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daeyee (Barbados) - 08/03/2004 : What kind of food do they like?
valinda (barbados ) - 07/05/2004 : barbados: my dad was born there so i decided to do a report on it. i found really all the stuff i needed on this site . ( not picture though )
valinda (barbados ) - 07/05/2004 : barbados like rum cake and sugar can but the main one flying fish
Caroline (France) - 31/07/2004 : Hi!!! I have been to Barbados twice,it is the perfect place for people who want to relax,or to do a maximum of activities!!!People there are so friendly!! beaches are really nice and snorkelling is always great!!! THere is many flying fish and turtles!!one day I help babies turtle on the sand to go in the sea!!what an exciting moment!!!! If you want more informations about this island,I will be happy to answer you!!!!!
Rosie (Australia) - 04/08/2004 : Can u please tell me some percentages about the schools in barbados or my project Thanks
Kiko (Yogalavia) - 20/10/2004 : I love this is very beautiful
() - 30/10/2004 :
carolanne (barbade) - 13/12/2004 : votre site est tres instructif,il nous a aidé dans notre recherche sur la barbade.Mais il nous manque une information sur ce pays .c'est des information sur la peche la bas,et des information sur le relief et la vegetation. merci,aurevoir
jimbob (england) - 26/01/2005 : can you tell me some tourist stats for the island (there for my t+t project)
Maria (USA) - 19/05/2005 : i found a lot of information on this site thanks
manda (usa) - 28/02/2006 : i think this is a great site, i am also doing a report and i found all that i need!!and now i would like to visit here!!
Destiny (New York) - 11/03/2007 : what kind of food do they eat?
Amy (United States) - 27/11/2007 : I had to do a report on Barbados and this website was a great help to me! But i needed to know about the problems they have there like water probles and stuff like that!

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