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Lisa (Indonesia) - 12/02/2004 : Hi, my sister would like to migrate to New Zealand, I would like to know about this country. Thank you.
Jean (france) - 18/02/2004 : svp est ce que vous pouvez me dire si la nouvelle zélande a des frontières maritimes, je m'interesse beaucoup a ce pays et il me manque ce renseignement. merci d'avance jean
Thomas (France) - 20/02/2004 : Je suis attiré par la Nouvelle Zélande surtout pour la civilisation Maori. Si je peux avoir quelconques informations à ce propos, je serais content. Merci
samantha (New Zealand) - 25/02/2004 : New Zealand is a great place to live but there is also down falls like flooding but new zealand is the beast yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ney ney (south africa) - 02/03/2004 : hi i love new zealand. i also love orlando bloom because he walked on the now sacread ground. thank you very much.
tara and skye (Queensland) - 04/03/2004 : heyall wats up??? New Zealand is kool, and i hope i can go back someday.
Sara (Malaysia) - 05/03/2004 : Hi All!,im 14,when i grow up,i wanna LIVE in New Zealand!Love the culture,its the place where the LOTR was made!!! ^_^
lindsay (north america) - 24/03/2004 : i think new zealand is so asome!i want to go there to live when i get older,it must be sweet to live in a country where films were made
Malcolm (England) - 26/04/2004 : Palmerston North is the best place to be an International Student, the people are so friendly and helpful and Palmy (as they call it) is so central to travel from and se more of the country in the weekends and holidays.
Aaron (U.S.) - 06/05/2004 : New Zealand looks like an amazing place to live. I hear it has the third best education in the world. I'm planning on taking college courses there in a few years. Salut, gens de francias
Bob (Botswana) - 06/05/2004 : new Zealand is the best place to live in the world!
Dave (New Zealand) - 22/05/2004 : Wow! You guys all said really nice things about my home country. Its very flattering. The funny thing is; living here at the edge of the world we all want to and see your exciting homes! (its called the "Big OE" [overseas experience]) The best places to find out all about NZ are (for tourists) and (for official stuff) I hope this helps! - Dave.
Anita (New Zealand) - 08/06/2004 : Hey guys I'm doing a speech on why New Zealand is a great place to live. I need some reasons why, and some different points of view. Also, if you are from another country, it would be cool if you could tell me what you dont like about where you live. If you have any reasons or anything could you please e-mail me at Thanx, anything will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!
amy (Australia) - 26/06/2004 : New Zealand is such a coool place. i wish i was born in wellington. my mum was and so was my sister by accident i am so jealous. New Zealand is the best place in the world
pat parker (England) - 07/07/2004 : So proud to be half kiwi, as my dad was born nr Auckland. Been once to see godzone country and hope to come back permanently before too long.
Hayleigh (New Zealand) - 17/08/2004 : Yea I like New zealand I live in the central north island but I would love to come over seas to see all your countries. I have never been past wellington or auckland.
CANNA (FRANCE) - 21/08/2004 : If new zealanders could add some pictures of their wonderful country it would be kind... pictures of you,your town, your friends, your school and some beautiful views of your country... Thanks and sorry for my bad english...I hope to travel to nz to improve it...
julie (usa) - 03/09/2004 : i wann live in nz too!! i started getting a lot of nz stuff like flags maps even magnets!! if i get all a's and b's all through out high school my uncle said he will take me there on vacation (1 way ticket thank you!)
Charlotte (France) - 11/09/2004 : Bonjour! Moi aussi je m'interresse beaucoup à la nouvelle zélande. C'est un pays qui m'attire, et où j'aimerai beaucoup aller... Mais pour l'instant ce n'est pas possible. .. a++
isidore (Cameroun) - 29/09/2004 : Hi,i'm in Cameroun and i want to go in New-Zealand to learn english and i want more information about Family of welcomes. thank.
Lisa (United States) - 01/10/2004 : My husband,2 children and i were thinking about moving to NZ. I am originally from the USA,i live now in Europe. If there is any americans,germans or austrians (my husband is German)who live in NZ,please email me at and tell me if you get along there ok and how different is it there compared to the USA and/or Germany. I have never been to NZ,so this will be a blind move. I have found some wonderful sites on NZ,but i want to hear the honest truth from Americans and Germans that already live there or have lived there,i don't want to make a mistake. Thanks in Advance!
Kimberly (USA) - 14/11/2004 : I Love New Zealand I'm am going to live there one day
Alibee (New Zealand) - 14/11/2004 : I luv Orlando Bloom!!! 2 bad my mum didn't track him down when he was filming here. I missed my big chance. I have found some one better now. New Zealand rox! I was lucky 2 be born here. Kiwis rule the world
Xanthe (South Africa) - 15/11/2004 : Hey ya'll here in N.Z! Groovy place and great ppl =) I've decided to settle down with a great kiwi bloke. Love is amazing when your young
Alex (France) - 19/11/2004 : Je part pour la nouvelle zelande en janvier pour étudier et j'hésite entre Auckland et Christchurch quelqu'un pour m'aiguiller?
Te-te (cote d'ivoire) - 22/11/2004 : J'aime ton pay! Je veux savoir plus de ton pay, et on jour je veux voyager a nouvelle zelande. :) Au revoir mes ami(e)s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
matheo (france) - 23/11/2004 : tres attiré par ce pays, j'aimerais qu'on me conseil sur les bon plans pour y aller et pour y vivre
Alicia (US) - 07/12/2004 : Hi I'm doing a project on New Zealand, does anyone know who the learder or president is.
kara (new zealand) - 04/02/2005 : new zealand is a very nice place i love it im originally from wanganui but i live in australia now
Amalia (U.S.A.) - 11/02/2005 : when i went 2 zew zealand it was awsome!!! my dad is building our new house like this one place called 'the bell tower' and it was cool cause there was a vineyard right next door(we own a vineyard too) and there was horses(i bought my own horse) and their were llamas too. That was the best trip of my life (my family travels alot!!!)
adrien (france) - 10/03/2005 : un petit bonjour de france a tout le monde
Ash (New Zealand) - 13/03/2005 : Slightly biased but- great landscape, people, pies, beer, wine, boys and surf. Ahh...
Mara (Hungary) - 21/04/2005 : HEllO! I write my diploma-work about N.Z. :) I like your country! HUGS!
Amy (Taiwan) - 24/04/2005 : hello~i want to travel to new zealand one day
Louisa (Australia) - 11/05/2005 : Well I would like to visit New Zealand one day but i have never been there and it would help if you could give some info on the good and bad impacts of that country...thanks
katie (us love new zealnd) - 16/05/2005 : i want to go to new zealand it sounds nice
fauchoix (france(bretagne)) - 28/05/2005 : un petit coucou des bretons de port louis à nos enfants tout juste débarqués dans l'île du nord.
Joel (New Zealand) - 29/05/2005 : LOL New Zealand is a great place to live!!!!!! I'm from Auckland and man how many people from overseas are amazed how laid back we kiwis are. One piece of advice to tourist we tend to speak English too fast!!!
olive (New Zealand(ROTORUA)) - 30/05/2005 : How cool the people saying cool stuff about New Zealand thanks.
Kajsa (Sweden) - 07/06/2005 : I want to go to New Zealand! It seems to be a relly nice country whit great nature!
Tori (AUSTRALIA) - 18/06/2005 : Hi! NZ is beauitiful! I have been there a few times because my dad is from Wellington and i have lots of family over there!and i LOVE SCRIBE too!
Mario (Spain) - 21/07/2005 : I have seen many photos from NZ and I dream with travelling there one day!!!!!!!!!!!! if any 'kiwi' would like to have a penfriend in Spain, I am looking forward to your news...
Aleks (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - 05/09/2005 : Hi! I'm an electro-engineer, and I want to migrate to New Zealand. Could anybody tell me what's the easiest way to do that? This land is on the totally oposite side of the Earth, but I like it so much. Nature is beautiful. I'm also 26 years old, and I hope that I could start with a new life here, just to make something worth of it.
steph (england) - 16/09/2005 : great gliding in N.Z i need to give it a try over there its a must do
zinbi (morocco) - 07/10/2005 : i like this country,i think it's the most beautyful in all the my opinion it's EDEN guarden.i love NW ZEALAND.
emilie (canada) - 31/10/2005 : i'd like to know more about zew zealand i'd like to come work in your country and i need to know about the visa
ellie (france) - 12/11/2005 : hey y'all!! i love new-zealand, especially since i've seen LOTR..!! before i didn't know much about what a beautiful country it was!! i'd love to go there... but from france it's very expensive but one day i'll make it!! if you want a penpal in france i'll be very glad to hear from ya! love..E.L.L.I.E..**
Kelly and Kasey (U.S.A) - 03/01/2006 : hey guys!!! omg! do we ever want to go New Zealand?!!!!! we don't know anything about it but hey, what the heck!!! we are doing a project about it and we thought that we might add our own oppinion! n~e ways peopsels, KG and KJ out!!!!!
Rowin (Mauritius) - 13/04/2006 : I would like to know much about Dunedin as i am going to migrate there in a few days.
grant (canda) - 05/05/2006 : new zealand looks and i dont doubt that si a very nice place but im intrested to know more about the moari
Ella (New Zealand) - 18/08/2006 : Hey it's so cool that so many ppl are saying such nice things about NZ! I may not be a fair judge, but in my opinion, NZ is the best country in the world :-)
Tori (united states) - 29/08/2006 : Hi i fell in love with New Zealand. and i dont know if New Zealand is a boy or not. but i dont care either way anyway.
miriam (germany) - 19/01/2007 : HELLO i`m going to new zealand the next summer can you tell me something about the country ...please contact me! my e-mail adress: save-me-from-myself@hotmail.debye and have a nice day!
Malcolm (New Zealand) - 22/02/2007 : Hi, I live in New Zealand and was born here. I am very concerned about the state of the environment. I want to meet and connect with people all around the world who are equally concerned. There must be something we can do. Please feel free to email me.
Hamish (Middle of nowhere) - 06/03/2007 : NZ is really cool and the people are really nice.
Yurets (Russia) - 11/03/2007 : Hi, people! I think that New Zealand is really heaven on Earth!
Laurent (france) - 12/04/2007 : Hi, si quelqu'un veut quelque tuyau pour partir ou rester en nz je me propose car j'ai séjourné 6 mois l'an dernier et je connais assez bien les bons plans: See you
Laurent (France) - 12/04/2007 : Pour les photos de nz voila mon adresse d'espace perso :
kendall (new zeland) - 01/05/2007 : i love new zeland
Ozzii (Papua New Guinea) - 12/05/2007 : I like the environment and landscape of the area and would like more pictures of the geography and some native maori women e-mail addresses
kema (nz) - 25/05/2007 : nz is the best country in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im originally from africa but live wellington. me and my family migrated to nz when i was 8 years old its such a peaceful country. the scenery is breath taking!!!!!!!!!!nz is cold compaired to africa but summer is the best peace
florence (france ) - 13/06/2007 : je suis trés contente de recevoir chez moi pour 1 mois ( août 2007) un jeune néo zelandais de 17 ans, j'espère que le pays lui plaira.
Anna (Thailand) - 22/07/2007 : Hello! :D
jess (nz) - 09/08/2007 : new zealand rocks is anyone here a juggler? raglan is a really cool place to go to. a cool bridge you can jump off into the sea. there was an awesome festival there. the 2008 festival will be in wellington.
Beatriz (North America) - 28/08/2007 : I love New Zealand. It's so prety
Mike (Mexico) - 23/09/2007 : NZ rockss!!! :-)
Vinicius (Brazil) - 15/12/2007 : I would like a lot of go live in the new zealand.
Maëva (france) - 10/01/2008 : je suis fan de la NOuvelle-Zélande et du mexique, mon rêve est d'y aller! je suis aussi fan de rugby donc ça motive cette envie!
nike (usa) - 21/04/2008 : im doing a report on new zealand and its awsome!!!!!
Francis (United arab emirates) - 05/07/2015 : i wish to visit this nice looking country i have heard so much about this nice beautiful and calm natural country please any help me with thoughts or even helping me with some schools information so i could apply for studies thereplease contact me at brianberryajabefack@gmail for
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