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Vous aimez ce pays ? Dites-nous pourquoi (lieux à découvrir, les habitants...) :
justin park (Botswana) - 01/11/2004 : this isnt just for my country but for young researcher such as i and other many students projects sometimes need specific details. i needed job availability but i couldnt find it.. if you guys could add it, it would be wonderful thxs
Francis Kobla Leblack (Ghana) - 01/05/2005 : I love BOTSWANA and would like to make friends there. Beautiful ladies who want long term friendship can e-mail me.
Courtney Mills (USA) - 01/06/2005 : I think that Botswana is majestic and beautiful country that I hope to visit one day. I have been writing a eight page paper for hours now but I am still enchanted by the ancient and fascinating culture.
Boateng Sarpong (Ghana) - 02/09/2005 : I just love Botswana and would love to have friends from that country. I have my Family staying there somewhere in Kanye. I love you for your Hospitality to foreigners. I 'll love to make friends with u all.
sonny serite (botswana) - 25/09/2007 : i'm not boasting,i'm just stating facts.botswana is the last haven't seen peace and tranquility until you come to botswana

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