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modifier supprimer 40287 - de Ivalani234 , 15 ans (Iles Hawaï (USA)) - 2022-05-09
Historien - "Your perspective on what you learned about WWII in your country"

Greetings! I am Ivalani, a 15 year old who is currently searching answers for her history project. In this project I am searching for different points of views from people from different countries. I understand that Great Britain was part of the "Allied Powers", & I come from the U.S who were later in World War 2, was also part of "Allied Powers" . I would like to know other things from Great Britain's point of view of World War Two. Anything helps, thank you .

modifier supprimer 39100 - de Amaani0 , 10 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2020-12-09
Historien - "I need an answer to a question"

What were some of the poorer or more isolate lands that Philip II of Macedon conquered? I want to write a historical play but I need somewhere to set it in. Thank you.

modifier supprimer 38157 - de Louie5 , 11 ans (Indonésie) - 2020-09-05
Historien - "Hi"

I know Mongol Empire, Majapahit Empire, Vietnam war, World war 1, world war 2, French Revolution, 100 year war (France vs England), and more again

38157 -
modifier supprimer 40390 - Réponse de Louie124 , 13 ans (Indonésie) - 2022-09-29

The Americans lost the Vietnams because of the ChuChi Tunnel in Vietnam. So the Americans enter the Chu Chi Tower, but they cannot move because the size of the tunnel is too small. So the Vietnams can defeat the Americans easily, and also, there are many gates in the tunnel, which is make the Americans really confuse which gate is the right gate

38157 -
modifier supprimer 38945 - Réponse de Muhammad0 , 8 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2020-12-08

Hello, Louie.could you tell me how the Americans lost the Vietnam war please? Thanks.

modifier supprimer 38156 - de Louie5 , 11 ans (Indonésie) - 2020-09-05
Historien - "Hi"

I want to be a Historian because in my class i'm number 1 in History and Geography. But my favorite is History

modifier supprimer 37794 - de Ava246 , 13 ans (USA) - 2020-04-30
Historien - "American History"

Hi guys! I really love American history, and I've studied it a lot. My favorite periods are the late 1700s (the American Revolution) The World Wars, and the 1950s-60s. I especially love the fashion from the different times. So if anyone else is interested in discussing American history, go ahead and shoot me a message :)

modifier supprimer 36682 - de André255 , 31 ans (Brésil) - 2019-06-14
Historien - "Talk about history"

I am a professor of History, Geography, Socioogy and Philosophy, and I would like to talk to people from distant countries, especially Oceania. Exchange information about history, geography, archeology and anthropology. Greetings!

36682 -
modifier supprimer 38168 - Réponse de Louie124 , 11 ans (Indonésie) - 2020-09-08

Hi Andre. Do you know about Mongol Empire? Vietnam War? Majapahit Empire?

36682 -
modifier supprimer 37418 - Réponse de Audrey-Anne196 (France) - 2020-03-15

hello i speak bad english but i think your mesage so i allow myself to recap. so you are a history and geo teacher that's it

modifier supprimer 36673 - de Maxence141 , 15 ans (France) - 2019-06-06
Historien - "Histoire"

Bonjour je m'appelle Maxence et je suis passionné d'histoire surtout les 2 guerres mondiales et la guerre de seccesion.
A plus

36673 -
modifier supprimer 37286 - Réponse de Audrey-Anne195 (France) - 2020-02-13

salut maxence mou aussi j'adore les deux guerre mondiale surtout la deuxiéme

modifier supprimer 36523 - de Bethany13 , 16 ans (USA) - 2019-03-22
Historien - "History"

I don't just like history I love history! Everything from the first settlers in America to the Civil war. I don't really like the war of 1812 so I don't know very much about that. I have studied much after the Civil War except for reconstruction and Billy Graham. Send me a message if you'd like to talk about American history or anything else. But I am only looking for people my age and I won't talk to you if your a boy!

modifier supprimer 35919 - de charlotte213 (France) - 2018-08-21
Historien - "louis 14"

bonjour je me nomme charlotte et j'adore l'histoire surtout l'époque de louis 14 j'aimerais savoir si d'autre personnes sont passionnés comme moi qu'il vient me contacter

bye charlotte

modifier supprimer 35879 - de floriane 48 , 15 ans (France) - 2018-08-09
Historien - "qui porte des intérêts pour la révolution française ?"

salut , je m' appelle Floriane
je voudrais savoir : qui porte un intérêts pour la révolution française ?
et peut -être le révolutionnaire Robespierre ?
dans ce cas envoyez moi un message
merci d' avance

35879 -
modifier supprimer 37738 - Réponse de Sarah-Marie44204 , 14 ans (France) - 2020-04-23

Bonjour, je trouve moi aussi cette période de l'histoire intéressante.

35879 -
modifier supprimer 36284 - Réponse de Will197 (Australie) - 2018-12-18

hi I am will I see that you are interested is it for a school project or just out of curiosity I know a bit about it but not the full story it would be fun to learn about it
i know that it was caused by fighting against Prussia and England which they used a lot of money then by helping the Americans american revolution so they used even more money
and then people started starving cause there was no money. that is about where my understanding ends um i know that the queen said "let them eat cake" that didn't go to well for her got herself guillotined

modifier supprimer 35681 - de Yile 80 , 17 ans (Chine) - 2018-05-22
Historien - "1168525"

Hi everyone, I¡¯m a student from China and is planning to do a project on technology and world history. My subject is about technology and America civil war (or salvery, maybe) though I am not quite familiar with that period 🤣. I hope there¡¯s someone can help me on this subject or give me other advice about the topic. Feel free to e-mail me, we can talk about anything we are interested in.

35681 -
modifier supprimer 35714 - Réponse de Julia 0 , 20 ans (USA) - 2018-06-04

Hi Yile! My name is Julia. I am a student at Ocean County Community College in the United States. I am a big fan of Civil War history and would be happy to help.

I have visited Gettysburg, Washington DC, as well as many other Civil-war places on the East Coast. Anything specific you want to ask me about, feel free. I am majoring in the American Civil war!

One interesting tale is of General William T. Sherman, who was a general for the Union army. Durring the end of the war, he used "Total warfare" to achieve his goa, sometimes called "Shemans March". He burned, pillaged, and overthrew atlanta Georgia, pushing General Robert E. Lee (the most well known confederate General) up towards General Grant, who pushed lee to the appromatic court house in april of 1865.

Also, look up the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. They were the first all Black infantry regiment to fight for the United States Union. They fought at Fort Wagner, and although lost, they went down in history as the first to fight as Black soldiers in America.

The Civil war was not just about slavary, it was much more then that. Please feel free to ask any more questions!

modifier supprimer 35608 - de Irina190 (Russie) - 2018-05-02
Historien - "Russian history"

I am from Russia and I want to communicate with somebody who interests Russian history

35608 -
modifier supprimer 40288 - Réponse de Ivalani234 , 15 ans (Iles Hawaï (USA)) - 2022-05-09

Greetings Irina! I am Ivalani, I come from Hawai'i which is also part of the United States of America. I am currently doing a history project which requires me to ask you on your point of view of Russia's point of view of World War 2. I was wondering how students in your country see world war 2 as part of russia. In my country we learned how Germany Invades Poland and begins the War. Anything helps, thank you Irina ;) !

modifier supprimer 35530 - de Goldie31 , 10 ans (USA) - 2018-04-05
Historien - "Hi"

I really love American and French revolution history. I'm an expert on the original Hamilton family, James Sr and Jr, Alexander, Rachel, Phillip, Eliza and Angelica Hamilton. I'm also an expert on duels and Theodosia Alston Burr and the Marquis de Lafayette.

35530 -
modifier supprimer 36518 - Réponse de Bethany13 , 16 ans (USA) - 2019-03-21

Hey there that's awesome that you are a fellow American history enthusiast! I know a lot about George Washington and Robert E. Lee did you know they were related? If you'd like to talk more about American history send me a message!

modifier supprimer 35514 - de Katie252 , 15 ans (Canada) - 2018-03-30
Historien - "History!!!"

Hi everyone! I am super interested in history, and I have been working on my family genealogy recently. In the future, I would LOVE to be a historian or archivist. I would love to find someone around my age to chat about this and history with!

35514 -
modifier supprimer 36514 - Réponse de Elisée164 , 16 ans (France) - 2019-03-19

Hello,I have loved history since childhood and I too would like to converse with enthusiasts on this subject.^^

modifier supprimer 34479 - de Bernardor182 , 19 ans (Namibie) - 2017-07-16

I would like to study and research about the roman empire how and why it falls and many more info...

If any one knows plssss don't hesitate tto contact me

34479 -
modifier supprimer 35160 - Réponse de Léa202 , 19 ans (France) - 2017-12-28

I come from France. Since september I study Roman history at University, so maybe can I help you?
If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll try to answer quickly :)

34479 -
modifier supprimer 34687 - Réponse de Konrad219 , 20 ans (Allemagne) - 2017-08-23

I'm interested in history of europe, je suis Interesse a l'histoitre d'europe

modifier supprimer 28245 - de maeve43 , 11 ans (Irlande) - 2015-03-08
Historien - "pompeii"

i love pompeii in italy going through the old city ruins where a volcano it was interesting i am wondering if anyone has been to pompeii or wants to talk about pompeii

28245 -
modifier supprimer 34671 - Réponse de Charlie 124 (Grande Bretagne) - 2017-08-21

I went to Pompeii last year with school and it was one of, if not THE best experiences I've ever had. I was surprised at how intact everything is and how much we can learn from this site. And the graffiti can be very funny, I'd recommend checking some out for a laugh.

28245 -
modifier supprimer 31201 - Réponse de Garance16 , 13 ans (France) - 2015-12-06

Hello Maeve ! My name is Garance, I'm french. In biology, with my best friends, we made a presentation about Pompeii. I love history, is my favourite school subject. If you want, you can contact me !

modifier supprimer 27751 - de Chloé 230 (France) - 2015-01-03
Historien - "The sixties ???"

I'm Chloé and I love the 60s
I actually love James Dean and the kennedy
My mon find thaïs this weird Bac i'm 15 but i love this era ;-)

27751 -
modifier supprimer 34688 - Réponse de Konrad219 , 20 ans (Allemagne) - 2017-08-23

I am interested in all about Europe and China, je suis Interesse a tout concernant Europe et Chine

modifier supprimer 26838 - de Océane153 , 14 ans (France) - 2014-08-06
Historien - "Reenactor"

Any reenactor here? I am the youngest medieval reenactor of my compagny. You can see photos on my profile. :)
I LOVE the ambiance of medieval festivities, seriously!

26838 -
modifier supprimer 34689 - Réponse de Konrad219 , 20 ans (Allemagne) - 2017-08-23

you're welcome. vous etes bienvenus

modifier supprimer 26320 - de Guillaume122 , 16 ans (France) - 2014-05-08
Historien - "Country"

I love the history of Scotland

26320 -
modifier supprimer 32431 - Réponse de sasa254 , 19 ans (Indonésie) - 2016-07-17

hey i also interested in history :)

modifier supprimer 25853 - de janae62 , 11 ans (USA) - 2014-02-16
Historien - "ww2"

Yea does anyone want to live during World War II in Europe? I do.

25853 -
modifier supprimer 35161 - Réponse de Léa202 , 19 ans (France) - 2017-12-28

I live in Alsace, in East of France. My grand-mother was born in 1936 so she lived during WWII and when she talk about it, she always say it wasn't fun and it was so hard. She lived in a little town which was occupated by Germans.
With my boyfriend, we love walking in the forest, and even today we find many things from WWII and WWI like German or American trench line, shells, old bullet... Even one time we found a helmet!
But I understand because it really can be interresting to know how people lived during war and how they feel it.

25853 -
modifier supprimer 34690 - Réponse de Konrad219 , 20 ans (Allemagne) - 2017-08-23

it would be nice to contact you about history, je serrais heureux contacter vous a histoire

25853 -
modifier supprimer 33411 - Réponse de Annie8 , 13 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2017-01-05

hello! yes i would love to have lived through WW2, the Holocaust really sparks my interest- espicially Anne Frank!

25853 -
modifier supprimer 31139 - Réponse de Lukas74 , 17 ans (Allemagne) - 2015-11-25

Who would want to do that? It was about the shittiest life one can imagine

25853 -
modifier supprimer 30959 - Réponse de paul211 (Nigeria) - 2015-10-28

Living during the world war 11 wasn't really fun, especially for the Europeans. i wouldn't to live during that time because most of the fighting and killing were really senseless just like the ww1, fighting was just for ego

25853 -
modifier supprimer 26581 - Réponse de Estella77 , 15 ans (USA) - 2014-06-27

you do realize how crappy things were for england during that time period? not to mention the rather lack of gender equality? ever heard of the london blitz? polio? the fourties in general?

modifier supprimer 21473 - de Rachael83 , 13 ans (USA) - 2013-07-04
Historien - "The Middle Ages"

I LOVE history especially The Middle Ages! I find that time period very interesting! I love reading about it especially when it's about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. If anyone wants to talk about The Middle Ages, feel free to reply.

21473 -
modifier supprimer 22397 - Réponse de Peter151 (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-10-31

Ye, I agree, the mediaeval period is exciting and interesting, from every aspect.
Only, King Arthur etc did not live in the Middle Ages, If he existed at all,he was a Romano British Leader (maybe a 'petty king' as they are sometimes called. and was around
in the time just after the collapse of Roman rule in Britannia (as it was called then).
No 'knights' in shining plate armour, or round tables etc, All that was a myth started by
much later mediaeval writers like Mallory and Chretien de Troyes, and then polished up by
Victorian imagination. Films like 'Excalibur' are just fun entertainment.

21473 -
modifier supprimer 22292 - Réponse de Alice90 (USA) - 2013-10-17

I love the middle ages would you like to pen pal

modifier supprimer 21425 - de Ashanti56 , 17 ans (USA) - 2013-06-27
Historien - "The Roaring Twenties"

Anyone else love to talk about twenties and wish they lived in it as much as me

21425 -
modifier supprimer 34691 - Réponse de Konrad219 , 20 ans (Allemagne) - 2017-08-23

please contact me concerning history

21425 -
modifier supprimer 26582 - Réponse de Estella77 , 15 ans (USA) - 2014-06-27

ah yes, the twenties. very interesting, especially in that the things that went on and were socially acceptable were much more progressive than the coming decades....however after the twenties come the thirties and forties, which means world war two, and world-wide economic crap. of course, not much better than today.

there's no party like a gatsby party

21425 -
modifier supprimer 25662 - Réponse de Emma219 (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-01-17

Yes!! I absolutely love the 20s!! I would love to discuss them if you wanted :)

modifier supprimer 21228 - de Eugeny109 , 22 ans (Russie) - 2013-05-31
Historien - "Hello!"

Hey, who here likes the early Middle Ages? Especially periods of great Merovingian? I'll be glad to talk, to hear new things and tell you what I know (if you're interested)

21228 -
modifier supprimer 34692 - Réponse de Konrad219 , 20 ans (Allemagne) - 2017-08-23

you're welcome, vous etes bienvenue

modifier supprimer 20971 - de hedvig208 (Suède) - 2013-04-19
Historien - "Hi!"

please write to me! go to swedish penpals and write to Hedvig.Please!!!! :) I will have penpals who are 10-12 years old.

modifier supprimer 20535 - de Berk123 , 23 ans (Turquie) - 2013-02-23
Historien - "Turkic-Mongolian History"

Until new age, Turkic and Mongolian people (Ulus/Uls) were very powerful. Besides of Rome, Egypt and China; Turkic and Mongolian Khanates has original civilization. I think this civilization bigger and better than European civilization. So i'm researchin this civilization... So who can help me about this people, please text me. I want to link with some Mongolians for talking about Chinggis Khaan and his sons. See you!!

modifier supprimer 20245 - de Melaine132 , 17 ans (France) - 2013-01-23
Historien - "An ancient legend"

I want to work about medieval litterature, and Arthurian legend in particular. If you find this interesting too, contact me !

20245 -
modifier supprimer 21196 - Réponse de Mel'220 , 18 ans (France) - 2013-05-26

I want to be Historian too ! Since I'm 5, I'm totaly fan of the legendary. I would be very enjoy to speak with someone who like this subject too.

modifier supprimer 19778 - de Mahmut105 , 23 ans (Turquie) - 2012-12-18
Historien - "acquaintance"

Hi my name is Mahmut. I am learning english. there for I want to speaking english. and I want to meet with you. I finished history departmant of Dumlupýnar Unýversty.

modifier supprimer 19189 - de Erin143 , 15 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2012-10-27
Historien - "History"

I find British history fascinating and I'd love to talk to someone else, who does, too! So, please email me if you'd like to talk!

19189 -
modifier supprimer 34693 - Réponse de Konrad219 , 20 ans (Allemagne) - 2017-08-23

you're welcome, vous etes bienvenue

19189 -
modifier supprimer 34192 - Réponse de jo244 , 17 ans (Corée) - 2017-05-21

Hi! I love history too. So I really wonder how the other countries' students learn history. Talking with you, I wnat to learn history in the view of other countries.

modifier supprimer 17067 - de Lani165 (Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée) - 2012-06-21
Historien - "History freak!"

hi! i'm lani from PNG (north of Australia)...i would love to discuss the history of the Pacific Islands with any interested persons. I would also love to learn more about the history of Eastern Europe + North and South America..

17067 -
modifier supprimer 36617 - Réponse de Savannah101 , 15 ans (USA) - 2019-05-14

I would love to talk history with you.

modifier supprimer 15362 - de Leah219 , 18 ans (Australie) - 2012-03-20
Historien - "History..."

I love history as I think that there is so much that we can learn from history, and that the way society was during the ancient civilizations such as the Pharaoh Dynasties and the time of Ancient Rome. I love the older, classical history compared to modern history as it is so much more interesting in my eyes. It was so full of life, especially periods like the Renaissance, unlike today where technology has taken over in the absence of culture. There is still culture and art, but not to the extent of these periods. I would love to be a historian so I could study these more in depth...

15362 -
modifier supprimer 17065 - Réponse de lani165 (Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée) - 2012-06-21

hi!! i totally agree with your (leah's) statement "So many people take history for granted, causing many mistakes to be repeated." That explains why it is very imoportant that we know our history..we then may be able to know and understand the past, see the present and predict the future..

urs in history

15362 -
modifier supprimer 15428 - Réponse de Leah214 , 18 ans (Australie) - 2012-03-26

I also like to think about how people will see us in the future. What do you think will be the names of the modern and contemporary periods in the future? Do you think the WWI and WWII will be considered as an only one world war?
That's great, it's really interesting so Renaissance Italy doesn't feel like work. I think that they would very it as only one world war, or at least depending on how far we are talking about in terms of the future and whether we have expanded human settlement. Fifty years in the future, I believe that they will still belief that they are two wars, but maybe within another 200 years they will be perceived as one war with a slight respite in between.

15362 -
modifier supprimer 15423 - Réponse de Joanie130 , 20 ans (Canada) - 2012-03-26

My last exam was on the Renaissance. I almost had fun to do the exam, haha! It was strange. I don't have question for the moment.

I also like to think about how people will see us in the future. What do you think will be the names of the modern and contemporary periods in the future? Do you think the WWI and WWII will be considered as an only one world war?

15362 -
modifier supprimer 15419 - Réponse de Leah214 , 18 ans (Australie) - 2012-03-25

It's good to hear from somebody who has similar opinions to mine where history is concerned. As to your English, it is pretty good, so no worries about that. When I finish Year 12 at the end of the year I hope to study History at University so as it stands you probably have more knowledge about it than I do at the present time but I am currently studying Renaissance Italy and anything about that period that interests you or any topics from that period that you would like to discuss would be quite welcome. So many people take history for granted, causing many mistakes to be repeated.

And yes, thinking about the future is also quite interesting as to what they would think our culture would be compared to theirs and the advancement of it all.

15362 -
modifier supprimer 15376 - Réponse de Joanie130 , 20 ans (Canada) - 2012-03-21

Hi Leah, I agree with you. I have the same tastes about historical periods. I study History at the University. We could exchange our knowleges, tastes and ambitions if you want. I like to know how people lived in the past and I also like to imagine the future sometimes. History allows us to travel in the time and in the space and I find it funny. What I like the most are the little comic anecdotes that have occured sometimes in the past. Sorry for my English if it's not clear, it's not my native language.

modifier supprimer 14919 - de MOHAMMAD90 , 8 ans (Jordanie) - 2012-02-18


modifier supprimer 14486 - de Andrea124 , 33 ans (USA) - 2012-01-20
Historien - "Stories about immigration!"

Hello! I'm from the United States and am learing about my ancestors. My mother's mom and dad are from sweden and my father's parents are from Trontime Norway. I would love to learn about these places! If you know of any stories about people coming to America and going thru Ellis Island i would LOVE to hear from you!!

14486 -
modifier supprimer 17632 - Réponse de Steve27 (Algérie) - 2012-08-01

Well for the Swedish end, you might start here.


For some free searching at your end try this


and for some free assistance from the above, try this


modifier supprimer 14184 - de Mel132 , 16 ans (France) - 2012-01-07
Historien - "Hello"

Hi ! I love History, and specially Middle Ages. I love arthurian's legend too, and crusaders (with Templars). Could I work about these two subjects ? I'd like study and work in another country. How could I do this ? In fact, I know about what I want work, but I don't know what studies do. And I don't want close my possibilities.

Bonjour ! Je suis passionnée par l'Histoire, et plus particulièrement le Moyen-Âge. Et aussi par la légende arthurienne, et les croisades. Est ce que je pourrais travailler sur les deux sujets ? Par exemple en travaillant sur les mythes et légendes médiévaux. J'aimerais aussi étudier et travailler à l'étranger. De quoi ai-je besoin pour le faire ? En fait je sais sur qui je veux travailler, mais je ne sais pas vraiment par où passer, et j'ai peur de me fermer.

14184 -
modifier supprimer 21108 - Réponse de Natalia124 , 13 ans (Espagne) - 2013-05-11

Bonjour ! Je suis passionnée par l'Histoire, et plus particulièrement le Moyen-Âge aussi.
Je pense l'Histoire est fantastique, plus le Moyen-Àge est le meilleur.
Pardonnez-moi si j'ai fautes de frappe parce que j'ai commencé à parler français cette année.
Au revoir.

14184 -
modifier supprimer 20996 - Réponse de Emmanuel163 , 14 ans (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2013-04-24

Coucou Mel j'ai vu ton message et j'aimerais correspondre avec toi

14184 -
modifier supprimer 14223 - Réponse de Joanie130 , 20 ans (Canada) - 2012-01-09

Salut, je suis étudiante en histoire à l'université au Québec et il est possible de choisir les cours que tu veux. Tu as des cours de base à la première année, mais en deuxième année et troisième année, tu peux choisir tes cours. Tu pourrais, par exemple, prendre le cours «L'Europe des croisades». Il est aussi possible de faire une maîtrise et un doctorat sur un sujet plus précis ensuite.

modifier supprimer 12984 - de austin jacobs156 , 15 ans (USA) - 2011-10-28
Historien - "A history of the Western World"

I love studying the hitories of Europe and her traditions.The united states,canada, and south africa among others carry the grand european history.The people of europe are so beutiful with best everything, they have class like nothing else. Im here to meet europeans and the former colonies of britain, thanks.

modifier supprimer 11463 - de Clément3 , 19 ans (France) - 2011-08-27
Historien - "I am a French Student in History"

HI ! I am a student in history (French Student), I love Japanese and Korean History (really interesting). But I love all history :D

11463 -
modifier supprimer 34194 - Réponse de Jo244 , 17 ans (Corée) - 2017-05-21

Hi! I'm Korean student and I love history. It is the first time to meet a person who are interested in Korea and Japan history. Korea and Japan have very complex relationship. In the early 20 centry, Korea was colony of Jpan. So most of Korean hate Japan in the view of history. Because Korean had lost so many things(culture,tradition,language,family, property and so on..)in the colonial era. To see history of Korea and Japan objectivly perfectly is difficult to me. I wonder view of other countries' people.

modifier supprimer 10810 - de Jiang10 , 13 ans (Chine) - 2011-08-07
Historien - "history!!!!:)"

i love history very much !!! i think history is so interesting!!!i want to have a penpal also loves history !!:)oh , I'm from China,I like Chinese history£¡£º£Ä

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