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Biatriz (Namibia) - 18/02/2004 : Pls i am looking for the following information for my studies agricutural population, urban growth, life expectancy at deathand birth, urban reidence, anuall rainfall,soil fertility medium and high natural forest area(total land area %per kmsq, figures in namibia
jaquaila (new jersey) - 04/03/2004 : Yes I do like Namibia. It seem like Namibia is a cool place to live, how I been doing a roport on Namibia I look up a lot of cool things about your coutry.Do you thing that you can give me some thing about your animals,language,and custom.educational system.Religion/s of the country, activities/games playing in country.
Bilal (pakistan) - 18/07/2004 : i only heard about nimibia .its culture.wild life, deserts,beautiful atmosphare,and more. i think that it ll be most beautiful for me when i visit namibia country , thats why i plan to travel namibia for visit,and also my business purpose on august and september,i ll stay there and enjoy lot offfff.....think it could be really a dreamed country.i want information about namibian travel from namibian toursit and culturer department.please inform me about how can i get the travelling document or visa documents for namibia.
() - 30/10/2004 :
Steph (Canada) - 11/02/2005 : There should be more sights that see past the beautiful sand dunes of Namibia into the real life...
jfeu (france) - 17/09/2007 : beau pays
molet (france) - 17/09/2007 : bravo pour le courrage de votre équipe jean-luc molet

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