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sue (asia) - 18/09/2004 : i think it is a preaty nice place but i would like to see more of it because there is not that many pictures.
Teonna (vanuatu) - 01/10/2004 : i like the shape
Kate (New Zealand) - 08/10/2004 : Vanuatu is a lovely place
sophie low (new zealand) - 14/10/2004 : i really would like to come to your country
() - 30/10/2004 :
() - 30/10/2004 :
Thomas F. Fagan (United States) - 09/11/2004 : Insurance Laws, or goverment requierments for starting Insurence Companys in Vanuatu? Can an Insurence Co from Turks and Cacos get recognition and how would you go about it
katie armstrog (new zealand) - 19/11/2004 : i think that vanuatu is a very intresting conutry ........dotdotdot bimg hhhhhing wing jad hongyafe
Eva (Germany) - 15/02/2005 : I have to do a presentation on a (partly) french-speaking country at school and I picked Vanuatu.It's really an awesome country and I'm sure I'll go there some day... in Germany it's way too cold ;-))!Thanks for the good information I got on this site! C ya
Sarah (Canada) - 15/04/2005 : Vanuatu Rocks! So does Canada! Keep on rockin' in the free world! and dot doodle ot do.....
Emys (Nouvelle calédonie) - 11/08/2005 : Bonjour! Est ce possible d'avoir une carte géographique du Vanuatu aves ses divisions administratifs
peter (vanuatu) - 26/08/2005 : I do agree with sue..that they should be more attractive sites need to be add...especially the naturals vegetation..
EmZo (Vanuatu) - 01/09/2005 : super cool hepled a hella lot with my geographjy assignment thanx a bunch xox
Jacksonville (USA) - 29/09/2005 : Iused to live in Vanauatu and I really enjoyed it. I would like to visit there again someday. I lived on Espiritu Santo in Luganville. It is so cool!
Orpheus (Papua New Guinea) - 12/05/2007 : the place similar to my place, and would like to know more about the culture of the natives there.

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