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Vous aimez ce pays ? Dites-nous pourquoi (lieux à découvrir, les habitants...) :
Ariel (Canada) - 01/04/2004 : yes, I like kenya I am 12 and I am doing a class project on it, I find it very intreeging. I am an african american and I am very black just like them.
Jaquline (Canada) - 01/04/2004 : yes, I like kenya I am 12 and I am doing a class project on it, I find it very intreeging. I am an african american and I am very black just like them.
Marisa (USA) - 16/04/2004 : I am doing a class prject on kenya. and have found lots of information on it. .. i love all the animals! my email is Email me if you can help with some information,
Midhun (India) - 08/06/2004 : The more I get to know about this country the more I wish to visit it.
petra (spain) - 18/06/2004 : it is a great place
Conor (Australia) - 19/07/2004 : I have never been to kenya but i am doing a school project on it.It seems like a great place and i'd love to go there
sabrina (france) - 22/07/2004 : j'adore le Kenya mais aussi l'afrique en général et un de mes plus grand rêve serait de partir pour un safari en Afrique.
jessie (canada) - 22/07/2004 : J'ai 9 ans. Je habite au Canada. :) J'adore Kenya!
Kelsey (Australia) - 11/09/2004 : Yeh, I like Kenya, I'm doing a biography on Kip Keino and I'm also doing stuff on Kenya to go with it. KENYA ROCKS!!!
Lulu (U.s.a. ) - 15/10/2004 : I think kenya is a a cool place to live. in school I'm doing a project on Kenya and I have found many things about it.....
valérie (kenya) - 27/10/2004 : je trouve que le pays est bien mes jaime mieu mon pays
Tim (Kenya) - 01/11/2004 : Well if you need to know anything about this great country. Imean literaly ANYTHING then dont hesitate hit me a m@il....
mason (kenya) - 03/11/2004 : What is something unusual or interesting about Kenya?
cid (Suisse) - 20/11/2004 : j'y suis allée cette été...le Kenya est plus que ce que l'on peut voir en photo 'c'est un des berceaux de l'humanité'.
keny (keny) - 01/12/2004 : finalement il me donne la religion mais point la population rurale % et moi j'en n'ai de besoin car ses un devoir mais j'aime bien votre cite
mwongera murungi (kenya) - 31/01/2005 : need some help on issue abt my great country? I'll be glad to be of any help i can
Joan Nganga (Kenya) - 26/02/2005 : If you want to here more about my great, beautiful counntry e-mail me
Matt (Us) - 07/03/2005 : Kenya is absolutely amazing, every part of it. I am so excited to go to Kenya this summer. I love Kenya and everything it has to offer, and I have never even been yet. Mie ashki Kenya!!!
gued (afrique) - 05/05/2005 : votre site web est excellent pour trouver des informations. Votre site est tres unique comparer au autre car vous nous offrez divers informations de diver pays.
zineb (morocco) - 26/05/2005 : hey! i am 12 and i want to tell you how i love kenya..cause i have one couzin there;)
Pius (wafula) - 20/08/2005 : Hi to everyone?I guess the beauty of my country(kenya)is in my people's hospitality and willingness to share their heritage.
Audrey (France) - 04/10/2005 : En ce moment je fais des recherches sur le Kenya pour l'école et j'ai aussi lu un livre à ce sujet et je trouve franchement que c'est un beau pays.
jade (england) - 13/10/2005 : i'm doing a project on kenya
jade (england) - 13/10/2005 : tell me about kenya please
olivier (france) - 20/10/2005 : Audrey moi aussi
Yeah (France) - 20/10/2005 : Je fais aussi des recherches et je trouve mon bonheur ici
Em (Canada) - 06/12/2005 : Kenya's an awesome, interessting and beautiful country!
Kenny (Scotland) - 01/03/2006 : kenya is a beautiful and fascinating country
Ericka (Kenya) - 28/03/2006 : What is The NaTURAL Resoures
pie (pie) - 02/04/2006 : i like kenya
pie (pie) - 02/04/2006 : i like all the animals and plants. it is a very cool country
Felix Greybeard (France) - 02/04/2006 : Kenya rocks! i wish i lived there with their interesting culture
somalian_guy (kenya) - 12/04/2006 : wel ilive kenya for more den 10yrs its nice country and nice ppl to
Mathura (UK) - 13/11/2006 : I'm 12, and i'm doing a class project on Kenya - But it's due in tomorrow! Anyway, I found in interesting and helpful to add to my own knowledge.
Kenyan (Kenya) - 30/01/2007 : Check Nothing beats Kenya in terms of beauty, simply the best!!
Julie (USA) - 15/05/2007 : awesome!
Bill Kupec Sr. (United States) - 17/05/2007 : Dear Young People, A second thought....our first effort will be to have youth groups from Kenya and the United States to share experiences of getting to know each other and to contribute your enthusiasm to help create a caring and sharing world. Thank you.
Anna (Canada) - 04/06/2007 : Wow, everyone seems to love Kenya. I do as well, I agree it is very interesting and beautiful. I also wish I could go there to visit, I imagine it would be quite the experience.Wow, tout le mode aime le Kenya, moi aussi. Je pense aussi qu'il est tres interessant et beau. J'espere que je peux le visiter. J'imagine l'experience va etre magnifisant!
peter (kenya) - 14/07/2007 : vist my website and see what kenya has to offer in tourism i will be grad to welcome you here in kenya
David (kenya) - 10/12/2007 : vist our lovily Country Kenya and see what kenya has to offer in tourism .i will be grad to welcome you here in kenya and be your me!
Kahura (Kenya) - 10/12/2007 : Kenya is absolutely amazing,with lovily people and hospitable and willingness to share their heritage.I will more than glad to welcome you and help you me and don't hesitate
emily (england) - 20/02/2008 : i hate kenya
Chris Akinremi (Nigeria) - 23/03/2008 : It is interesting hearing about a country called Kenya. I like to visit and know more about them
Sarah (USA) - 13/04/2008 : I live in the USA and I like Kenya very much! I am especially excited about learning about Kenya because one of the candidates for our president has a father from Kenya. Go Kenya!

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