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alonso (México) - 16/02/2004 : Hola desde México! Les saludo desde la tierra de los aztecas para decirles que admiro mucho su pais,su cultura,sus paisajes,sus islas,su gente en general. En algun tiempo en Filipinas se hablo español,me agradaría si alguien gusta en escirbir en mi idioma puede hacerlo a: Me agradaria tener muchas amistades filipinas de todas las edades.
unknown (Philippines) - 18/02/2004 : ya'll list great info. about countrys an without the info i would have dailed our school project keep up the good work
anonymous (America) - 18/03/2004 : Thank you for putting up this web site. My mom is from the Philippines and having been born in America, now know a bit more about my heritage. Thank you very much.
poki (philippines) - 01/04/2004 : I need to know how peole aer like Corazon Aquino and what she did and how she did it. .............the one and only poki
poki (philippines) - 01/04/2004 : I need to know WHO peoleARE like Corazon Aquino and what she did and how she did it. .............the one and only poki
Shadow Moses (Canada) - 27/05/2004 : I need to know of any Cultural information about the Phillipines.
Khristine T.Consuegra (MA) - 24/08/2004 : My Mom and Dad Are From the Philippines and I'm Happy thay are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
goldy (india) - 09/09/2004 : i alway's like to know about other culture the site is good and have lot's of information but i think that there must be a place for glourious event's and culture of philippines thanks keep up the good work
oscar ninonuevo (philippines) - 20/09/2004 : i just wanted to request some corrections as to the number of dialects the philippines have. i am an aklanon of which we are part of the panay island but we have our own dialect aside from hiligaynon. our own dialect is AKLANON which is very much different from hiligaynon. just like the kapampangan, they are much different from the ilocano and the tagalog. same thing with us in aklan which is different from cebuano and hiligaynon but we are all from the visayan region. thank you
Grace (Philippines) - 07/01/2005 : the site is well-constructed and informative. but there are still a lot of data needed to be researched in order for this to be more comprehensive. anyway, this site is great all in all. kinda impressive. Ü
suren (INDIA) - 26/01/2005 : this site is well informative, but quite detail in depth as not given, places like la union, san fernado.hope you add these types of details too.. thank u!
Nicole . jo (korea) - 30/04/2005 : I Know Pilippines a little bit because i have been university of pilippines during one month. it was really graet time. i'll never forgot ^^ and i hope that other people recognize korea people are kind and respect other country cultures althoug there is a few people who behave impolite. l want to go to philippine a gain and know yor country...more if you want to be friend with me or give information you country please send email~^^
andrea (usa) - 25/08/2005 : i just came from the philippines
renward C. Ceñir (philippines) - 27/09/2005 : the Pilippines is a geat place to relax, because we have great beaches like bora and etc.†
Alanna (Australia) - 16/10/2005 : U ROX MY JOX EVERY TIME I HAVE A PROJECT I COME TO U
Och Oyuntugs (Mongolia) - 24/10/2005 : It's not enough to me. I need information about electrecity source.
Maria (Philippines) - 31/12/2005 : i luv da Philippines!!!!!! Well dats cause im a citizen...but w/e i luv da Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Berna (*USA*) - 24/01/2006 : My mom is from the philippines so im very glad to find out what im about i can't wait 2 go there. So thanks 2 all who put this website!
Chénnie (philippine et canada) - 26/02/2006 : salut, Je viens du canada mais ma mère viens du Philippine c'est pour sa que j'adore se pays un jours je c'est que je vais y aller. Mais c'est pas mal dans le Canada... Aussi Philippine j'aime sa parce que sa peu dévlopper mon cerveau bon je suis tellement contente d'en savoir plus!!! bye bye xxxxx
nuricko (philippines) - 17/04/2006 : Philippines is rich in natural resources that a filipino person must be proud of. Filipinos are very well known for being hospitable and respectful persons. Truly philippines is one of the most worth living place in earth if not the first.(',)
Vivianne (canada) - 06/06/2006 : i'm vivianne and i'm 11 yrs. old i maybe in canada but i' malso a filipino. i'm lookin' for something to get some informations about my country.but i know a lot of informations now beacause in this site i think it is really good.!!!thanks!!!!!!!=]
jean philippe (France ) - 19/07/2006 : Hello !! I was in the Philippines for my wedding. There, I met very nice and kind people. Thanks for all to Elizaga's family. I love you. See you soon !!!
melanie (usa) - 02/08/2006 : hi i was born in the philippines.i love phil. a lot!!!
Aimee (United State) - 03/08/2006 : Hi! I'm Aimee and I'm 11 years old . I was born in the United State . I'm also a filipino . My families are from the Philippine except my brother,sister and some cousins . I'm happy that my families are from the Philippine.
anna rowie cinco (philippines) - 11/10/2006 : i like philippines, because of friendly people, delicious food, beautifl beaches, and a lot more.
i<3history_class (USA) - 17/11/2006 : i quess this is a o.k place..but could you put interresting facts like...the richest people in phillipines is people who afford toilet paper !!! and stuff like that..interesting facts!!
Lyhaz (Uk) - 13/03/2007 : philippines rocks
michel (philippines) - 14/03/2007 : im a real filipina im proud to be one
Jennifer (america) - 24/03/2007 : thanks for post ing this website my mom is filipina and i just wanted to learn more about my coulture
Cristina Ferrari (Switzerland) - 20/05/2007 : Hello everybody!!!My name is Cristina. I'm 13 years old and I live in Switzerland I can speak Italian, German, English and Filipino. My mother is filipina and my father is Swiss. i like very much Philippines because my best friend Mariel lives there in bacolod City. Thanks for this website!

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