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modifier supprimer 38840 - de clara 4c214 , 13 ans (France) - 2020-12-02
Nourrice - "la question"

je voulais savoir si nourrice est un metier ou je reste chez moi ou si je dois me deplacer chez quelqun ?

38840 -
modifier supprimer 38980 - Réponse de lisa4e B214 , 14 ans (France) - 2020-12-09

Bonjours ,
sa dépend de se que vous voulais faire vous pouvez rester chez vous comme allez dans un centre de nourrice ou bien dans une crèche sa dépend de vous .

38840 -
modifier supprimer 38848 - Réponse de lucie 4C214 , 13 ans (France) - 2020-12-02

Coucou Clara
Tu peut garder les enfants cher toi mais aussi cher les gens

modifier supprimer 38454 - de charlotte B 4A 214 , 13 ans (France) - 2020-11-04
Nourrice - "travailler dans les crèche"

quelle qualités faux t'il pour exercer se metier ?

38454 -
modifier supprimer 38828 - Réponse de clara 4c214 , 13 ans (France) - 2020-12-02

coucou c'est clara dans les 4C pour ta question je pense qu il faux etre passiete et il faux un grand caractere de cochon

modifier supprimer 38072 - de Sienea196 , 16 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2020-08-06
Nourrice - "I need the job so please help me"

I like to be a secret agent and help you with some information when you need it or go undercover and get information.

modifier supprimer 37646 - de melvyn 44108 , 14 ans (France) - 2020-04-03
Nourrice - "ATSEM"

bonjour je voudrai deveire Atsem coment il fau faire?

modifier supprimer 32795 - de Odo192 , 15 ans (Belgique) - 2016-09-24
Nourrice - "Au pair"

Hey ! After higth school i want be au pair but i will be 17 and we have to be 18 for most of coutries. Do you know if it's sur possible to go in UK or malta 6 mounth and whene i am 18, go in latinamerica ?

32795 -
modifier supprimer 37091 - Réponse de Alison142 , 16 ans (France) - 2019-12-10

Hi ! And no i didn't know how you can do it. Why you can't go with you parents ?

modifier supprimer 27103 - de Christin108 , 18 ans (Allemagne) - 2014-09-23
Nourrice - "Hey :)"

Hey guys.
This is closest to what I am going to be ! I've just started my training with the goal to be an nursery nurse/kindergarten teacher or whatever it's called. I would really like to talk to some of you and just talk about our jobs or whatever you'll like. I think Kids are so precious that we have to give them the ability to grow and be happy < 3

modifier supprimer 26759 - de joanne14 , 46 ans (USA) - 2014-07-27
Nourrice - "In the mind of a child"

Im a autism teacher here in america, Growing up with a disability I relate to what children feel and how they react to diffrent things been there as a child. Now I stress relieve in the ocean :)

26759 -
modifier supprimer 37561 - Réponse de melvyn 44108 , 14 ans (France) - 2020-03-27

bonjour je suis autiste,et je voudrai etre atsem

26759 -
modifier supprimer 32180 - Réponse de Rosie219 , 13 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2016-05-19

i have autism and i when i am older i want to be a childminder

modifier supprimer 26713 - de Melissa133 , 9 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-07-20
Nourrice - "hi"

Hi guys.
Its me again.I love kids. The best thing in this message is I am going to be a aunty!can you belive it? I'm going to have a nephew.
Thanks. Melissa
Oh yes I am looking for someone to talk to age 9-11. Boys or girls. From the uk.

26713 -
modifier supprimer 37016 - Réponse de Matilda14 , 12 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2019-11-17

Hi my name is Matilda and I am 12 years old I am from the uk 😜

26713 -
modifier supprimer 32177 - Réponse de Zoe79 , 9 ans (Irlande) - 2016-05-18

hi im zoe and im 9 i saw your looking for 9 to 11 well yeah im 9 bye :)

modifier supprimer 26708 - de Melissa43 , 9 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-07-19
Nourrice - "childminding"

Hi guys.
I want to be a childminder. I just love kids. Please reply if your the same.

modifier supprimer 26165 - de Charlie71 , 12 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-04-19
Nourrice - "Childminding"

I've wanted to work with children for a long time! I'm looking to chat with people 12-13. I'm a female 😊

modifier supprimer 25870 - de Emma23 , 23 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-02-19
Nourrice - "Childcare"

This was the closest option of occupation to mine. I study Childhood Studies at university. Anyone else study it? :)

25870 -
modifier supprimer 26710 - Réponse de Melissa133 , 9 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-07-20

Its cool that your studying it. I am going to stdy it soon.

25870 -
modifier supprimer 26686 - Réponse de Kailie48 (Canada) - 2014-07-18

It's so cool that you are studying it. A really cool thing to do if you like travelling is to be an au pair.

modifier supprimer 20085 - de Jessica27 , 17 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-01-11
Nourrice - "Childcare course."

Hey my name is Jessica, I am 17 from England and currently studying a childcare course at college. I would love to help other people in college or talk to people with the same interests of working with children. x

20085 -
modifier supprimer 20962 - Réponse de Mae 169 (USA) - 2013-04-16

hello this fall i am going into early childhood education. i am wondering if the course and everything what you expected or did you not like it at first?

modifier supprimer 18300 - de Thaïs218 , 12 ans (France) - 2012-09-03
Nourrice - "Mon rêve depuis toute petite."

Je rêve d'être nourrice depuis toute petite.
Et c'est depuis l'âge de 10 ans que je commence à faire des stages chez ma nourrice de quand j'étais petite.
Grâce à elle, je sais ce que je veux faire plus tard !

18300 -
modifier supprimer 34493 - Réponse de Anais88 , 37 ans (France) - 2017-07-20

Tu peux être assistante maternelle agréee

modifier supprimer 14977 - de Maéva42 , 9 ans (France) - 2012-02-22
Nourrice - "NOURRICE :-)"

Bonjour je m'appelle Maéva !
Moi aussi je voudrais aussi être Nourrice ! Même ci je ne les pas noté !
Nourrice ?! C'est trop bien !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! je les déjà fait !!!!!!!

Mama Maéva :-)

14977 -
modifier supprimer 15299 - Réponse de Elisa25 , 12 ans (France) - 2012-03-13

Coucou !
Ouais nourrice sa à l'air trop bien !
On pourrais s'envoyer des messages ? Bisous à une prochaine fois j'espère !!
Elisa. Mon msn : girls_love68@hotmail.fr !

modifier supprimer 12687 - de charles211 , 22 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2011-10-19
Nourrice - "babysitting"

Hi my name is charles. If anyone is looking in the Berkhamsted region for a babysitter we can discuss further about price etc.


modifier supprimer 10762 - de Lydia178 , 29 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2011-08-04
Nourrice - "A Home to Grow Childminding"

Our names are Lydia & Dale and we offer a childminding service from our lovely 4 bedroom home based in St John’s Wood, Marylebone, Westminster, London NW8.
Our childcare business is named 'A Home to Grow' and caters for children of all ages.
We are both fully registered, trained and qualified OFSTED childminders and have recent First Aid, Food Hygiene and Child Protection certificates.

We have many years experience of working in schools, nurseries and various children's charities. We absolutely love working with children of all ages and believe we offer an environment that reflects this, full of fun, active and educational activities.

We have two lovely, well behaved daughters aged twelve years and eight years old and two cats which creates a warm and friendly home life.

We have adapted our townhouse to contain a learning nursery room, lounge for rest, dining area and a safe back garden. We have lots of resources for all age groups including a sand pit, book corner, role-play outfits, activity sheets, toys, games and baby equipment (i.e. high chair, jungle mat, cot, steriliser, bottle warmer and baby toys).

Please feel free to check out our website

Have a nice day

We offer service to Finchley • Hampstead • Kilburn • Maida Vale • Paddington • St John's Wood • Swiss Cottage • Marylebone • Camden • Mayfair • Primrose Hill • Bayswater and other areas in Westminster, Central and North West London
Lydia & Dale

modifier supprimer 7263 - de Adina202 , 13 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2011-04-20
Nourrice - "Hey all"

I babysit my brother K who is 1 year old, I babysit my other brother Dan who is 3, I like in England. Check my profile and add me if you like. Only people 12-14 please x

modifier supprimer 4285 - de Kaley16 , 11 ans (USA) - 2010-10-07
Nourrice - "Going to babysit next year!"

I am so excited that I will get the chance to babysit next year!
Your pen pal,

4285 -
modifier supprimer 9552 - Réponse de ann255 (Irlande) - 2011-06-19

hi the legal age these days is around 16.thats in ireland england and sctland

4285 -
modifier supprimer 8960 - Réponse de Kaley57 , 12 ans (USA) - 2011-06-01

I'm 12 and my parents still won't allow me to babysit. The minimum age you have to be to babysit depends on your maturity and could be ranging 11-18. They think that I'm not mature enough yet but I may be when I get to be 16 years old. For American Red Cross, you have to be 12 years old. For Sitter City, you have to be 18 years old. For Safe Sitter, you have to be 11 years old.

4285 -
modifier supprimer 5408 - Réponse de Bella164 (Australie) - 2011-02-23

Hi my name is bella
i live in Australia in america how old do you have to be to baby sit?

Please reply

From Bella

modifier supprimer 3436 - de Tariana137 , 10 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2010-06-22
Nourrice - "Babysitting"

Hi I'm Tariana
I am about to go to a Red-Cross-Class to get my permet!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! You can email me if you want to talk about Babys and stuff!

Salut je suis Tariana
Je suis sur le point d'aller à une Croix-Rouge-classe pour obtenir mon Permet! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Vous pouvez m'envoyer un email si vous voulez parler de Babys et d'autres choses!

Hallo ich bin Tariana
Ich bin im Begriff, zu einem Rot-Kreuz-Klasse geht an meine Permet bekommen! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Sie können per E-Mail mich, wenn Sie über Babys und Zeug reden wollen!

我將去一個紅十字會級得到我的佩爾梅特! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!你可以給我發電子郵件,如果你想談論嬰兒的意義!

Hola soy Tariana
Estoy a punto de ir a una Cruz Roja-Class para obtener mi Permet! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Puede enviarme un correo electrónico si quieres hablar de bebes y esas cosas!

3436 -
modifier supprimer 38409 - Réponse de clara 4c 214 , 13 ans (France) - 2020-11-04

je voulais savoir si la nourrice se faisait que depuis chez soi ?

3436 -
modifier supprimer 4171 - Réponse de Kaley16 , 11 ans (USA) - 2010-09-20

Hi Tatiana,
I am going to get my babysitting permit next year.
Your pen pal,

modifier supprimer 1789 - de Kathryn S55 , 57 ans (USA) - 2009-11-09
Nourrice - "Childminding Is An Opportunity To Gain Teaching Experience"

OK, since there aren't any messages here I thought I would start: "Childminding" is a foundation for becoming a teacher. Child labor laws do not prevent teens from earning honest money for taking care of children and babies. This caretaking requires experience and knowledge of baby and child care. The rewards aren't just the money, it is also helping to "grow your brain" by reading books to children, and using your knowledge and experiences to help the children perform an activity or do something new. When I did "childminding" (started at age 13,) in my own neighborhood, I taught the children to sing songs, helped them do their homework, read books to them, and tried to explain things to them in a way adults can't understand. I even did childminding while studying to earn my art teaching degree. The money I earned I used to buy books and art supplies for my classes. The experiences aided me during my student teaching year. Now I teach art with my teaching degree.

1789 -
modifier supprimer 3280 - Réponse de cctop244 (Argentine) - 2010-06-05

that's cool

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