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Johnson Pujeh Momo (Liberia) - 04/03/2004 : Those of you who have helping hands, please extend it to Liberia and let our people smile once more in the name of humanity. I really love this country and wish everybody God's richest Blessings.
Vanessa (Argentine) - 09/03/2004 : Coucou Vanou Bon ben bye bye de Vanou
Ebony (United States) - 23/03/2004 : You all need more information on your country. Mostly information about your educational system and your climate.
J.C. (liberia) - 24/03/2004 : i wish i could see a land use map of liberia for a homework project
Luis Nativi (USA) - 11/05/2004 : I am just letting you know that we're virtually visiting you're country.
Davi-Lue Suah (Liberia) - 12/06/2004 : For those of you that have upper hands please help Liberia and God will bless you in return.try him and experience his blessing.Pleae
Laura Wood (USA) - 22/07/2004 : Could someone please explain the meaning of the different parts of the seal? What does the plow represent? What is the palm tree? Is there significance to the sun being just over the water? - I can't find this stuff anywhere online. Thank you! PS. The people I have met from and of Liberia are some of the kindest and most genuinely thoughtful, positive, and hard working folks I have encountered. May she prosper.
BENOIT (FRANCE) - 21/08/2004 : Je suis un écrivain qui a horreur de l'injustice sous toutes ses formes. Je viens d'écrire un livre sur la Sierra Leone qui devrait paraitre bientôt et dans lequel je dévoile une partie des atrocités et de l'injustice qui ont eu lieu dans ce pays. Maintenant je vais parler du Liberia.
() - 30/10/2004 :
Ross Fraser (Canada) - 15/12/2004 : i cant find any recent info on the liberian election or the current war status and i need to knoqw all that stuff for a shool project, or if thier is running water and electricity in the capital city yet, or if charles taylor is still dictating. i need some up to date info on liberian politicts and quality of life.
NATT (USA - MINNEASOTA) - 12/02/2005 : Thanks to the person who made such a communication possible. This is for all Liberians that will be participating in the coming General Election. Please be VERY careful as to who you Vote for as president for a 'NEW LIBERIA'. There are many people still planning to rule LIBERIA as their personal farm. Most of us have seen and heard dissappointing delimma for our country.
Isaac (Guinea) - 30/06/2005 : I have been out of my country for over 3 years now and miss it a lot.
Jake Glenwood (USA) - 22/09/2005 : I am quite stunned that Liberians have learned nothing after the radical president, Charles Taylor has failed them My question follows: How can a sixth grader run boyscout, let alone a country
Alpha Kamara (Guinea) - 08/10/2005 : I love my country and want to go back when everything is ok. I miss home a lot,living as a refugee in another country is not an easy task.If the possible exist now i want to back home.
Kommy (USA) - 11/09/2006 : My country, once the sweat land of liberty but now the refer to the land of desolation. The 15 year war is over, fellow Liberians it time for us to come home and rebuild our country. Nobody will do it for us, but we ourselves. May we look upon the past and learned from you past errors, because it is history but will be repeated.
Dunor (Ivory Coast ) - 08/09/2007 : I love my country and want to go back want to go back home. I miss Liberia a lot,living as a refugee in another country is not an easy task.If I leand the course of my choice if the possible exist now, I want to go back home.
hitendra kumar sahoo (india) - 06/01/2008 : people are excellent.lovable.may god bless.

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