Taiwan,my motherland~
melon (Taiwan) - 30/04/2005 : taiwan is not a part of china...At least the people of taiwan do not want it to be. i myself like taiwan the way it is becasue it is a democracy,and people here have more freedom the the people of china.
Jim (Taiwan) - 07/05/2005 : Hi,I just want you to know which language you are speaking.Before you speak out have you ever thought or do you know the truth how the question of taiwai come from.Be calm and wise.Please think about why the Americans support taiwan to seperat from the mainland China.They want to stop the developing of china.The want Chinese to fight with Chinese.After all,we are Chinese.We have the same culture and we speak the same language.Though we have different political systerm.I have gone to Tibet last months.It is not completely as what was said before.I think most people here donot know the truth what mainchina is now and go to mainchina to see it yourself.Dont be speaking with your eyes closed,my friend.We are living in taiwan,but we are Chinese,too.Donot be seprated by the taiwai straight.We Chinese must help each other.And develop our country peacefully.
irma lopez (guatemala) - 10/05/2005 : what is the best place in taiwan for tourism .
Tseng (family name) (Taiwan/USA) - 16/05/2005 : I am Taiwanese descent and I feel sorry for this situation. I feel China should just let go of Taiwan. A parent has got to let go of its child someday however rebellious (or successful) it is. Although not officially recognized, Taiwan is a country. I love the place and my family goes back there to visit family and friends as often as possible. Mainland China isn’t all that bad. The communist regime has allowed for certain freedoms not existent in traditional Chinese society but China has A LOT of faults. Taiwan invests and exports to China a lot and China is also helped economically by USA. The two oriental nations should just be at peace with one another.
Tseng (family name) (Taiwan/USA) - 16/05/2005 : irma lopez, I think that Tam shui, Taipei, Ilan water park, the zoo, Chiayi, Tainan, and Hualien are good. Tam shui has Taiwanese mangroves, and other stuff. Ilan is pretty fun and the zoo is awesome. Ciayi has monuements and also has the thing for where the line of Capricorn or Cancer goes through Taiwan. Taipei has some great places to visit, wonderful restaurants, Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall, etc. etc. Watch out though, a thief stole my digital camera, 20000 TW dollars, and a laptop when I was staying there with relatives.... it is also a regional drug transit point... but its pretty clean, just don't go visiting bad people
E-Ping Rau (Taiwan) - 23/07/2005 : I would be happier if people just talk about Taiwan's culture, places to see, the people friendly or not, instead of whether Taiwan is a part of China or not. Chinese or Taiwanese, we should be good friends......we are all Huaren. Actually I think if China had admitted that Taiwan is separate from China, unification would have been easier. But duh they don't......so it's not our fault that we don't like each other(I do......I like every country in the world, including China)
Laotzu (China) - 08/09/2005 : Dear all Americans and so-called Taiwanese, come on and let's debate! 1. China's modern history: 1911, Republic of China; 1936, Japanese invision & Taiwan was colonized by the Japanese; 1945, winning of the anti-Japan war; 1949, China was separated into two parts: People's Republic of China, or the 'mainland', 'motherland' under the most-hated-by-americans & -westners CCP; the other part, Republic of China under the KMT rule. 2. Taiwan island modern history: 1911, Republic of China; 1936, colonized by the Japanese; 1945, retrait of the Japanese; 1949 Republic of China under the KMT rule; 2000 Republic of China under the so-called independent DPP rule; 2004, Republic of China under the so-called DDP rule 3. Fact: A. Jiang Kai-Shi, president of Republic of China, never wished to seperate Taiwan from China. In countrary, he was determinded to take back the 'motherland', Mongoli and Tibet to form a unified great China B. Under the KMT rule, Taiwan was marked as Taiwan Province in the Great China Map (thoses Formosas, go back home and ask your dad or mum if it is ture), and there is a provincial governer to show us that Taiwan is part of China C. Even today, independent activity is rampant in this island, the official name of Taiwan is still Republic of China, not the DDP's day dream like Republic of Taiwan. D. Both Chinese & poeple in Taiwan island share the same mother language: Chinese---a nature proof testifying that we are all Chinese, not Japanese, nor Formosa or pro-US or -JP dog Why Amercians are so interested in insistiing Taiwan's independence? For democracy? For the independence will save Taiwan from being swollowed by mainland China? I'm afraid not! If so, the US just kick China off from UN and invite Taiwan to be 1 of the 5 (the US has the power to do so, as they did in Korea, in the Irak, in Yogoslavia, in Churchia... The problem is that the US don't want, because they earn nothing from it but get hatred by 1.3 billion if take action. The current attitude of the US gov is to keep the 'Current Situation'. In this case, the Formosa, or DDP, who is looking for independence at the cost of 230 millions' safty, future & democracy (the US poison), will definitely to purchase more American amrs to support their activity. Moreover, the US can lead by China's nose--Taiwan island. However, the worst result for the US, is that Taiwan confronts no longer with China & comes back to China. In this case, US's 56 years' efforts will be in vain and the US will lose its largest flattop and gain nothing but regret. Another point I should point out is that the out-of-date Amercian ideology: Communist Vs Capitalist! In China, we seldom talk about now the political issue like we are communist or not, but work harder to get a better life, though not yet as good as the American's but at least, better than days ago, years ago, and decades ago. While the Amercian's standard keeps no change: communist can't provide you democracy & better life and one should combat with communist. As we are less and less communist (at least less than 100%, or dare you invest in China, the Americans?)and we are progressing toward a better life, the American, better change your ideology! Come back to Taiwan. Well, first to challenge the Britished-well-colonized babana. If you think that under the current rule, your democracy is violated in Hong Kong, you could have left for the UK. I'm afraid that you didn't have the chance. So, shut-up, you are not qualified to talk about democracy! Next, Karina, the formosa, if I am righet. If I was washed mentally by the CCP, you must have been by the DDP. Unless you don't speak Chinese, I agree with you that you are not Chinese. Next next, Chunk from the US. You should go the the guld & get shot by the Irak, or get lost in New Orlean. Concerned American (USA), your turn. Better come back afer graduated from Yale or Harvard; or keep silent, you can be easily identified as 'global illiterate' from your Boston
WRONGTL (CHINA) - 09/09/2005 : I like Taiwan and mainland china .All chinese like Taiwan.Nobody around me wants to see that Chinese fight with Chinese.All who speak Chinese must unite as one!!
EE (Taiwan) - 14/10/2005 : I love Taiwan but the issue between China and Taiwan needs to be sloved. I don't see how China and Taiwan have to be one country because we're quite different in a lot of ways. The only thing we share is the same language. Also, if you trace the history back to a while ago, you'll see how a lot of Taiwanese people think of Taiwan as a different country from China. Because the truth is 'WE ARE DIFFERENT!' Taiwan is Taiwan. China is China.
N (Taiwan) - 31/01/2006 : Stop pretendin Mainland Chinese love Taiwan ..... NO NO NO ! They just wanna have a piece from our cake !
Jackie (U.S.A.) - 22/03/2006 : I love TAIWAN!!!!and it is the best freakin country in the whole wide world!!it OWNS china....
Jackie (U.S.A.) - 22/03/2006 : I changed my mind, I like China too...
yong (Singapore) - 11/06/2006 : All the while, i've thought of Taiwan and Hong kong, as a country separated from China. I don't know why, but it just looks like that! and yep, i support Taiwan's independance.. just like Singapore's independance from Malaysia. Tell ya peeps, independance only makes your country stronger!! haha... and we are the example! :P
Jeffrey Chan (America) - 17/03/2007 : The Chinese can only see black and white, and not the grey in between. First of all, TAIWAN DOES NOT WANT TO BE 'UNITED' with China, at least the majority I mean. Its almost as absurb as saying 'Britian wants to annex United States again'. It's hard to let go, but if the other half doesnt want to be 'united' then just let go. In China theres alot of restrictions, and you definitely dont get to speak your mind out (if at all) as freely. The standard of living is much better in Taiwan.
Allen Hsu (Taiwanese Canadian) - 24/04/2007 : cheng kang, you can't even speak english hahahah..... secondly ....we can see that mainlanders here first thing they say is to criticize Taiwan..make then so much more civilized doesn't it?Taiwanese love taiwan more than chinese will ever fell patriotic to their filthy communist mother land. Don't listen to their government issued censortized textbooks...their just jealous that we have a country to love, and they have to escape china to loudmouth talk b.s.
Ross (Canada) - 02/05/2007 : I am visiting Taipei and southern Taiwan in October. My friend is Paiwan, and tells me it is so beautiful there. Any suggestions? I am interested in aboriginal life as well as the usual tourist attractions. Thanks
e usual tourist attractions. Thanks

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