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timothy (canada) - 02/03/2004 : hi how r u me i am doing good is it cold in iceland or warm
jennie (u.s ) - 26/03/2004 : is it cold over there? is there alot of people over there?
Alannah (USA) - 26/03/2004 : I'd want to visit Iceland. Just tell me, is it nice?
Alannah (USA) - 27/03/2004 : Could any Icelandic people help me? I'm doing a report om Iceland. I need some information on it
donna (canada) - 14/04/2004 : hello everyone in Iceland - I belong to an international food group that meet once a month to do a particular country - this month we are doing Iceland and I am responsible for vegetables - does anyone have a special receipe they could pass along - many thanks donna
devin (usa) - 06/05/2004 : report on iceland need help
stella (america) - 07/05/2004 : hi! I'm doing a project on Iceland. I need help!!! no any good sites for information?
vikki (Iceland) - 07/05/2004 : Hi is it really clod in Iceland r there polar bears SCARY!
Weny (Mexico) - 07/05/2004 : how many dolhines r there?
Bruna (suisse) - 31/05/2004 : hi!I'm doing too a project on Iceland! HELP MY !
maggie (United States) - 31/05/2004 : I love it!!!!!!!!!!
Zoie (United States) - 31/05/2004 : I am doing a project on Iceland and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gosza (Poland) - 18/09/2004 : Ahoj, 101 Reykjavik, I love this film. Next summer Island will be my destiny. I can't wait. Ciao :)
Gosza (Poland) - 18/09/2004 : I mean Iceland ;) c u
BRIGITTE (FRANCE) - 23/09/2004 : pourriez vous me dire si l'ile de l'islande est la plus grande ile volcanique,merci a tous
sam (asia) - 27/09/2004 : i think poland is great but on this web site i was looking for your crime statistics for a school project but i didnt find it
C.sil (France) - 05/11/2004 : très ,très bon site très complet et très bien structuré bravo
amber (usa) - 11/11/2004 : your contry is a very cool country. I am doing a report and i find that your contry has a lot of thing that happen t it
Erin (USA) - 19/11/2004 : When I heard about Iceland and its buety I wanted to go there and discover all about it myself and whoever lives there are sure lucky to live in a place like that!
getachew (ethipia) - 23/12/2004 : i am interseted with your veiws and continue.....
Jackie (USA) - 03/01/2005 : i only came here for a report or written project that i need to write for school. does ANYBODY have any info on this country besides these things? these facts are no good and if anybody reads this, e-mail @ thanks
Ivana (USA(florida)) - 12/01/2005 : Iceland looks like a boring country!I would rather go somewhere else!
Yasmine (France) - 10/02/2005 : I've kept thinking about Iceland since I saw a documentary on T.V. about Iceland. Normally I'll go there next summer. By the way, I'd wanna say Iceland doesn't look boring at all in my opinion ! I definitely love it !
paul (great britian) - 05/03/2005 : hi can anyone help me on the volcanoes in iceland
betty (Canada ) - 11/04/2005 : hey, i'm doing an quite essay now and i just wanted to know what the culturalis like in iceland, anyone know?
Clueless (Iceland) - 21/04/2005 : What are Icelands manufactured products?
Daphne (USA) - 27/04/2005 : I did a powerpoint presentation on Iceland and it sounds like a pretty cool place to visit.
Ana (Poland) - 01/05/2005 : Iceland...I love this place..after ten months in this special country I still feel like it was just wonderfull dream..
icelandhater (katie) (not iceland usa) - 17/05/2005 : I hate ice land its all ice ad freaky im ivanas friend dos'nt it stunk?
Jacksonville (USA) - 29/09/2005 : I enjoyed doing my project on Iceland,it rocked!
Stacy Menicoche (Canada) - 21/11/2005 : hi, i came ver this site by researching information for a project in socials 13 well hope yah icelanders have a great day....:)
Agnes (Hungary) - 30/03/2006 : Hi everybody! I need information about Iceland's business negotiation habits for an assignment. Please help!!! Tnx
JOry (Iceland) - 12/04/2006 : I aM a StUpId WiErDo WhO lIkEs IcElAnD
icelandhater (katie) (not (icelandhater (katie) (not) - 12/04/2006 : icelandhater (katie) (not iceland usa) - 17/05/2005 : I hate ice land its all ice ad freaky im ivanas friend dos'nt it stunk?
Your Canadian Kin (Canada) - 25/08/2006 : You have poooooooor taste dearest Katie! It smells far better than you, and the stench you blessed this site with. Iceland Rules, even if it's too chilly and cold for your sensitive and flaky skin.
snort (ireland) - 01/11/2006 : i like ur country. its cool.
teri (usa ) - 13/02/2007 : I am in school to be a chef how is it in Iceland being a chef? What are some main dishes? What is the most resourses used? Is fish used alot do they hunt anything else?
Jonathan (U.S.) - 12/08/2007 : If you don't like Iceland, why do you post here. This is a forum for people who are interested in Icelandic and other Scandinavian culture and for Icelanders.
Clarisse (Belgium) - 03/09/2007 : Hello everybody ! I have to do a big homework for school. A qualification. I decided to do about Island. Have you got some ideas that I can speak about Island ?
Andrey (Ukraine) - 03/10/2007 : Iceland is very beautiful country!!!At Iceland very fine nature.
Angela (Canada) - 25/10/2007 : im am looking for penplas for my preschool children(ages 3-5). We are trying to collect post cards from around the world, and learn about the world around us, please email me if you are intrested
ben (USA) - 28/11/2007 : This website was very helpful for our project.Iceland ROCKS!!!
deny (italy) - 06/01/2008 : iceland!!wauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu it is cold
victoria (united states) - 07/04/2008 : wow! iceland i think is really cool and cold: cool being that there is a lot of neat things up there and mostly all the ice scupcers. and that is coming from a 6th grader who pays attention in school! go iceland!!!!
ryan (usa) - 07/04/2008 : wow! iceland is awsome and isnt that funny me and my gf have comments go victoria!!!
mohad (jordan) - 30/04/2008 : iceland the greatest country in world
08 : iceland the greatest country in world

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