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you are weird (you are even weirder) - 15/04/2004 : you are just plane weird
lovina (china) - 15/05/2004 : contact me if you like
antonio (united states) - 02/06/2004 : what are some places to go
Ade (Canada) - 22/06/2004 : I've noting much to say about Nigeria....Nigeria is just the best of the best. We've got everything you could imagine in Nigeria.. Nigeria is the HEART beat of the world..
david (nigeria) - 06/09/2004 : l, ve just been made thae african best poet of the year
FATIMA (MOROCCO+WESTERN SAHARA) - 29/10/2004 : nigeria is a wonderful place is one of the perfect places in africa
benjamin (holland) - 10/11/2004 : I don't know where you have been in the world. If you have not been to Nigeria, tell no one you have ever travelled.
fadi (lebanon) - 28/12/2004 : nice one
tola (nigeria) - 15/01/2005 : nigeria is a great country that hos grow considerably from the time this research was made pls update.
Mad-man (Brisbane) - 04/02/2005 : Nigeria is a poor country and we should help that country and donate some money and the country itself is cool.
princess (Germany) - 09/03/2005 : My husband is from Nigeria, Imo State. So he speaks Igbo. His name is Jerry.
katarina (croatia) - 16/03/2005 : My boyfriend is from Nigeria. And if all the guys are as cute and hot as he is than I would like to visit the country! Kedu everybody? I luv nigerian boys :o)
Kole (Nigerian in South Africa) - 06/04/2005 : Nigeria is a great Nation. I share the view os Benjamin from Holland..if you have travelled all over the world and have not been to Nigeria, then you have not travelled anywhere. we are the happiest people on earth.
Godwin (Nigeria) - 28/05/2005 : I want to know the epithets of the states of Nigeria.Example God's own state(Abia state).
onyeka (nigeria) - 10/06/2005 : : I want to know the epithets of the states of Nigeria.Example God's own state(Abia state).
nsendue (nigeria) - 12/06/2005 : I want to know the epithets of the states of Nigeria.Example God's own state(Abia state).
dulce omonomo (midland tx) - 15/06/2005 : i would love to go to ur country i have my husband there, but i dont know how.i want to live there with him and his family.i need help pls.
teresa zarate (midland tx) - 15/06/2005 : my momwants to be with her husband, but has no pass port how can she go to be with her husband joseph omonomo.
Akinwale (Nigeria) - 20/06/2005 : Please furnish me with the epithets of all states in Nigeria.
alexander anthony (ghana) - 21/06/2005 : i want to know the epithets of all the states in nigeria
David Omozuafoh (Nigeria) - 23/06/2005 : I want to know the epithets of all the states in Nigeria.
Enwere Anthony (nigeria) - 23/06/2005 : I want to know the epithets of states in nigeria.
emeka (nigeria) - 24/06/2005 : I want to know the epithets of the states of Nigeria.Example God's own state(Abia state). plz kindly send it to my box. emy
Bernadette (Nigeria) - 29/06/2005 : I live in Nigeria. I visited Calabar (Cross River State) recently, and i am proud to say it is the cleanest in Nigeria. The streets are so clean, you cant believe this is Africa. The Governor is doing a beautiful job there. I know he cant come back the third time, but i think The Presidency is the place for him so he can give Nigeria a good turn around.
moji (Nigeria) - 10/08/2005 : Kindly send to my box the gross national product of the conutry between 1999-2004 stating one for private sector , public/govt sector
Zulu girl (south africa) - 21/09/2005 : Hey everyone,why is it so difficult to find out political party ideologies and systems that are shared by political parties of nigeria? but overall i would like to visit nigeria one day it sounds like a great country and i believe in the abolishment of ethnocitism
nkem (Nigeria) - 28/09/2005 : Nigeria is a great country to be and has grown much more than this so, please try and update
chyogazi (Japan) - 04/10/2005 : l want to know some wonderful places in Nigeria, you can send the website to my email box, my friends from japan want to visit Nigeria and visit important places in Nigeria.
Chike (Nigeria) - 18/11/2005 : Come and enjoy the real African destination....Nigeria.
Wary (USA) - 25/12/2005 : Nigeria is a country known for corruption and thieves. Their people are widely regarded as the worst and most under-handed in West Africa. Be wary of friendly Nigerians--they only want money or a passport to Europe/N. America.
ferdinand (nigeria) - 13/01/2006 : could you please give me the list of abia state's past exercutive and legislative leaders since her creation.
Chuck (USA) - 22/03/2006 : You don't have much information on Nigeria you need to update
Morgan (USA) - 02/08/2006 : I love Nigeria even though I never been or seen it but, My daddy was born there and lived there for a couple of years I would love to visit someday I love Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless every1
akpan (south africa) - 06/01/2007 : say what you wnt but i love my country nigeria and my city calabar i havent been home for almost 5 yrs and i seriously miss the place
nkeiru (nigeria) - 07/03/2007 : ihave had so many people saying that nigeria is a poor countary but i disagree with them by letting them know that nigeria is one of the richest countary but our problem is lack of managemet. i also want to announce to you the nigeria is a place you practice your freedom with any boddy distobing you.iam proud to be a nigerian.
OUSMANE (NIGER) - 25/04/2007 : Nigeria is good country but the only problem is will very pleasir if its govement can make something to eliminate this bad corruption.
acona (S.A) - 06/06/2007 : i guess NIGERIA is the coolest country as it is so called by other Nigerians. if so pls i've got a disturbing information about it. is it true that Nigerians are one of those country's smugling drugs to other african country's more especailly South Africa im not mentioning S.A b'coz iz ma country im just making an example, but ofcause there are plenty of nigerians who are selling drugs in SA the other day or must i say the other night i was walking pass this place so called nigerian in SA i saw two guys exchanging something for money although i couldnt see what was that i just assumed because they were hiding it, and just few moments while the one with money walking away the cops came for rescure this guy was caring a jesy on his hands and he took that jesy hiding himself from the cops, but unfortunately for him it didnt work well for him they saw him and went straight to him he started running but it was not his day they caught him with a lot of tablets and some dagga in his pockets thats where i got the bad infor i have about the Nigerains by the way im not saying all of the nigerains are the same ofcause they not but i wanna know why is it nigeria so called drugs dealers. ask anyone he will tell.
ŅOSA (SPAIN) - 28/06/2007 : Nigeria is good country, but d leaders are making things diffecult.
cooldude (Bangladesh) - 28/07/2007 : I am planning to visit Nigeria shorty. I believe Nigeria is a great Nation with lot of resources.
Sonny (Pakistan) - 09/08/2007 : i love to visit Nigeria ! :)
Abdulrazak Adamu (Nigeria) - 12/12/2007 : I was froud as i am nigerian,The peace contry, Oh i love my contry nigeria The must powerfull contry in africa.long live yar'adua.
Evangelist Sunday (Nigeria) - 05/01/2008 : Nigeria is a good country,infact, i m proud of her,talk about corruption is in everywhere and a drop of rain 4rm the sky cn never spoil the occean!Nigeria is a good country and she is mother for West Africa
toto (nigeria) - 11/05/2008 : hello welcome you to nigeria
Nsi Utibeabasi (Nigeria) - 22/05/2015 : Great people good nation.
Nasifuddeen Saidu Afaka (Nigeria) - 27/06/2015 : Nigeria is a very great and very rich country of all African countries and it is so far the most richest in terms of Population, Mineral resources and Natural resources. Despite the fact that Nigeria suffered alot for morethan 15 years from corrupt ruling individuals. Nigeria is still too rich poor Nigerians to be poor.This 2015 Nigeria had a very good change by having Muhammadu Buhari as her president, it was not easy for Nigerians to trow away the currupt president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.All Nigerians now put their hopes on the best man of all time in Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari for change and He will in sha Allah lead Nigeria to success and lead her to be the best country in Africa. May Allah help Him in his Journey ameen.

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