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Stephanie (Semora) - 12/02/2004 : This is a great discirbtion cause i have to do a social studies report and it really helped alot! THANKS
SammieStringer (United States) - 24/03/2004 : I needed to do a project and I had to use a lo of paper because it did not print, but I liked your website.
Jelena (United Sates Of America) - 11/05/2004 : I think Yugoslavia is the most beutifull and coolest country ever,by far my favorite country ever it is so coool!!They have a king and wounderfull beaches,I just love Yugoslavia!!!!
Jim (US) - 02/06/2004 : I love serbia, i love its endless majesty, its countless gypsie wonders, its delapitated infastructer, its medieval lifestyle, its long unrelenting murky brown rivers...and overall its peoples bravery to co-exists within such a wonder place. Long live serbia and all it has.
Dezan (France) - 12/06/2004 : I think Yugoslavia is the most beautifull and coolest country ever! People are wrong thinking about Serbia and Montenegro(Yugoslavia)! Everyone should go there to understand what SERBIA means.
Johanna (Serbie-et-Monténégro) - 13/09/2004 : I leave France to Belgrade in few days for one year long... So, i'll see ! I'll write you when i'll come back ;) Thank you for you web site !
Johanna (France) - 13/09/2004 : Sorry for the mistake of country... I feel myself alredy serbian...
Morgan (USA) - 03/02/2005 : Do you have anything on money in Yugoslavia? If you do then can you give it to me before March 16?
PETITET (france) - 07/02/2005 : pourions-nous connaître l'hymne national de la Yougoslavie et/ou des pays tels ques Serbie et Monténégro accompagné de leur partition; merci beaucoup!
Oggy Miletic (Engleska) - 21/03/2005 : I love everything about Serbia,
Oggy Miletic (Engleska) - 21/03/2005 : I love everything about Serbia,
Rob Hopkins (guildford) - 21/03/2005 : i like big butts and i cannot lie, all you serbian brothers can't deny,
danielly palomo (USA) - 31/03/2005 : Ilike this country!!!!!
bailey (sebria) - 21/04/2005 : this is anawesome country one of the best ever
walter (slovenia) - 12/06/2005 : Yugoslavia??? where is that? on mars maybe... anyway RIP!
Mila (Macedonia) - 06/07/2005 : i like Serbia so much.people are nice and frendly and i fill so close to them.I dont understund why people think wrong about this country.Its better to go there and after that i belive that thay will understund that Serbia is nice country.Ej Walter dont be so proud and smart.Napred braka Srbi!!!!
Alexander (Serbia) - 24/12/2005 : Hey Walter you are a IDIOT Slovenia was the part of Yugoslavia and Milla from Macedonia is totally right NAPRED BRACO MAKEDONCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iva (:)) - 25/01/2006 : Serbia and Montenegro....No comment! Just read something about Croatian history and you will see what are Serbs!
Jetoni (Kosova) - 09/02/2006 : Hi im Jetoni from Kosova in map of Yugoslavia you can see and map of Kosovo all informations of population of Yugoslavia is wrong because in Kosovo he live more 2.000.000 milion albanians and in this year in 2006 Kosova have a Indempendence from Yugoslavia and not is part of this country Thank you
Jetoni (Republic of Kosova) - 09/02/2006 : all you people of world vote for Full Independence for Kosovo because serbs is terrible people he masacre people of Kosovo in 1997-1999 year you can see this in all World TV and Newspaper of the World and all people of Kosovo now he like only solution for him Full Indempendence for Kosovo
Jamie (England) - 16/05/2006 : The former Yugoslavia is an overwhelmingly beautiful place with the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Srbija, Crna Gora, Makedonija, Bosna, Hrvatska and Slovenska have had an extremely hard time with the recent conflicts of the 90's, and before that the dreadful Ottoman occupation that lasted 500 years. There is a deep history, warmth of the people, richness of culture and tradition in this region and a great emphasis on hospitality and family…and the music is great! ;) If you believe Serbia to be wholly responsible for what has happened in the 90's you have fallen to victim to the propaganda machine intended to demonise a ‘nation’ to create the 'good vs bad' scenario which is never the case. Atrocities have been caused on ALL sides (even in Kosovo, I have seen videos of Serbian churches burning, Serbs, Roma, and Muslims being driven out of their homes by Albanian extremists). Do not make the mistake of falling victim to the very thing Serbia has been accused of, ‘racism’ and ‘prejudice’, generalising an entire people, an entire nation is wrong, people just want PEACE. I hope for a fast and peaceful resolution for Kosovo/a with no further suffering for either side, and a lasting peace for all nations of the Balkans.
lazarevic (Yugoslavia(now Serbia)) - 05/09/2006 : Serbia is paradise with lots of nature.In Winter it is really nice with snow and Kaoponik is excellent for skiing.The people are welcoming and friendly.I went there five times and Im never fed up to go.The food is excellent too.There are lot of places to visit too.Its rich in culture.There are lot of beautiful cities too.The people in the small villages are the nicest of all besides being hardworkers in the fields.Fresh raspberries are delicious.They have good cheeses like feta and kajmak.So,your next holiday should be there and you will not regret it.Cao
Yurets (Russia) - 12/02/2007 : Privet bratiyam-slavyanam! Etot Jetoni is Kosovo moget idti na xyi, kozel vonuchiy! Nikakoy nezavisimosti, vseh albanzev v jopu, esli hotiyat bit svobodnimi pust catyatsya v svoi shtati. Kstati, americanskie pindosi nam vsem eshe otvetyat za bombegki Yugoslavii i za fakticheskuyu kazn Miloshevicha! Gaaga prevratilas v balagan, vse razgovori o democratii i svobode vibora - fuflo. Est tolko me i oni, dokazavshie nam nevozmognost mirnogo sosushestvovaniya. Nichego, skoro Rossia voskresnet i ne dai Bog komu-to vstat u nas na puti. Za proshedshie godi me stolko unigeniy naterpelis, chto teper budem razdavat bolshoi logkoi vsem vmeste i kagdomu v otdelnosti. Samoe realnoe na meste nashego super-puper pravitelstva (privet vsem agentam FSB)-eto razmestit v Belgrade dlinnie geleznie shtukovini na bukvu r s vesma interesnoy nachinkoy (privet vsem agentam CRU). Vremya podleta do pindosov sokratitsya, oni stanut sgovorchivee - trusliviy narodetc. Togda i s Kosovo delo samo soboi ustakanitsya. Ladno, ni bzdet, rebyata, prorvemsya! Budet i na nashey ulitce prazdnik! Ura, pravoslavnie!
LISE (france) - 03/05/2007 : bonjour a tous,je trouve dommage le comportement de toutes les femmes, meme choquant la facon dont elles s'habillent, ce nest pas l'image d'une femme mais l'image d'une femme provocante, meme tres vulgaire...elles se montrent trop, et les hommes les jugent comme des femmes faciles...
andriana jovanovic (serbian in canada) - 13/05/2007 : SERBIAN 4LIFE
jovana (serbian in italy ) - 29/03/2008 : I love serbia serbia 4eva

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