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Vous aimez ce pays ? Dites-nous pourquoi (lieux à découvrir, les habitants...) :
juan obando (bolivia) - 27/03/2004 : bolivia is a great place to live and the schools are great.
Autumn (US) - 16/05/2004 : I think Bolivia is nice, and it's very pretty.
Merf (Canada) - 21/09/2004 : could you make a search pad on the site.
() - 30/10/2004 :
Sarah (Canada) - 15/03/2005 : I will like to see some Bolivian Pictures :)I would like to go there one day..
snuq (USA) - 19/04/2005 : yeah that would be cool to goto bolivia. any one feel like paying for my trip?
Mara :) (Hungary) - 21/04/2005 : Yes of coure I like Bolivia too. I'm big Latin- Amrica fan. :) Bolivia is very interesting place to me. I read many thing about B.'s history, and status in these days. In my opinion the Bolvian's places is very nice. I saw in , but only in pictures to my greates regret..:( I want to go there! :)) The Titicaca lake , and Copacabana town are great! Greetings to every Bolivian!
Tori (usa) - 24/05/2005 : bolivia is cool... i just have to find LOTS of info...(Im doing a report on it:)
Anais (canada) - 26/08/2005 : Bolivia is a wonderfull country, really different that the others in south america!! A relly great place to live
Sanoske (USA) - 26/10/2005 : I need Bolivia Tourist Info......please help......
Juana (U.S california) - 18/12/2005 : Do you have information or the Bolivian jobs?
Juana (U.S cali.) - 18/12/2005 : I have a report to do and I need that info. And yes the info I have found is very interesting
elena ((usa)) - 18/12/2005 : Could someone help me in my report on Bolivia jobs?
annouynamous (Bolivia) - 30/03/2006 : hello everybody hope u like dis website i think its awesome an dveruy beautiful i wish i could visit bolilvia or somewhere else
ann (usa) - 22/04/2006 : bolivia is hard to research!!!
ann (usa) - 22/04/2006 : i think that it is also VERY pretty!!! i want 2 go there 1 day!!!:)
tomas (california) - 22/04/2006 : i agree w/ann
Daniel marino (florence) - 05/05/2006 : bolivia is hard work
smal (alb) - 19/03/2007 : this seems fun!!!
ceci (bolivia) - 07/10/2007 : i love bolivia. i miss it so much. it rocks. visit bolivia sometime!
Johann (germany) - 17/01/2008 : Viva Bolivia... el pais mas lindo del mundo... pienso yo!!!

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