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Amanda (U.S.) - 01/03/2004 : I like Fiji. I have never been there, but my parents have.
la (U.S.) - 02/04/2004 : it is the balm!
Amina (usa) - 22/04/2004 : My husband is from Suva, Fiji Island i think we will go there next year i have never been there but i have seen alot of beautiful pitcures and my husband has told me alot of stories
George Leblanc (Canada) - 22/04/2004 : Je trouve que cette site ma aider beaucoup avec mon projet de geographie sur les iles Fidji.merci pour tout ton aide................. :.............-GEORGE
Hayleigh Lawrence (USA) - 26/04/2004 : I am doing FIji for a school report, and the information i have found so far has really made me interested in Fiji.
Mélinda gingras (Canada) - 12/05/2004 : pourriez vou mettre des truc à aller voir genre des activité a faire la bas apport se baignewr
yu (germany) - 21/05/2004 : fiji rules
Natasha (Canada) - 24/05/2004 : My sister and I have always wanted to visit there, and I'm doing Fiji for a school geography project. I find it dificult to get the proper information. All I know about the governmental system so far is that it's republic, and I know practically nothing about the economy. I desperately need a Fiji buff to help me. And melinda....i think you spelled the last word french kicks ass!
FOX (IRAQ) - 26/06/2004 : I love your country,makes me wonder as to why i am deprived of the basic neccesities of life and the wonders of GOD'S hands.Love you all Fiji,peace,shalom
Chelsia Reed (U.S.A) - 27/08/2004 : Hi my name is Chelsia Reed from Indinola,Mississippi. I'm on this website because I really like Fiji. Also I hope tolearn more about it. You all have helped me a lot. Thanks
Chelsia Reed (U.S.A) - 27/08/2004 : Hi my name is Chelsia Reed from Indinola,Mississippi. I'm on this website because I really like Fiji. Also I hope to learn more about it. You all have helped me a lot. Thanks
joanna (new zealand) - 28/09/2004 : hi and Bula Vinaka my names joanna i live in wellington new zealand but my parents were born and raised in Fiji and came to NZ in 1970's i always visit fiji and can speak my dialect to.. i am proud to be fijian i think our people are beautiful and our language is unique and easy to learn...if any of you get the chance to go dont wait take the chance, just be aware its very warm even when it rains!!! i still try to adjust myself when i go there Vinaka vaka levu
Alyssa fieb. (USA) - 18/10/2004 : i am studing Fiji i think it rocks
Peresitedi (USA) - 07/11/2004 : I love Fiji, and the Fiji people..Hey check out this website about Fiji..
Joanie (Canada) - 27/11/2004 : I like Fiji and i search the informations on Fiji!!!!
Caroline (Canada) - 27/11/2004 : J'aime vraiment les îles Fiji et je l'aime tellement que j'ai décidé de choisir ce pays pour une recherche!!!! Mercii de donner toutes ces informations!!!! Caro
sarah (hawaii) - 01/12/2004 : fiji is the best place i ever been... so much sun!
Joanie (Canada) - 17/01/2005 : J'aime tellement les Îles Fiji que j'ai décidé de faire un projet..Merci beaucoup de donner autant d'informations!! =D
hot mexican@2 (spain) - 26/01/2005 : fiji is soooooooo cool. i love noodles
Danny (Fiji) - 29/01/2005 : check out if u wanna know more about fiji..and people from fiji!
Devon (Fiji) - 14/02/2005 : In social studies class, we got assigned a country for the year. I got the coolest, Fiji. I have really had fun with this country and I know where I can go now for when I need information.
Semaima (Fiji) - 12/03/2005 : bula everyone...hope to see more tourist in fiji in the next ten is truly the place to be....
Trey (USA) - 16/03/2005 : I love fiji! Fiji has some awesome clubs and tons of great people
phil (canada) - 17/03/2005 : c'est vraiment ensoleiler!!!
katelyn (austraila) - 02/07/2005 : yes i do like fiji . do you like australia
Denisha (nEw ZeaLaNd!!) - 07/09/2005 : **i've been to a couple of months ago and its ssoo hot..but everyone is friendly..and their langauge is dad was raised their by the way**************** cya
steph (guernsey) - 30/11/2005 : please can sum1 help do my maths coursework. we need fiji's tourism population!! please can u email me wif ne gd webbysites dat would be useful thanks very much! get emailing:::::::::::
varsha (germany) - 28/03/2006 : Fiji is the great place to live and to make holiday. I love Fiji and I am proud to be Fijian .Thanxs to my people for being so lovely n friendly.
Mike (Germany) - 28/03/2006 : wow. how to descibe Fiji. Its so lovely country and have very beautiful people and i am married to one of the (indo) fijian girl.thanx to fiji.
marie (Ivory coast) - 03/08/2006 : I love fiji and I have gone through thier country economical information and I think is a nice place to invest,please any fijian that has idea of business should mail me cos I really want to invest in there.thanks from Marie Mwanke.
farzana (australia) - 12/09/2006 : hey, i have been to fiji 5 times and i love it there. i come from fiji and it is very hot there but it is a beautiful place!! one of the best places in the world to go to!!! anyone can email me to ask anything they want to know about fiji!!
Kasey (australia) - 11/02/2007 : I absolutely love fiji. Ive been there 5 times. Fiji is such a beautiful place and fijians are the most beautiful people.
Angelene (USA) - 13/02/2007 : I love Fiji I wanna move there
Kara (usa) - 23/04/2007 : fiji is the bomb
felicia (america) - 06/09/2007 : I am doing a project on fiji. I think this info is very useful. Thanks!

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