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Ollie (age:12) (England) - 08/02/2004 : One of my friends is from Chile!, it's a cool place, friendly people.
? (?) - 11/02/2004 : cool cool cool
boby (Chile.) - 18/02/2004 : El Norte: Arica/Santiago: calor. Santiago/Chillán: templado. Concepción/Puerto Montt:frío.Puerto MOntt/Punta Arenas: muy frío. Clima para todos los gustos y durante todo el año. País maravilloso. Desierto en el Norte. Zona central con bosques y montes y nieve para deportes, Sur con lagos, rios, bosques para pescar, deportes en kayacs,etc. y extremo sur, Punta Arenas, tranpolin para la Antártica. Zona de nieve y viento desapareciendo Cord. de la Costa y Valle Central.Se esquía y patina en Invierno.
Dave (USA) - 24/02/2004 : I was born in Chile.
fernandez (france) - 04/03/2004 : pour moi c tres interessant
Colin (Chile) - 14/03/2004 : What volcanoes are in northern Chile?
c (Chile) - 18/05/2004 : Please change the national anthem. (It is too old, not in use now) Beautiful country. Come and visit us!
Jayme (chile) - 23/05/2004 : its a wonderful place and i like it there one of my friends went there she liked it and she said was nice and everyone around her was good people and she will never forget it either she hope that i vist there soon but its far away so i cant maybe when its time for me i will go and i will see how pretty it really is but right now im looking the pictures up and there really nicw
Eve (France) - 29/06/2004 : Is there somebody to tell me more things about Chile? I'm french and I plan to go there next year to study 4 months and then I have to do an internship at least 6 months. So, in order to prepare my travel I would like to know how is like like and the prices to rent a room, etc... Please help me!!!
Anabelle (Dominica Republic) - 01/07/2004 : My best friend is from Chile and im going to visit her in February , i just cant wait!
amber (nourh america) - 23/08/2004 : my friend is from there she doe not speack english. do people from chile eat hot tamales?
Katy (USA) - 17/09/2004 : Do people in Chile eat Chili? What do they eat?
Céline (Belgique) - 25/10/2004 : Hello, I'm a student and I search some informations about the real place of wine (Vine) in Chile. Is this sector important in the central area of Chili?
Chille (Mexico) - 29/11/2004 : Where is Chille's vegetation
fat (france) - 06/12/2004 : hello every body!i'm algerian but i was born in france in lyon.mi girl friend is chilena and i know that it's very good country!i like this country and i want to go in this country!anyone speek franch?quien habla espanol?ki parle francais!good bye hasta la vista au revoir
Sarazin (France) - 31/12/2004 : Voy a descuvrir el Chile en un mese(en Pucon). Soy impatiente de ver este pais
claire (belgique) - 03/01/2005 : Hi everybody!! I have a big paper for school and I've chosen Chile because I'll go there next year, I'm attracted by this so long an special country!SOmebody could help me for this paper? I'm working on the poverty in Santiago.. Thank you bye
Alexandre (France) - 22/01/2005 : Je suis à moitié Chilien et je vais régulièrement voir ma famille dans le sur du Chili, c'est un paus magnifique, et la patagonie chilienne est un endroit à visiter absolument, le parc naturel Torres del Paine est tout simplement sublime ( Petite précision, la langue officielle du chili n'est pas l'espagnol mais le castillant (castellano) une simple nuance qui fait pourtant toute la différence ! VIVA CHILE !
Minnie (USA) - 01/02/2005 : YAY CHILE
katylin (georgia) - 15/03/2005 : i think that i was going to do something on a country not a food
jasmine (Chile) - 07/04/2005 : can you please tell us about the school in Chile.
stacy (cnada) - 02/05/2005 : hello people i like the country chile i used to live there
Chelsee Mertz (USA) - 11/05/2005 : You need to have a web site
madeleine (canada) - 05/06/2005 : je trouve que cest un tres bon site il y avait presque tout ce que je cherchais pour mon oral merci!
chinita-de-mi-mama (chile) - 07/06/2005 : I love it there. I was born there. It is like.....Chiacago. Beautiful! I love it there.
Kourntey (Oriolo) - 17/09/2005 : I would love to come visit Chile. Yo creo que Chile es un buena paíse. Yo leí todo en Chile y ahora yo quiero visitar pronto. Buena Suerte a mí y Todas!!!
Melody (Canada) - 29/09/2005 : whats the capital of chile
makayla (america) - 05/10/2005 : i would like to visit Chile also I think it would be a wonderful experienece.
rita (Canada) - 07/10/2005 : What do they wear In Chili
Sally (England) - 06/11/2005 : My sister's husband is hoping if anyone could help him find info about his uncle,his name was James Temple Richardson, he died in 1904 in Santiago Chile
Talitha94 (Canada) - 06/11/2005 : HOLA,Hello!!! When i lived in the states(USA) one of my mom's friends was from Chile. She was soooo... nice.
poo (Australia) - 03/08/2006 : ohio
colorado (USA) - 05/12/2006 : what is the Physical geography for Chile
sophia (U.S.) - 15/03/2007 : i am doing a 27 page report on Chile. i am almost done. these comments from other people help alot. thanx for this site.
Jason (Canada) - 10/04/2007 : hola a todosestoy en clase, intentando de realisar un proyecto para mi courso the geographia mundialpero tengo un problemano estoy con ganas a trabajary tengo sueño pero todo esta bienya pronto teminare esta clase
kate (usa) - 24/03/2008 : omg what kind of mountains are in chile? what kind of physicsl geography? i need to know for a project!!!! ;]

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