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Alonso (México) - 16/02/2004 : Hola a toda la gente argentina. Les escribo desde México para decirles que admiro mucho su pais. Argentina es un maravilloso pais y el tango creo que el baile mas bello que puede haber en la tierra. Si alguien gusta en escribirme puede hacerlo a:
Cassie (U.S.) - 29/02/2004 : you should have geographical maps of countries available for people who come onto this website
lidia (españa) - 01/03/2004 : !hola!me llamo lidia me gustaria conocer gente para compartir mis hobbies. me gustaria saber mas sobre vuestra cultura.espero contestacion.
A. (Ireland) - 05/03/2004 : I did a project on Argentina. Argentinians are cool. They have a game that's like Quidditch but with horses! I forget the name. Oh and Admiral Brown who founded the Argentine navy is famous over there and I live in the place he was from in Ireland!
Josh (Argentina) - 11/05/2004 : I am not finding the plants and animals that are in Argentina in this website,can you tell me what they are?
No need to know (ask me if you know me) - 19/05/2004 : this website is some help but mostly takes a long time to find answers like what is Argentina's music and art??????!!!!!!!!???????
liljon (argentina) - 22/05/2004 : yo is there any one from argentina
Pandofilo Bardemian (Costa Rica) - 07/09/2004 : Hi, I went to Buenos Aires in January and was in love with it. I was really pleased to see that Buenos Aires had a size-able Armenian community, and influence in the city, since I am of Armenian and Ukrainian heritage, but born In Nicaragua. Argentina was beautiful, very European, very shick, very cosmopolitan and modern. And loved the food. If you are ever in Argentina, you should also check out Mar Del Plata. Beautiful beach!
cheri (usa) - 14/10/2004 : Having information on distribution channels of retailers, wholesalers, and such could be useful and how the GNP is invested.
Melek (argentina ) - 20/10/2004 : did u noe? did u noe that argentina is a very large contry and they speak alot of languages starting from spainish to english to french to chinese.(and more) did u noe that argentina is simaller to canada because it has alot of of languages speacken in canada and its a big country compared to argentina well thats all i wantg to say!!!!!!peace out a town!!!!!!
Buddy (ireland) - 16/11/2004 : i think the country is boring. I was there in summer and there were only tango dancers and junkies. That sux!!
lil jes (u.s.) - 10/12/2004 : does any body out there know the state bird, state flower, state animal?? cuz i can't find it here.
monkey (cucamunga) - 04/01/2005 : I am in love with argentine
sandra (usa) - 25/01/2005 : okay this is an okay website but its lacking important information like about the present governmental leader and other obvious nontrivial things that should be here
Tammi (Argentina) - 07/03/2005 : What cities should you visi? What can you do there? It's for spanish class
Tammi (Argentina) - 07/03/2005 : Are there any sterotypes for this country? Are they true? Why or why not?
Carla (Gales) - 24/03/2005 : For those of you who have just arrived welcome, and for those of you who are just leaving, we know you will be back. Argentina, has a multitude of cultures all mixed into one melting pot, and for any one person who likes variety Argentina has it. There are places all over the world with multicultural influences but none like Argentina! All nationalities within this region tend to team together against all the odds. Apart from the historic culture, archietechture, vastlands and the pure determination of the gentle people who reside there this country is one not to miss. I have spent many times in Argentina from Buenos Aires,Mar del Plata, Pina Mar to Barriloche and every time I return to one of these locations something new just surprises my domain with excitment. What a truly truly fantastic place on earth, Go on just go to Buenos Aires, and you will find that you will automatically be spiritually guided further into a southern part of the world that will give you more than you will ever give her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
canadian101 (canada) - 13/04/2005 : HI im doing a report on argentina can anyone tell me some cultural events that happen in argentina?
no clu (usa) - 22/04/2005 : yah does anyone know state bird, flower,ect. it isnt anywhere
Bob The Builder (USA [which rocks]) - 26/04/2005 : does anyone have any info on climate or sports??? please!
Rémi (France) - 08/06/2005 : L'Argentine est un pays très joli et varié d'une région à l'autre. Salut!!!
donna (usa) - 12/07/2005 : I want to know if the men are realy as beautiful as they look in movies,magazines and underware ads.
cheyenne (usa) - 29/09/2005 : need more info!you shold put it in plian sight!
Erin (usa) - 04/11/2005 : I guess the people in Argentina don't like George W. Bush too much?
joh (reunion island) - 13/11/2005 : hi, soy frances y hablo espanol como un gato, donc je parlerai anglais ... so i will come to this heaven at the end of the years 2005, for december i Know perhaps 3 guys there but I wish I will learn argentaans or spanish, so I have to meet more peoples!! if not ... just enjoy the country ... so if someone could give me some advices ... it would be cool .. thx and if someone waant to go to reunion island in indian ocean I can help too .. ehy ehy
Ricky1234567890 (USA) - 14/12/2005 : U people should seriously look in some books or something like that. I mean who could think that the Internet is better than a book (in some cases I mean). So go to your library or your local book store and buy or check out a book!!! g2g
jaun (usa) - 28/02/2006 : yo!!!!
cherece (usa) - 28/02/2006 : hi my name is cherece and if u go to highland park jr.high you will enjoy it and love it 4-eva!!!!! I love my school i'm 13.
bob (Somewhere out there) - 08/03/2006 : I hate latin america projects they stink who do they think cares
Cleo (Italy) - 24/04/2006 : Hello Everybody!I'm an italian girl and I love Argentina so much because my boyfriend comes from Cordoba!!!!! besitos!!
cleo (italy) - 24/04/2006 : anyway, seguirò il consiglio di liljon, i'll try some alchool there!! try to translate this.
Angela (Estonia) - 08/05/2006 : I can`t find a natural growth of Argentina on this website.Please help me! !Por Favor, ayudais me!
Morgan (USA) - 03/08/2006 : Ummmm Angela you can look in a book like a geography book or a encylopedia or an alamac its plenty of other resources than a computer that may not give you all the information you need. So go check that out Argentina is a beautiful place..I do I know we watch a video in my geography class this year it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jany (France) - 20/08/2006 : Jany/ola hablo mal espognol, busco la ciudad llamodo Tucumau o Tucuman La hermanana de de mi abuelo nacio en este cuidad en 1910 Se llomo jeanne Louise HAQUIN Quien conoce la cuidad? Quien conoce la familia Haquin Gracias mucho de réponder
Juan (Argentina) - 24/08/2006 : Buddy the funny place in summer in Argentina is Mar del Plata City so try again. Jany, San Miguel de Tucumán es la capital de la hermosa provincia de Tucumán al norte de la Argentina. Es también conocida como el Jardín de la República.
Sjgogirl (USA) - 03/12/2006 : I just visited Argentina to see my cousins and it was awsome!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could live there except a lot of people smoke:( (Especially in Buenos Aries) I also visited Bariloche and went skiing!
p00kies (US) - 13/03/2007 : YO what is argentina's state bird? i'm not finding it anywhere on google!!! =( anybody know? plz it's 4 a country report!!! ty! =)
rom1 (france) - 15/03/2007 : Hello los amigos yo es francescos
irati (españa) - 27/04/2007 : argentina es lo mas bonito!
sara (españa) - 07/05/2007 : ola a todas las personas argentinas me encanta buestro pais,y os admiro
Anna (Bkk,Th) - 22/07/2007 : Hello there!! :D
yami (mexico) - 24/07/2007 : hello!i just have to sed that i love argentina because of their culture,the persons and their soccer biside the boys from argentina are very cute and and special their music rocks and i have to said that i'm in love an argentino and his name is cesar delgado i love him so but so much that i will love to married him.well bye and rember that argentina rules because of their culture,music,sports,dances and becuase of everything
carla (argentina) - 13/09/2007 : gente! hola aca, les habla una argentina! lo que les recomiendo mucho que visiten es la ciudad de Mendoza y sus alrededores y La Cuidad de Rosario. Se van a Enamorar ! Pasenla lindo !! GOOD LUCK AND WELCOME!
tim sherrill (u.s.a,) - 16/09/2007 : i want somebody that lives in argentina to send me the address of your countrys patent office,so i can write them,and get some information,so i can build something,sincerly tim sherrill 676 old mail road crossville tn 38555 usa
bibiii (Italia) - 01/11/2007 : yo amo la telenovela Floricientaes una serie argentina muy divertida ;)
Dang (Sunnyvale) - 17/01/2008 : I like a lot of things about Argentina.For example,the highest mountain.I wonder if people ski there.I like skiing a lot!!I hope the people there are safe, strong, and healthy!!!
Dang (Sunnyvale) - 17/01/2008 : I like the glacier in Argentina, too

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