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gola (france) - 23/03/2004 : je suis d'origine polonaise
aupiter (Polska) - 02/04/2004 : polska dicht bikento trachtan
tarik (maroc) - 09/04/2004 : un beau pays avec le charme de son peuple .moi j'aime la pologne car je suis journaliste si pourquoi que je decouverte plusieurs choses culturelles sur charme pays surtout dans la domaaine des manuscrits arabes et je suis tres joyeux pour aidez les amie polonais dans ce domaine et pourquoi pas presenter des cours tres approfonder dans la langue arabe.........mon email attends tous vos questions a la prochaine
yidika (maroc) - 21/04/2004 : je desire poursuivre mes études en pologne je serais disponible si vous desirez m' utilisez dans vos service concernes dans l' attente d' une suite favorable les salutations les plus vives distinguées
kailey (USA) - 06/05/2004 : The usa is the gratest place ever. I love it I have lived here for 13 years.
Manga alain mérimée (Cameroun) - 21/05/2004 : Je désire avoir l'adresse de votre consulat en Australie.Merçi.
ernest antwi boasiako (ghana) - 05/06/2004 : poland is a country on my heart because of the love a native of poland gave me.i will never forget this in my life.THANK YOU Krystyna Jankowska.I AM VERY PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND AND A MOM TOO.this woman lives in Knyszyn and is a teacher.thank you once again.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
bianca (poland) - 16/08/2004 : i think that poland is a very historical country. but i would like to know who is the leader of goverment
Gosza (Poland) - 18/09/2004 : Bianca, you're right about the history of Poland. Now, the leader of goverment is Marek Belka.
() - 30/10/2004 :
Ollie G-G (UK) - 17/11/2004 : I'm writing a book set in Poland. I love the country, and i love Germany aswell. i'm only 12 years old! lol.
Károly (Hungary) - 24/11/2004 : Wow, I was in Poland (in Cracow) five years ago!it was a nice and friendly country, but, It's sad, just a few people speaks english, so it's hard to communicate...:-( I want to find a polish penfriend (if it's possible, a girl:-))) I1m 26 years old university student!Ciao!
kasia (usa) - 12/01/2005 : hi im from poland it rocks its the best u rock polska
Julie (France) - 31/01/2005 : C'est un pays plein de charme !
Milena (Poland) - 03/02/2005 : It is really nice to know that there are people that loves Poland and know something about it. Poland is a great place for holidays with veriety of regions (mountains, lakes, sea, forests...). I am from Cracow - the city that never sleeps. This is what I love the most about it! You can meet a lot of people at any time of the day and have a great time! Karoly, I think the situation with english is better among young people. :)
Anuszka (Poland) - 14/02/2005 : I love Poland!!!! I come from Poland,and live in Krakrow.
guanxuemei (china) - 02/04/2005 : hello,everyone,i love your country!
andrzej (misiu) - 04/05/2005 : Czesc jestem Andrzej!!! A ty jak masz na imie?
juan (españa) - 10/05/2005 : go and see romania.it's the most beautiful country from estern europe.you won't regret.i saw things that i don't remember ever dream of.i¡m going there whit my friends every summer.it has the coolest hip-hop music.i love bug mafia
Alisha (Poland) - 11/05/2005 : Hello I'm Alisha. I like swiming and dance. I love rollerblading. Bye Bye
Ashley (united states) - 19/05/2005 : I am studieing poland i find it very intresting so far
Sasha (Canada) - 05/06/2005 : I'm doing a project on Poland and I need to know the climat!!!I hope you add it on this website.thanks
Olivka (Poland) - 29/07/2005 : Hi I am from Poland and I am very satisfied that so many people like this country-it's really worth seeing!!!!take care!:)
Bret (USA) - 17/08/2005 : I like Poland and I will live there. I need help to learn the Polski Langauge.
Karolina (Poland) - 20/08/2005 : Hey i'm from Poland very love this country but many of people are poor and our buildings are ugly - people are great and this is the best here :) I can help you in learn polish. I speak english and german :) Come here in august, later here is co cold :)
allie (poland) - 19/09/2005 : hey
Jordan (america) - 24/09/2005 : I love Poland and the boy i like is Polish and American!!!!!!!!!!! O and I'm German,Indian,and Chinese!!!! o and AMERICAN!!!!!
kayla (poland) - 29/09/2005 : thank u so much u guys are great i got an A
Martina (PL) - 08/10/2005 : KOCHAM POLSKÊ
Alissa (America) - 16/10/2005 : i love POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alissa (poland) - 16/10/2005 : hey i'm not really from poland i wish i love poland
Kyliks (www.kyliks.pl) (Poland) - 29/11/2005 : Czeœæ :) Je¿eli chcecie obejrzeæ trochê zdjêæ z Polski, to zapraszam do swojej, autorskiej witryny. Fotografia to moja pasja. www.kyliks.pl ----------------------------------------------------- Hello:) If You want to see a little photos from Poland I'm inviting You to my authoring web-page. The photo is my passion. www.kyliks.pl Hi! :) Falls ihr wollt anglotzen die ein bisschen Aufnahmen aus Polen, das ich in mein, Autorglasschrank einlade. Foto diese mein Grimm. www.kyliks.pl -----------------------------------------------------
Polish (Slovakia) - 08/03/2006 : And woman are so so so beautiful in Poland... Especially in Cracow... I'm in love with all polish girls!!!!!
josiane (montreal) - 24/04/2006 : jaime la pologne
Diana (usa) - 11/05/2006 : i was born in poland i live here in the usa for 2 years in a couple of days now i am proud of where i come from
Diana (Poland) - 11/05/2006 : hi there i am a polish girl
Patrick (France) - 16/05/2006 : Bonjour,c'est vrai, la Pologne est un pays merveilleux. A voir. Good morning, it's right. Poland is a wonderful country.
Lauren (USA) - 05/08/2006 : my great gradma was born in Poland in 1818
Marlène (france) - 04/11/2006 : je travaille dans une entreprise de transport, je m'occupe des chargements, j'apprécie beaucoup les chauffeurs polonais, ils sont tres souriants, aimables et ils sentent bon!
Marco (France) - 25/11/2006 : J'ai le mal du pays, ...pourtant je suis né en France, mais mon coeur est attaché à cette terre qui a vu naître mes ancêtres. Si tel est votre cas écrivez moi
Dodisa (Poland) - 06/03/2007 : Cze¶æ, jestem z Polski! Czy kto¶ ze mn± porozmawia?
Marine (France) - 10/07/2007 : Very beautiful country even if i just visited Krakow and Zakopane! My mother is polish that's why i came to the country and i'm sure that i'll come again!!! i Love Poland!!!
Sabina (poland) - 11/07/2007 : It's a pitty that people go only to Cracovie, Zakopane. Poland has many other wonderful places. I live in France now and some people have an image of Poland that I don't know if to laugh or cry. They think that in Poland we have snow all the time and polar bears on the streets. Not bad hm?! ...(with all respect for everyone)
Waldek (Poland) - 16/09/2007 : Hello! Im from Poland. About my beautiful country i can say a lot of good things. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY :) People in west dont know so much about our history and they dont understand us, in lot of things. But anyone who want to discover our SO SO beautiful country can visit us - we are waiting for you with table full of good things :):):) Come and visit us! :):)
Marzena (Poland) - 03/11/2007 : Of course I love Poland - I live here. I think that my coutry is great and like Waldek said some other countries dont know many about us:)For me it's sad that in other countries people say strange things just because they don't know nothing about Poland:()For sure I can say that in Poland we haven't snow all the time and there aren't any polar bears!!!lol.
Klaudia (Germany) - 26/12/2007 : I love Poland, especially Cracow. After my higher education entrance qualification (matura) I will live and study in Cracow.
EZGÝ (TURKEY) - 08/04/2008 : helllooo
John (Poland) - 30/04/2008 : You have to heat polish sausage its so good see ya later GO POLAND
Ella (Australia) - 19/10/2015 : I LOVE Poland because it is in my blood. I can speak Polish but not so well, so it would be great if I could develop a friend from Poland so I could start using my polish writing abilities. Bye

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