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ilona (england) - 11/02/2004 : i love holland it's a really neutifal country and the people are really friendly
Vutner Banguar (Germany) - 23/02/2004 : I would like to know what some of the lakes in The Netherlands are.
Eric (USA) - 23/02/2004 : I need info about the netherlands post some up for me
Vutner Banguar (Germany) - 23/02/2004 : give him some info i need some too
amthony (america) - 02/03/2004 : the netherlands have cool things
krishan (india) - 09/03/2004 : krishan, 25m from udaipur, india.....i like dutch people so much.....pls...write to me.....
jochen (netherlands) - 13/03/2004 : we have the biggest traffic jams in the world our biggest was about 800Km of traffic jams throughout the entire country. i wished we had more room here
Jessica (USA) - 01/04/2004 : I need info on the Netherlands! Please email me ! thanks!
mark (netherlands) - 12/04/2004 : jessica what kind of info you need? mail me back if you still need it, i might be able to answer. cya!
Kaisa (Estonia) - 08/05/2004 : Hi! Id also like to have some more info about the Netherlands. In August I will go there as an exchange student for one year. I knew only some things about this country, so if anyone here is from Netherlands or has been to the Netherlands, it would be great to listen to him or her.
white t (holland) - 11/06/2004 : yeah it's cool and their are great things to do you will never be bored in holland
Renee (Tasmania) - 14/07/2004 : my nan come's from Holland. and i'm doing a progject on Holland
Laura (Tasmania) - 15/07/2004 : Holland is the beast place to go for a Holiday
kate (holland) - 24/07/2004 : holland is fine for a holiday most places are ok when u know u're leaving. otherwise, it's boring here..nothing much to do, small, expensive etc
nickq (canada) - 14/09/2004 : i am doing a project for school and would like to know if your country has a national flower, bird and motto. any other interesting facts would be appreciated also. thank you.
Matt (Canada) - 05/10/2004 : hey i love the Neherlands, well so wut i've heard about has been great! my grandfather comes from there. He moved down to canada when he was 12! anywayz i'm also doing a project on the Netherlands and i just wanted to post a messege! anywayz great site!
cherti abdelilah (TAZA Maroc) - 22/12/2004 : un grand bonjour pour cette grande hollande de la part de abdelilah ainsi que toute lafamille et specialement pour ma soeur rajae et son mari omar et leur fille fadwa et bonne année bonne santé et a bientot
AHIBE (CÔTE D'IVOIRE) - 24/12/2004 : Je suis Ivoirien et j'entends de Netherlands, j'ai l'envis de contre un jour de mavie ce pays. J'aime beaucoup les pays anglophone
Catie Clemence (U.S.A.) - 20/01/2005 : Netherlands rock
Mark (Netherlands) - 26/01/2005 : Hey everyone, if someone has a question about my country, you can try and email me :P have fun.
Alexis (Canada) - 07/03/2005 : I am going to live there for one year as an exchange student! Jajaja!
Amy (Taiwan) - 08/04/2005 : Netherlands is very beautiful!!! that's a great place
bright (usa) - 21/04/2005 : Hi every body, this country is so nice with the beautiful landscapes.
Amy (Taiwan) - 24/04/2005 : i really want to visit Netherlands if i have a enough money
Marine (France) - 30/04/2005 : Bonjour a tous, je suis Française et étudiante en premiere. Je fais actuellement un exposé sur les Pays Bas et j'ai beaucoup de mal a trouver des informations sur le tourisme là bas. Si vous connaissez bien ce pays et si vous avez des informations ou des sites interessant écrivez moi! Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
zinbi (maroc) - 10/05/2005 : hi everybody,i like this country.i don't know why?i have never been in holland,but i hope to go 1 day,inch'allah.i have relatives in this country.
Kelsey (Canada) - 01/06/2005 : I NEED where the major industries are located, like, what cities, or where in the country? But I need it fast so if it's not up soon, forget it I gues..
Hans (Netherlands) - 19/08/2005 : I love my country including all the great & less great things. I'm very lucky to be born en live my life here. I like to talk to people over the world, as much as i like to travel. in 2006 I will take a journey trough Australie en Asia, so i'm very excited about that. And for alle them people visiting the Netherlands, have fun!!!
sam (us) - 22/09/2005 : i really want to know about holland to decide if i want to go there. i cant make a decision...i guess i am just indeciecive
babu (bangladesh) - 12/10/2005 : hv any opportunity to visit holland for me.if possible i like to visit.
Sven (Australia) - 18/10/2005 : i love australia but these kangaroos are really getting out of control... kids riding them to school are getting thrown off continually... its really dangerous. please email and tell how the people of holland travel around, i would like to know!
Abdel (France) - 08/11/2005 : Hello everybody I study management,and I have to do a work placement in the Netherlands, if some body have some addresses you can mail it for me please, thanks.
mindy (italy) - 24/11/2005 : The make to much noise en are bizar, en some cities are cold when you look at it! but the rest is ok
rute (portugal) - 17/01/2006 : Hi guys i'm doing a degree of tourism and you u want to know someting the netherlands is a awesome country!!!! all the best rute marques
Fabien (France) - 05/02/2006 : Do you want to learn me Nederland? mail and msn adress:
sebald (Tanzania) - 13/03/2006 : Yes i like Netherland as her people are so kind iam saying this because some of her people were working in my District.
angel (Netherlands) - 30/04/2006 : holland is so so so so so hot i even got to learn how to speak dutch my dads dutch to so thats coll too
SAWADOGO (BURKINA FASO) - 22/05/2006 : J'aimerais visiter la hollande car c'est un bon pays
Kimmi (Usa) - 01/10/2006 : Wow!! That is very pretty! I would very much like to go there someday!
Selien (Netherlands) - 12/11/2006 : I live in Holland. And I like it here. I love my country, but I wish it was larger :)
schunky (netherlands) - 26/11/2006 : I think that the netherlands is the most brilliant country in the world because of the people and geography.
Nad (Russia) - 15/06/2007 : i like people from NL they are jolly
Anna (Thailand) - 22/07/2007 : Hello! :D
Gabriel (Ghana) - 08/10/2007 : hey most of my friends who has visited netherland can wait to visit again on vacations.i really love the place.someone help me get there some day.
ANNiE! (united states of america) - 24/10/2007 : i like the netherlands, i wish i could live there one day!
serge (france) - 09/02/2008 : hello I know weel netherlands,espacialy utrecht because my sister lived before 12 years and I go everyyear and now I have also a lor of friends and give lessons
e also a lor of friends and give lessons

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