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Vous aimez ce pays ? Dites-nous pourquoi (lieux à découvrir, les habitants...) :
Lu Xiao Jian (HongKong) - 15/06/2004 : I want to know Palau's labour laws and other policies of overseas workers in Palau. I will go to work in Palau. thank you very much. Mr.Zi Yi Bing
jamal (Bangladesh) - 31/08/2004 : Some terrorists have been entering in your country as a tourist but at last they are turning as a illegal workers and creating various chaos.Be careful about them.
Alexis (USA) - 30/07/2006 : I know palua because my grandma is going there.Last time when she went to palua she bought a t-shirt and a turtle neck bracelet.
zakaria (maroc) - 08/08/2006 : salut ca va
will (austaralia) - 18/11/2006 : this is a fantastic website but could have tourism into the country for each month would you agree?
taryn (ca) - 27/04/2007 : Palau is a great place.I have heard it is beautiful.
Kyoko (Japan) - 18/12/2007 : We Japanese should know much more about Palau. Thank you, people in Palau, for being good friends with us.

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