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modifier supprimer 38599 - de Badis 4c184 (France) - 2020-11-17
Politicien - "Politicien"

Bonjour, quelle est le type d’étude à faire pour devenir politicien ?

38599 -
modifier supprimer 38847 - Réponse de lucas 4c214 , 13 ans (France) - 2020-12-02

bonjours leonard, merci pour ses information utile je te souhaite une bonne journé

38599 -
modifier supprimer 38626 - Réponse de léonard 4A214 , 12 ans (France) - 2020-11-18

Pour devenir politicien il faut fréquenter une université. Ce n'est pas obligatoire mais il y a plus de chance si l'on va dans une université.On peut faire des études d'économie,gestion d'affaire... pour finir ,il est mieux d'avoir un diplome

modifier supprimer 38188 - de Louie5 , 11 ans (Indonésie) - 2020-09-14
Politicien - "Indonesian Politician"

Hi Guys, I want to be a Director of UNO company. But now I want to be a Indonesian Politician because I want to make Indonesia becomes a developed country. I want to work for my country Indonesia. Maybe i can work for political parties in Indonesia

modifier supprimer 37845 - de Louie124 , 11 ans (Indonésie) - 2020-05-12
Politicien - "Hi"

Hi Guys, I want to work at UNO Company because I can rich of money

modifier supprimer 37801 - de Ava186 , 10 ans (USA) - 2020-05-01
Politicien - "Im related to a fox news anchor!"

Her name is linda vester :)

modifier supprimer 35716 - de Médérick253 , 16 ans (Réunion) - 2018-06-05
Politicien - "Politique à La Réunion (DROM) et Métropole."

Bonjour/Bonsoir à tous !

Nous sommes dans ce Forum pour parler "Politique", c'est ce que je vais faire :

Je suis Réunionnais (Habitant de l'île de La Réunion) je suis donc Français et non Antillais.
Je pense que les Politiciens locaux de notre Pays nous défendent en tout égalité et sur des principes bien précis...
Nous sommes la FRANCE et malheureusement nos valeurs ne sont pas totalement respectées.
Nous avons actuellement un Président certes,jeune, dynamique et ambitieux mais le Chômage diminue-t-il ? Assistons-nous à une baisse des prix quelconques ? Non !
Il baisse les Retraites et fait augmenter les primes d'activités etc.
Est-ce juste pour la "France d'en Bas" ? La POLITIQUE laisse à réfléchir...

35716 -
modifier supprimer 39711 - Réponse de Elyna175 , 15 ans (France) - 2021-04-24


Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec tes propos, trop peu de considération pour nos îles d'outre-mer françaises provenant de la métropole ! We need to change that !!!

modifier supprimer 34680 - de Kacper47 (Pologne) - 2017-08-23
Politicien - "new blog"

Hey everyone.
I've just created a new blog where i will write about politics and create alternative histories of the world in last centuries. Hope you'll enjoy it and maybe reccomend it to someone. (it's in early stage)

34680 -
modifier supprimer 36940 - Réponse de Malcolm179 (Australie) - 2019-09-30

Hi Katsper, can you reply with a link to this blog of yours?

modifier supprimer 30894 - de Cecilia118 , 9 ans (USA) - 2015-10-10
Politicien - "Politics: The weriod and awesome thing"

Politicsi, its a pretty werierd job when you think about it. The bills being passed, and the arguing and of couse there the voting. But once you understand it all you would think its pretty cool. The Presidents, the debating and the other stuff. Once you give it a look in another way its awesome. You can read more on my blog:

30894 -
modifier supprimer 39384 - Réponse de Malcolm180 , 12 ans (Australie) - 2021-02-18

In the US, I would identify as an AOC/Bernie Democrat, but in Australia, I would identify with the Labor (centre-left) party

30894 -
modifier supprimer 32394 - Réponse de Alexander132 , 17 ans (Australie) - 2016-07-06

No I am a "National" party.

30894 -
modifier supprimer 32339 - Réponse de Raphaël169 , 12 ans (Canada) - 2016-06-19

Wow! Your blog is fantastic! I will meat you when you will be president because I will be Prime Minister of Canada.

Are you Democrat or Republican? Or Libertarian? Or Green?

modifier supprimer 30480 - de Ethan12 , 13 ans (USA) - 2015-08-04
Politicien - "Big government"

When is a big government too big? When is a small government too small? You don't want the goerent I become Big Brother, but you don't want complete anarchy. It requires the perfect amount. In the US, we have a constitution we abide by. It grants the state power yet it seems the big government is taking over that power. They are monopolizing industries. I think more power should go to the state so there is still a government while the federal government is not overreaching. What are your thoughts on government size?

30480 -
modifier supprimer 31186 - Réponse de Carlye3 , 14 ans (USA) - 2015-12-04

I think we need to have some things decided by the states but we should not do as republicans say and give almost all power to the states. If we were to do this it would be practically returning to the Articles Of Confederation which has already proven to be faulty for it's lack of control over states to keep this Country united as one. So to answer your question, I think things should be left to the states until they become an issue. Then the federal government should step in and change the law, or regulate the issue for the whole country to fix it.

modifier supprimer 28911 - de robert250 , 25 ans (Tanzanie) - 2015-07-15
Politicien - "my country in Election fever"

All Country have to concern in health, economic and education. there is indicator of welfare. Every policy have to make every people smile.

modifier supprimer 28852 - de kwasimuna162 , 28 ans (Ghana) - 2015-07-02
Politicien - "thinking of full unity"

Hi i know this will sound crazy yes but we have to dream and dream big. Can we talk about uniting all the scandinavian countrys with west africa, since our leaders have failed us. lets start with my country GHANA and NORWAY, im talking about full unity which is the short cut to all this our day to day problems, like immigration, developments, aid, ect ect. but lets hold on just over here. This is the question lets talk about it and see were we will get to.
kwasi muna

28852 -
modifier supprimer 34084 - Réponse de Densi68 (Canada) - 2017-05-10

How can you do full unity of countries on different continents.
The logical step will be start within West Africa first

modifier supprimer 28493 - de Berke174 (Turquie) - 2015-04-15
Politicien - "Hi guys"

Hi guys.

My name is Berke and I am 19 years old. I have to decide my university this and ý want to focus on Politics,literature and art. where should ý go for universty?

28493 -
modifier supprimer 36941 - Réponse de Malcolm179 (Australie) - 2019-09-30

Mërxaba! I'm late too but the Australian National Uni has a good course on Political Science.

28493 -
modifier supprimer 32139 - Réponse de M36 , 14 ans (USA) - 2016-05-11

Some good schools for politics in Europe/MIddle East
- Sciences Po Paris
- London School of Economics
- Oxford
- American University in Lebanon
- American University in Paris
- Franklin University (in Switzerland)

28493 -
modifier supprimer 30981 - Réponse de Alyssa5 , 15 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2015-10-31

Merhaba! The best place to study Politics which is my goal also. Is beirut in Lebanon.

28493 -
modifier supprimer 30452 - Réponse de Garry89 , 15 ans (France) - 2015-07-31

Hey ! I'm late, I know, but if I'm you I choose Science Po Paris, is the best school !

modifier supprimer 27641 - de Kevin182 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2014-12-21
Politicien - "Join us, together we will change the world!"

The Equality and Freedom Party is a worldwide political party which is made up by aspiring internationalists composition, does not accept the narrow-minded patriot committed to a unified manner relative peace for the people of the world to bring the world of freedom and equality and fraternity egoism any dictatorship is our enemies.We want to unite the world by political ways instead of wars for building a liberal equal fair and peaceful world..If what you think is what we think join us please.
And our email address is efpbuildabetterworld@gmail.com

it is time for a world revolution, together we will change the world,join us

27641 -
modifier supprimer 28379 - Réponse de Chinmaya106 , 18 ans (Inde) - 2015-03-30

Hello Kevin!
You have put up a fantastic thought! It is similar to the Indian principle of "vasudhaiva kutumbakum" which means the world is a global village. I would like to befriend you to hear your plans in detail. :)

modifier supprimer 27119 - de Lorraine175 (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-09-25

Alright. I will not spill out my plans for the future but I really want to become a politician for one reason only. I will dominate the world.

27119 -
modifier supprimer 27507 - Réponse de Alex200 (USA) - 2014-12-06

Me too lol

27119 -
modifier supprimer 27341 - Réponse de Marie227 (France) - 2014-11-04

Ahahah pretty creepy

modifier supprimer 26775 - de Soyoung74 , 17 ans (Corée) - 2014-07-29
Politicien - "hi"

At first I wanted to be a politician in the future because there were so many people who were in the dark side of the government operation. I wanted to help them. Also, I wanted to change our country's political depravation. What I think is important in being a good politician is knowing about our own history and being able to speak foreign languages. History is important in order not to make same mistakes as the past and to know about our nation. Learning foreign language is also important I guess. That's because if there is something terrible happening in a country-for example, dictatorship- we should be able to speak outloud and knowing their language will help them understand better.
I'd love to share my thoughts with you! Mail me!

26775 -
modifier supprimer 26840 - Réponse de rahul223 , 22 ans (Inde) - 2014-08-07

hello dear friend how are you? iam rahul from india. i am new here and i like to be your friend . i am interested to be your friend . please reply me at my e-mail address
take care


modifier supprimer 26735 - de Akram140 , 12 ans (Maroc) - 2014-07-22
Politicien - "Euphorie !"

je crois que dans ce forum,nous sommes tous entre personnes qui s’intéresse activement à la politique. C'est attrayant de pouvoir parlé à das gens comme vous, qui s'intéresse au Monde qui les entoure. Ce message est dédié aux gens de tout horizons, les Européens, les Africains, les Asiatiques... Je veux dire que mon monde euphorique est celui où nous n'aurons plus besoins de se cacher pour vivre, de se cacher de la société ou de l'Etat... C'est important de vivre tout en sachant qui on est et de le montrer. Egalement, le sexe (garçon ou fille) ne sera plus une barrière et tout le monde pourra vivre comme il veut. Voilà. N'hésitez pas à consultez mon profil et à venir me parler ! Salutations !

modifier supprimer 25700 - de Elif108 , 15 ans (Turquie) - 2014-01-22
Politicien - "politicial history"

Well, I love both of them and I want to be a lecturer about them. I think history is an important key to get successful in politics. There is always something that you could learn from history. Plus, I am a pasifict and I want to be like Gandhi. :D

modifier supprimer 25391 - de Seo224 , 17 ans (Corée) - 2013-12-10
Politicien - "Political Economy"

Hello. I'm Seo Yeo Kyeong from South Korea who want to be a WTO secretary-general. I love politics and world economy so I'm going to major in Political Economy in UC Berkeley. I love reading books and newspaper about these subjects. To be a Politician, one should learn many things and get away from narrowed-mind. And also one should be very interested in world's international issues like war,environment problems and poverty and international relations. If you are also interested in these subjects, please contact me! We may be able to share lots of thoughts and be good friends :D

25391 -
modifier supprimer 30956 - Réponse de Alex24 , 17 ans (France) - 2015-10-27

Hi, I'm also interested in these subjects. I'm wondering about what would happend in the next century, how the wolrd would react to the current problems. I considere that having the point of view of someone coming from a non-european country would be particularly interesting to improve my comprehension of the Wolrd. In fact I don't know so much about asia and it would be a pleasure to talk about geopolotical and geoeconomical situation there, and I can also explain to you what's the situation in Europe! Otherwise, I'm going to take part to an International Conference in France about climate so let's contact me! :)

modifier supprimer 22264 - de Maxime89 , 14 ans (Belgique) - 2013-10-14
Politicien - "de l'argent"

Moi je suis belge et je pense q'avec le nombre de ministre qu'il y a en belgique et leur salaire nous pourrions limiter la pauvreté en Belgique. 17000x60 ça fait quand même beaucoup

22264 -
modifier supprimer 26736 - Réponse de Akram140 , 12 ans (Maroc) - 2014-07-22

60 ministres ! C'est vraiment beaucoup ! Et je suis d'accord avec toi, mais l'argent rend les gens fout et il est mal partagé... partout !

22264 -
modifier supprimer 25956 - Réponse de Raphaël201 , 10 ans (Canada) - 2014-03-14

C'est vrai. C'était censé être l'amour et la fraternité qui nous gouvernent, mais aujourd'hui c'est l'argent et le pétrole qui dominent le Monde... Il faudrasit sérieusement que ça change, et vite!

22264 -
modifier supprimer 25638 - Réponse de Gioia70 , 19 ans (Italie) - 2014-01-14

Bonsoir Maxim, tu as raison.. aussi en Italy des choses pourraient aller diversement. Tous les hommes, quand ils voyent de l'argent, ne comprennent plus rien...

modifier supprimer 22206 - de nathan77 (Cameroun) - 2013-10-06
Politicien - "RECHERCHE D'IDEES"



modifier supprimer 20829 - de Sahiddin254 , 20 ans (Indonésie) - 2013-03-31
Politicien - "welfare for all"

All Country have to concern in health, economic and education. there is indicator of welfare. Every policy have to make every people smile.

20829 -
modifier supprimer 36410 - Réponse de Zaidou66 , 25 ans (Burundi) - 2019-02-02

i don't think that every policy must make everybody smile because there is some of those that can make its people cry like the current one in America with it governmental shutdown

20829 -
modifier supprimer 21122 - Réponse de Raphaël162 , 9 ans (Canada) - 2013-05-13

Bonjour Sahiddin,

Je suis totalement d'accord avec toi. Je suis plutôt de gauche et j'admire les idées et propos de Karl Marx.

Au revoir

P.S.: Sorry, I don't speak English.

modifier supprimer 20541 - de faustin157 (Congo (Rép. Dem)) - 2013-02-25
Politicien - "Politic and peace"

I enjoy this job, and a good politician is a person who bring the peace in the society and in all contry.

20541 -
modifier supprimer 21433 - Réponse de nicole195 (USA) - 2013-06-28

hi,is it hard being a politician.

modifier supprimer 20468 - de Habeeb240 , 12 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-02-16
Politicien - "Would a less money-driven society work?"

As far back in the history of humanity one can go, money, or rather 'value' has existed in some way. This would probably answer the question 'would a less money-driven society work?'
But I believe that in the future, we should have a less money-driven society, one where all the governments can work towards the betterment of humanity. Want examples?
Talks of (and plans of) exploring space can't be taken further because of an obstacle - money!
Improving conditions in less privileged areas of the world? We can't - not enough money.
Keep peace? No money.
LOSING money? Can't stop it - no damn money!
I mean, not a communist dictatorship, like in China, and not anarchy - definitely not - but could economy play less of a part in the world - for example, Apple could still make those fancy expensive iPhones, but like stated above, could building a spaceship take less money, or better, no money at all? And there come the complications - how would this impact the economy?

What are your views?

20468 -
modifier supprimer 26210 - Réponse de Habeeb8 (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-04-23

Horribly late to reply, but what I am saying is that the impact to scientific, and subsequently technological advances by bypassing the need for funds would be huge - would that be plausible in the modern capitalist world on the other hand? Nope.

What we "need" is basic supplies to live, not money... what you're envisaging is a world where all the fiat currencies suddenly disappeared from the world and society crumbled. Er, no. Hyperdeflation would occur, but it wouldn't take long for huge wads of notes to be printed and piles of coins to be minted.

It could work... but it wouldn't get past the drawing board.

20468 -
modifier supprimer 22529 - Réponse de Elizabeth29 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-11-17

I'm sorry, I don't really understand. I get that funding is big problem, but how would society work? Are you suggesting that the government be allowed a 'pass' on money for big projects? Because if you are, I don't really think it would work.

First of all, we really do need money. Where would the money to pay the workers come from? Are you suggesting that we work with volunteers? If so, who would pay for the advertising and housing/food/tools? If politicians could just demand things, corruption would take over and the state would dissolve into anarchy.

modifier supprimer 20463 - de Magie165 , 22 ans (Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée) - 2013-02-16
Politicien - "Good Politician"

Hellow there!
Becoming a good politician is what everyone who wish to become a politician or even the politicians are dreaming of, but sometimes it turns to an opposite direction. Why is it that?

20463 -
modifier supprimer 22530 - Réponse de Elizabeth29 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-11-17

I thing it's just a case of 'power corrupts' and no possible way to change important things at the lower levels, which turns into apathy at the top.

modifier supprimer 19510 - de Raphaël162 (Canada) - 2012-11-17
Politicien - "Diplomatie"

Bonjour tout le monde,
Je m'appelle Raphaël, j'habite au Canada et j'aimerais rencontrer des gens de partout dans le Monde. En fait, j'aimerais en rencontrer pour qu'on s'entende de la même façon et qu'on construise la bpaix ensemble.


19510 -
modifier supprimer 31959 - Réponse de enzo92 (France) - 2016-04-11

tu sait Raphael la paix n’existe plus,plus sa vas plus nous plongeons dans une sorte de guerre mondiale regarde les info dans le monde les pays s’échauffe =( sa vas bientôt éclater !

19510 -
modifier supprimer 25484 - Réponse de Raphaël19 , 10 ans (Canada) - 2013-12-29

Bonjour Nathan,

C'est moi qui ai écrit ce message. Je trouve qu'il faudrait agir particulièrement dans des pays pauvres comme le Cameroun. Tu es le deuxième Camerounais à qui j'écrit.
Au revoir!

Raphaël, ton ami du Canada

19510 -
modifier supprimer 22205 - Réponse de nathan77 (Cameroun) - 2013-10-06

Salut je suis de mm avis que toi,car la paix dans un pays plein de guerre est trés néccéssaire.Particuliérement en Afrique ou je suis 'originaire.Je considére une fois de plus que nous pouvons bien partager les idées...


19510 -
modifier supprimer 21123 - Réponse de Raphaël162 , 9 ans (Canada) - 2013-05-13

Bonjour Francis,

Je m'appelle Raphaël et j'ai écri ce message. J'ai déjà entendu qu'au Cameroun il y avait eu de la corruption (je ne sais pas s'il y en a encore) et je sais que c'est quelque chose de très mal. Je pense que le Monde devrait être pacifique et égalitaire. Écris-moi vite. J'ai hâte de recevoir ta réponse.

Au revoir

Raphaël, Canada

19510 -
modifier supprimer 20376 - Réponse de FRANCIS24 , 25 ans (Cameroun) - 2013-02-06

Salut Raphael moi c'est FRANCIS ET je vous ecris depuis le CAMEROUN et je suis candidat pour ce forum sur les questions de politiques internationales particulierement.et je suis content de m'appercevoir que j'ai certainement un partenaire quelque part dans le monde,qui plus est un jeune qui aimerait donner son avis sur les question de paix et de diplomatie.

19510 -
modifier supprimer 19712 - Réponse de Vicca242 (France) - 2012-12-09

Moi assi j'en ai marre d'entendre tous les jours a la radio "En Syrie , il y a eu plus de 100 morts ..." , "A Marseille , il y a eu 2 morts et 4 blesses ..." etc...

Ce serai tellement bien si il y avait la paix.
C'est incroyable , comme les adultes refusent la paix , c'est aux enfants de se dire "Bon ,on en a marre de la guerre ! Faites la poaix bon sang !".

19510 -
modifier supprimer 19514 - Réponse de Étienne162 (Canada) - 2012-11-17

J`aimerais faire la pais avec Toi

modifier supprimer 19448 - de Song131 , 21 ans (Chine) - 2012-11-13
Politicien - "My dream is dead"

I loved this land so deeply. Until I realized the govt treated me, my family, and its fellowmen in very awful and unfair ways. I am a victim of true governmental corruption and distortion, and I never felt safe due to the profoundly shortage of rules of laws here. I was so promising, so patriotic, yet the unfairness took away my opportunity of future,and the happiness I should have enjoyed in the previous years.Could I ever make even a slight difference and my voice heard? I would be jailed by that. Yuck. I feel like I was brutally raped by the evil rulers, who took away my little pure emotional virginity. I don't know what the future will be like. But the scars left on my heart are far from healed. Please be nice to me.

19448 -
modifier supprimer 31820 - Réponse de Néomy189 , 15 ans (France) - 2016-03-19

Hey ! You're a great and brave Man. I hope you will change your life. I'm sorry for my innoncence, I don't know so how the politic is in China, I just know it's a dictatorship. I think your freedom, most important thing in life, is abroad. Try to leave China and come with us. You're welcome in France. It's so sad there's still dictatorship in the 21 century. Enventually I hope you will be heard, you're a revolutionary, you can change things and this message that you had posted is a good beginning. Wish you bravery.

19448 -
modifier supprimer 26238 - Réponse de Tom8 , 12 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-04-26

I wouldn't recommend any of what she said if you want to make it through alive - I doubt "disappearing" is incredibly uncommon over there...

19448 -
modifier supprimer 22531 - Réponse de Elizabeth29 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-11-17

I like china as a country, but I agree that the corruption is beyond horrible. What exactly are your circumstances? It might be possible to claim asylum from a corrupt country that has endangered your freedom if it's really bad, but I recommend thinking it through. The political shit-storm would put you straight into the spotlight, and you would need to be prepared.

I think that doing that doing that would give you a voice and the ability to change things.

modifier supprimer 19447 - de Song131 , 21 ans (Chine) - 2012-11-13
Politicien - "My dream is dead"

I know it's impossible for me to be a politician in China. It'd be even more impossible for me to be a politician in foreign countries. It was a very long and tough time, to see my motherland suffer in corruption and lose opportunities of future. However, it just happened and I still cannot accept it. Please be nice to me.

19447 -
modifier supprimer 20477 - Réponse de Jack100 , 48 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-02-17

Fulfilling your dream might not be possible, but keep it in your mind. China does need a significant revolution, no one doubts that, but to be strong is in my eyes to survive hardships with an afraid heart - one must do what they can.

modifier supprimer 19171 - de Sita233 , 16 ans (Turquie) - 2012-10-24
Politicien - "We shoud respect each other."

You can be Atheist,Agnostic,Buddhist,Muslim,Christian,Jew etc.It is your opinion and I respect your opinion.You can be black,white.I hate racism and discrimination.I love every religion,nation,race. I can't even understand why somebody hates a country or it's people.
So,I don't mind who you are or where are you from.My dream is to be diplomat and working for refugees.
I think like it..
"Wherever you are , some will want to ask questions about your skin or your prayers. Beware of gratifying their instincts, my son, beware of bending before the multitude! Muslim, Jew or Christian, they must take you as you are, or lose you. When men's minds seem narrow to you, tell yourself that the land of God is broad; broad His hands and broad His heart. Never hesitate to go far away, beyond all seas, all frontiers, all countries, all beliefs." Africanus Leo,Amin Maalouf.

19171 -
modifier supprimer 19382 - Réponse de Elizabeth184 , 15 ans (USA) - 2012-11-09

Hello you are completely right about everything you said. We all need to respect each other and it gets on my nerves to see others fight over something that we all most learn to respect. I love everyone, no matter what I cannot stand seeing people die over silly disagreements. I can't see how people can hate other nations, I love all nations, no matter what.

Thank you for sharing your opinion to this very important issue.

modifier supprimer 19067 - de Ghizlane136 , 17 ans (Maroc) - 2012-10-15
Politicien - "hellooo !! :)"

Hello everyone.
I'm Moroccan and I love politics, i have the intention to study it when I graduate !! And I wanna be a politician when I grow up because I wanna help people, I wanna help developing my country, and i see that it's the only way to do that , I'd also love to stop the wars and just make peace in the whole world, I know some people may say that I can't make all that and my hopes are just silly dreams but if we just work together and trust and help our each other we can make a change, we can make the world a better place. If anyone agrees with me you can email me, sorry if that was too long.

19067 -
modifier supprimer 22532 - Réponse de Elizabeth29 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-11-17

I agree! I think that the only way to make a significant change in the world is to make a network between all the countries(one that actually talks and cares, instead of just exchanging diplomatic pleasantries) and ways to ensure corruption is stopped at the first hurdle. What are your political views? What do you think of Keynesian Economy ? Because I think that Britain is taking it too far.

modifier supprimer 19004 - de Lim180 , 16 ans (Corée) - 2012-10-10
Politicien - "Who will be Korean President?"

I know you interest in the election for the President of USA. But we have an election for the President of Korea. I just introduce simple profile of 3 bigs. Please say about them.

1. Park Genhye(female)
*Saenuri Party(ruling party, conservative)
*she was a leader of saenuri party.
*her father is Park Junghee, Korean 5,6,7,8,9 President.
*her nickname is The Queen of Election(for example, when she led the party, the party got the greater part)

2. Moon Jae-in(male, progressive)
*Democratic United Party(strong opposition)
*he was presidental aide, Noh Moohyeon, Korean 16 President.
*he debut the political world in this year.
*his nickname is friend of Noh.

3. Ahn Cheol-Su(male, progressive)
*No party(indipendent)
*he was a CEO of Korean IT company, Ahn Lab.
*he debut the political world in this year.
*he become a center of public attention about new.

PS. In recently chart, for three, Park>Ahn>Moon
for two, Ahn>Park

19004 -
modifier supprimer 26131 - Réponse de Raphaël201 , 10 ans (Canada) - 2014-04-13

The best for me is Moo Jae-in because I am progressist and socialist.

modifier supprimer 18794 - de Joseph14 , 21 ans (Allemagne) - 2012-09-30
Politicien - "this is the truth"

Hallo everybody,

well you know being a polticians means taking great responsibilities. All though our politicans who express themselves as representant of the people have great responsobilities, they to often missuse it. I believe the presidents or prime ministers or whatever they may be called in every country on earth are just nothing but puppets who in reality represent the interests of the lobbies and the economy insteat of representing the interest of the people. They just care about themselfs. If you feel the same please write me a message I will respond very quickly.

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modifier supprimer 22533 - Réponse de Elizabeth29 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-11-17

I totally agree. And what you said isn't changing any time soon. I mean, we need to do something. The world is falling apart.

modifier supprimer 17714 - de Asma189 , 14 ans (Djibouti) - 2012-08-04
Politicien - "La politique"

Salut je suis une fille enfaite je voudrait faire des études en politique !!parceque plusieur pays souffer des maltraitance ect.... parceque d'autre voudrait fermer les yeux a sa ..alors puisque je suis une femme je ne peux etre une politicienne considérer car les femmes ne sont pas tres considérer a coter des hommes c'est pour sa que je vous demande puisque que vous etes l'avenir de ce monde faites que les femmes soivent considérer ... MERCI je m'appelle asma et en reste en contacte les amies....

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modifier supprimer 19065 - Réponse de Ghizlane136 , 17 ans (Maroc) - 2012-10-15

Salut :) j'au lu ton message et je trouve qu'on a quelques points en commun ! Je suis Marocaine. J'espere qu'on fasse connaissance.

modifier supprimer 17530 - de Sand90 , 13 ans (Thaïlande) - 2012-07-24
Politicien - "Politics, regulations"

When you say of politics, you'd think of the PM or government and then the law. In some countries, the people don't care about the law because those in the legal system themselves do not take them seriously. I know that this is the case for my country. The reason why a country is doing so badly while it should not (has not hurricanes, no need for spending money on damages) there should be an increase in the economic state. Sometimes having a great leader is not everything, you will need the public as a whole to cooperate to get some efficient results.

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Politicien - "Peace and Hope"

Hello everybody ! I want to meet people concerned about peace and hope. Actually, I want to create an unformal organisation composed by students of every part of the world and who want to put an end to wars and conflicts, by peoples's cooperation.
If you are interested by this, write me and I would be so happy to meet you and build peace together.

Bonjou tout le monde ! Je souhaite rencontrer des gens concernés par la paix et l'espoir. En effet, je souhaite créer une organisation informelle composée d'étudiants de tous les coins du monde et qui veulent mettre fin aux guerres et aux conflits, par la coopération.
Si vous êtes interressés par cela, écrivez-moi et je serais très heureux de vous rencontrer et de construire la paix ensemble.

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modifier supprimer 22534 - Réponse de Elizabeth29 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-11-17

Absolutely! But I think that we should take it one step further and make it an international political organisation. There is actually no way for politicians to communicate internationally. If just a few of us go into politics in their home countries, there will be a network of like-minded people in positions of power across the globe. Also, it could be a kind of support network to ensure that no-one strays from the light/becomes corrupt/becomes a puppet to the public.

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modifier supprimer 19066 - Réponse de Ghizlane136 , 17 ans (Maroc) - 2012-10-15

I support you !! I think it's idea :) and if I could elp in anyway, just let me know ! I'd more than glad to be a part of your idea.

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modifier supprimer 18631 - Réponse de Sabrina163 (France) - 2012-09-22

Ta proposition m’intéresse. restons en contact.

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modifier supprimer 18246 - Réponse de Julie22 , 18 ans (France) - 2012-08-31

Your ambition are good but you believe really this is possible ? We live in the world which dominated by wars and conflicts, a kind of Third World War and to my mind, the peace in the world is not for tomorrow... unfortunately..

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