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modifier supprimer 40389 - de Nuvini134 , 15 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2022-09-29 >> NEW
Ecrivain - "A House With A Daughter"

*A House With A Daughter*

Just like a beautiful garden with flowers,
Like the moon shining among the stars,
And like a palace in the divine world!
What? A house with a daughter......

She is the fairy of the mummy,
And the princess of the daddy,
Also the hero of the sister,
You know? Daughter is the superstar in the house.

A house with a daughter,
Is a palace of the luck!
But a house without a daughter,
Is like a horrid jungle which has no lovely flowers!

My dear friends, this is my poem about daughters! Let me know your opinions about that! I'm waiting for your response!

From Nuvini......

modifier supprimer 40350 - de Audora240 , 16 ans (Finlande) - 2022-07-21
Ecrivain - "Trying to find someone who would be interested to chat about writing books"

The title says it already, I'm posting this message so that I can find someone to talk about writing books. I personally am writing a trilogy and am not (yet) an official author and to achieve that it will probably take years..
ANYWAYS, let me tell you something about my book so that you know what you are going to be listening me talking if you decide to contact me!

So the trilogy will probably be called 'The Mistakes of Gods: *name of the book*'. It is about a war that was started by the gods, without them really never noticing it, and then following a bunch of characters thousands of years later trying to live their lives, fill their contracts and solving how exactly can you end the war.
And I won't apologize how I'm going to torture the reader by writing endings and fates for the chracters that (hopefully) will break hearts.
And as a warning, this series is going to contain stuff like war crimes, horrifying deaths done by the Daughter of the Death and so on. I'll give TW's but this is still a warning so that you can be prepared. And so that you won't think that the series is going to be just a bunch of spooky and terrible events, I promise you that there is going to be a right ending to it all and many happy scenes :)
Also, if we ever start chatting, you need to answer this question: Do you want to get *heavy* spoilers or just some lighter ones?

Soo I'll be glad to chat with you! (I mean, if, hopefully, I didn't drive out everyone...)
Thanks, Kiitos, Tack, Danke, ありがとうございます for your time, have a great day! ^^

40350 -
modifier supprimer 40366 - Réponse de Laura46 , 11 ans (USA) - 2022-08-29

I would like to talk to you. I am also writing a book. I am a published author but not for a book. My book is about sisters living in the woods of Canada in the 1700s. You book sounds cool!

modifier supprimer 40347 - de Jackie150 , 12 ans (Canada) - 2022-07-16
Ecrivain - "I know why the caged bird sings"

So I'm doing this thing where I make a poem out of a book title

I know why the caged bird sings

It sings for a hope long gone

for life, it will never have

Joys it will never experience

And yet it still sings

Its spirit is as free and broad as its wings

Ps This is just a first draft, if you have any criticism, feel free to post them in the comments.

40347 -
modifier supprimer 40368 - Réponse de Laura46 , 11 ans (USA) - 2022-08-30

beautiful! (; love it

40347 -
modifier supprimer 40351 - Réponse de Audora240 (Finlande) - 2022-07-21

This was quite beutiful so thank you for writing this and publishing it so that I was able to read it!

modifier supprimer 40310 - de Kaya51 , 14 ans (Canada) - 2022-06-05
Ecrivain - "Preview of my story- Untitled (Sorry I can't think of a title yet hehe)"

Hi! I'm Kaya from Canada and I have never written one of these forums before, so I thought I would give it a shot with a preview of one of my books I was writing. Being indigenous, I thought it would be cool to write a thriller with an indigenous protagonist! Here goes!

Joanna Trails, more commonly known to her friends as Joey, is an enthusiastic 16 year old indigenous girl with a great outlook on life, despite her humble life as a poor waitress in the constantly growing city of Ottawa. Her life was pretty laid back. Between a routine job, backpacking, and hanging around her best friends, life couldn't get any better. Until, of course, the apocalypse began.

In the middle of a rainy afternoon, the streets of Ottawa began erupting into chaos. People running for their lives up and down the streets, in and out of the grand historic buildings and skyscrapers, being hunted down and slewn by hideous creatures that looked as though they had been made by the devil himself. Cannibals. Terrible monsters that Joey had grown up hearing about in her grandmother's old horror stories. Wendigos. Panicking and horribly terrified, she and her friends all seek refuge in a hardware store, unknowingly being hunted by the demons who have taken over their beautiful city. Teaming up with ten other survivors who were also hiding in the store, among them her two best friends; Charlie, a blind man with incredible intelligence and talents, and Cody, kind-hearted religious boy with unbinding loyalty to her, Joey attempts to weather the storm. Only after a sudden attack on her fortress does she realize the imposing danger. Between Wendigos lurking around every corner, shapeshifters, and a gang of escaped criminals known as "The Rebellion" wandering the streets and forests surrounding the city, Joey can only try to do one thing to save herself and her companions. Survive. Will she succeed? I guess we'll see...

Well guys, thanks for reading, if you have made it this far! haha. I'm not really experienced at writing at all, and I have never written a description before! I hope I did good! Let me know if I should continue writing this story, and if so, I will write a couple chapters here for y'all to read if you want. Also, if anyone is looking for a pen pal that is interested in writing, feel free to hit me up! Thanks! Byeeee! < 3

40310 -
modifier supprimer 40326 - Réponse de Amaani5 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-06-15

Ok! I will message you!

40310 -
modifier supprimer 40324 - Réponse de Kaya38 , 14 ans (Canada) - 2022-06-14

Oh really? Haha that's cool! Imagine we had chosen the same colour too! Haha. Yeah sure! I would love to be friends!

40310 -
modifier supprimer 40320 - Réponse de Amaani5 , 12 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-06-10

Your welcome!
I actually remember seeing that blue version of the picture, lol!
Would you like to be friends?

40310 -
modifier supprimer 40314 - Réponse de Kaya51 , 14 ans (Canada) - 2022-06-07

Thank you! I should probably submit a first chapter then haha.
OMG! That's so scary! HAHA! We must be secret twins! I literally chose this picture at random too haha!!That's so strange haha.

40310 -
modifier supprimer 40311 - Réponse de Amaani5 (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-06-07

Oooh nice, I'm excited to learn more. Specially bout the shapeshifters! And umm... Are you my unknown twin or something cause we share pretty much the same interests and also, matching profile pictures!

modifier supprimer 40292 - de Pramuditha 134 , 15 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2022-05-16
Ecrivain - "Checking out opinions"

Um…hey! I am a teenage boy who indulge in writing novels and I’m currently working on my first novel which I am hoping to publish on this September. The thing is that since Sri Lanka is not an English speaking country, English teenage novels like mine are not quite popular among kids of my age. So I thought is I can ask about their opinions in an international platform, and get feedbacks it would be grate.

To give a small plot description about my ongoing novel, it’s anthropomorphic, has a non fiction structure and teenage oriented. Due to that reason a lot of people are not interested in a novel like the movie “ Zootopia” where all characters are human like animals or animal like humans. The story illustrates around the protagonist, a lion who is college students in Illinois. He’s from a village and he lives with his grandma so they are not that much wealthy either. In the college he meets a new friend, who is a tiger who eventually offers him to stay with him as room mates when the lion wander around for days without accommodation as the college doesn’t have dorms. However they spend a blissful life as good friends until one day the tiger gets sick and later being diagnosed with Leukemia. The tiger has grown under foster care and his guardian has died a few years ago so the lion was the only person who was there with him to support. However the lion take all the issues to his shoulders, while running a part time job while learning and helping his friend with treatments. However then they face an economical crisis as neither of them can’t afford to do those cancer treatments but Howe their friends help him to safe his friends life. Then there’s a big chapter about how they find the money for treatments and keeping the tiger mentally strong and healthy. However in the end, it will end happily, hopefully and then they will be together again, after a very heart touching part.

So that’s the plot. Please let me know your opinions about that and I gratefully accept your suggestions and things that you think will be nice to add. I just gave the general Plato but in between their are many wonderful parts including humor, romance, tragedy, adventure etc. thank you your time. Have a nice day.

40292 -
modifier supprimer 40352 - Réponse de Gayathri231 , 16 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2022-07-25

Hey, as a fellow Sri Lankan teenager, I can understand what you say, only translations of most popular teen books such as Harry Potter are popular here. I think your plot is good tho. Good luck!

40292 -
modifier supprimer 40341 - Réponse de Jackie150 (Canada) - 2022-07-13

You should try wattpad.It's basically like social media but for books

40292 -
modifier supprimer 40315 - Réponse de Kaya51 , 14 ans (Canada) - 2022-06-07

Hi! I think your story is very wonderful! And heart-warming! I think it is DEFINATELY worth publishing, and I would be very happy to read it once it is published!

modifier supprimer 40265 - de Rose195 , 15 ans (Allemagne) - 2022-04-13
Ecrivain - "thoughts from a perfectionistic people pleaser looking for peace"

And the memories come back
Again and again, as if to say
Life is too short to waste it
On unprecious things

And maybe
Music decorates time
The same way
Art decorates places

And maybe
Words are endless
And beautiful
Unique in every way

And maybe - just maybe
Life isn't so much
A waste of motivation
But an opportunity to try

40265 -
modifier supprimer 40266 - Réponse de Madeline64 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-04-15

Beautiful! I love it!

modifier supprimer 40242 - de Amaani5 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-03-24
Ecrivain - "WEEKLY TIPS: 1"

Hi, I randomly decided to share weekly writing tips
1: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make notes. Plan out the basic story line of the book, write a list of chapters and what happens in each of them. Then just follow that guide and flesh out your story. I always used to be so lazy about this, but now I've been doing it and it helps SO much. It will make sure you don't lose track of what's going on in your story.

40242 -
modifier supprimer 40346 - Réponse de Jackie150 , 12 ans (Canada) - 2022-07-16

Wow I didn't know his could help that many people.

40242 -
modifier supprimer 40342 - Réponse de Jackie150 , 12 ans (Canada) - 2022-07-14

Another strategy is freewriting which is writing all your ideas on a piece of paper. Then put it into a planner and work from there with drafts until you have a final project

40242 -
modifier supprimer 40246 - Réponse de Amaani5 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-03-29

Thanks! I'll be sharing any tips I come across every week, and maybe they'll end up helping other writers!

40242 -
modifier supprimer 40244 - Réponse de Madeline64 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-03-27

Thank you for this tip! It is something I really struggle with usually because I lose interest in my original idea due to not planning enough, so thank you for this.

modifier supprimer 40206 - de Livi186 , 12 ans (USA) - 2022-03-01
Ecrivain - "Write"

Bonjour! I love writing books, especially mysteries. I look for inspiration at museums, outside, at the mall… you can find inspiration anywhere!

modifier supprimer 40204 - de Isabella192 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-02-28
Ecrivain - "Chapitre 1 d'une nouvelle histoire :)"

Descendants de l'Olympe
Tome 1 : La faux de Cronos
Isabella M. & Manon F.

Chapitre 1 : Comment on a dégommé un Minotaure
Cela faisait 10 ans que Katerina, Daphné et Nikos fréquentaient la colonie des sangs-mêlés, mais jamais un tel événement n’était survenu. Ils avaient tous 14 ans et du plus loin qu’ils se souviennent, ils avaient toujours été réveillés par la conque qui résonnait, enseignés aux combats féroces et avaient toujours plus au moins apprécié les cours de grec ancien, et ce, depuis leur tendre enfance. Ils ne connaissaient pas d’autre famille que leur famille divine et leurs vrais amis résidaient tous à la colonie. Ils étaient comblés et ne nécessitaient de rien à part peut-être de rencontrer leur parent divin, celui qui les avaient mis au monde ou légué ses atouts.
Être demi-dieu et demi-déesse n’était pas simple. C’était même carrément dangereux. Un matin de juillet, alors que la plupart des jeunes étaient partis retrouver leur famille, nos trois amis s’entrainaient au tir à l’arc au bord du lac. Nikos et Katerina manquaient leur cible la plupart du temps, mais Daphné, experte en la matière, n’en manquaient aucune.
-C’est pas possible, ça ! S’est exclamée Katerina
-On n’est pas taillé pour ça, nous, a renchéri Nikos, notre truc à nous, c’est le combat rapproché !
Katerina a sorti un poignard de sa poche et Nikos a dégainé une épée. Les rayons de soleil se reflétaient sur les lames parfaitement aiguisées et éblouissaient Daphné qui s’apprêtait à lancer une flèche.
-Ah ! Arrêtez ça, je n’arrive plus à viser !
Elle a décoché une flèche qui est partie à vive allure en direction de Katerina. Elle s’est accroupie juste à temps et la flèche a frôlé ses longues boucles blondes avant d’aller se planter dans un arbre non loin de là. Encore une fois, ses réflexes la sauvaient.
-Oh, par tous les dieux ! Je suis désolée Katerina, ton poignard m’éblouissait et je n’ai pas fais attention ! S’est affolé Daphné
-Ne t’inquiètes pas, va. Je suis rodée, maintenant, depuis que tu m’en as envoyé une dans le ventre !
Katerina a soulevé son débardeur aux couleurs de la colonie et a laissé paraitre une cicatrice rosée.
-Ah oui, je m’en souviens. Ça a dû faire mal d’ailleurs… A fait remarquer Daphné
-Ah bah ça ! J’ai juste perdu quoi, 25 % de mon sang ? Ce n’est rien, je suis dure comme le roc, moi ! A ri Katerina
Daphné a rangé ses flèches dans son carquois et Katerina a remis son poignard dans son fourreau.
-Il est où Nikos ? A alors demandé Daphné
Katerina a fouillé de son regard argent les alentours, puis a haussé les épaules.
-Aucune idée.
Soudain, un cri strident a retentit. Les deux filles se sont précipitées vers la provenance du son. Là, au milieu d’une plaine, un minotaure terrorisait une jeune fille.
-Rah ! Il n’est jamais là quand on a besoin de lui ! A craché Katerina
-Comment ça ? A demandé Nikos
-Ah, tu es là, toi ! S’est joyeusement exclamée Daphné
-Trêve de bla-bla. On sait pas comment, mais un minotaure se trouve ici, et il faut le neutraliser… Nikos ?! A hurlé Katerina
Il s’était élancé droit sur le monstre. Cependant, il n’a pas fait le fier longtemps car en deux temps trois mouvements, le monstre l’emprisonnait dans sa poigne. Katerina a juré en grec ancien. « Ah ouais quand même, elle doit vraiment être en rogne pour dire ça. » a pensé Daphné en entendant cette insulte. Katerina s’est élancée à son tour sur le monstre, a grimpé jusqu’à sa tête et s’est agrippée à une corne.
-Daphné ! A-t-elle hurlé, crève les yeux de cette chose !
Daphné a bandé son arc et a visé l’œil droit de la bête. La flèche a atteint sa cible et le monstre a hurlé. Katerina en a profité pour sortir son poignard qu’elle avait toujours sur elle et l’a planté dans le cœur de la bête féroce. Nikos a tranché les jambes de l’homme-taureau et ce dernier s’est écroulée en un bruit sourd.
Daphné s’est approchée du monstre. Katerina a sauter de son dos et a atterri sur le sol. Elle était tâchée de sang visqueux : rien d’appétissant.
-Il est mort ? A demandé Daphné, toujours sous le choc
-Un monstre ne meurt jamais. Mais celui-ci devrait nous laisser tranquille pendant un moment. A soufflé Katerina
Les 3 amis se sont regardés, interloqués et choqués. Ah ! S’ils savaient que ce combat n’était que le premier d’une longue lignée !

40204 -
modifier supprimer 40209 - Réponse de Isabella192 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-03-02

Merci :)

40204 -
modifier supprimer 40207 - Réponse de Madeline71 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-03-01

J'adore ca! Bien fait!

40204 -
modifier supprimer 40205 - Réponse de Isabella192 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-02-28

Je sais que c'est long, merci si vous avez lu, est-ce que ça vous plaît ? Car j'ai une suite si vous avez aimé :)

modifier supprimer 40197 - de Isabella192 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-02-25
Ecrivain - "Voici une histoire que j'ai écrite"

Le Pari Mortel
Isabella M.

-Allez, Jane ! Même pas peur !
Chester se tenait devant la maison abandonnée. Jane n’était vraiment pas rassurée. « Me voilà dans un beau pétrin » se disait-elle. Si Jane n‘avait pas accepté ce pari débile que Mona, sa pire ennemie, lui avait lancé, elle ne serait pas là. Elle serait tranquillement assise au fin fond de son canapé, matant pour la énième fois sa série préférée.
Mais non, Jane n’avait pas refusé de tenter d’entrer par effraction dans le bureau de la directrice du lycée, ni refusé de mettre le désordre comme elle ne l’avait jamais fait. Naïve, elle avait cru que pour une fois, Mona lui proposait un pari équitable. Quelle erreur ! Bien sûr cette peste avait fait en sorte que Jane se fasse attraper la main dans le sac. Le pire, c’est qu’en plus d’être obligée de ramasser les déchets qui trainaient dans la cour après les cours, elle devait s’introduire dans la vieille maison abandonnée qui avait auparavant appartenu à un couple de retraités étranges.
Et cette fois là, devant la façade de cette terrifiante maison, elle ne le sentait vraiment, vraiment pas. Nonobstant, pas le choix, Mona l’épiait pour être sûre que Jane respecte sa parole. Ce qui réconfortait un tant soit peu Jane, c’est qu’au moins, elle ne serait pas seule. Chester, son meilleur ami, avait accepté de l’accompagner. En même temps, si ça lui permettait de se dorer la pilule chez les filles du coin, tout était bon à prendre. Jane grommela :
-Parle pour toi.
Jane poussa la porte d’entrée de la maison. Elle grinça et Jane et Chester entrèrent. Chester alluma sa lampe torche et regarda autour de lui. Il n’y avait l’air d’avoir personne. Jane, elle, tremblait comme une feuille.
-Tranquille, il n’y a personne. Tenta de la rassurer Chester
Jane regretta qu’il ait dit ça, car au même moment, la porte d’entrée se referma brutalement et la lampe torche s’éteignit. Ils étaient désormais dans le noir, et la porte refusait de se rouvrir. Jane attrapa la main de Chester et dit :
-Ne me lâche pas !
Chester ne répondit pas tout de suite.
-Tu ne me tiens pas. Finit-il par lâcher
Jane tenta de retirer vivement sa main, mais ne réussit pas. Elle hurla :
-Lâchez-moi !
Chester attrapa sa lampe torche et tenta de l’allumer. Elle s’alluma après quelques ratés. Jane aperçut alors ce qui la retenait. Une main verte et pourrie, comme celle d’un cadavre en décomposition. Un râle retentit et Jane remarqua qu’une espèce de zombie la fixait. Elle hurla de plus belle, attrapa une coupe non loin de là et l’abattit sur la créature. Cette dernière se recroquevilla, libérant Jane de sa poigne. Jane se précipita vers Chester.
-On fait quoi, maintenant ? Demanda Jane, paniquée
-On devrait chercher une sortie.
Pour une fois, Chester avait l’air sérieux et semblait avoir compris que, pour impressionner les nanas, il fallait d’abord survivre.
-Et si on allait à l’étage ? Proposa Jane
Elle se tourna vers les escaliers. Ils avaient l’air de pouvoir s’effondrer à tout moment. Jane posa prudemment son pied sur la première marche. L’escalier craqua, mais ne céda pas sous le poids de Jane. Elle grimpa rapidement les escaliers et indiqua à Chester d’en faire de même. Ils entrèrent dans une pièce qui ressemblait à une chambre, la seule pièce dont la porte avait accepté de s’ouvrir. Chester, anticipant une nouvelle attaque de quelconque créature, plaça une chaise entre la porte et l’embrasure de celle-ci, l’empêchant ainsi de se refermer. Jane, pendant ce temps, avait remarqué une petite fenêtre, cependant assez grande pour que les deux adolescents sortent. Avec un peu d’huile de coude, elle réussit à l’ouvrir. Elle était sur le point de sauter, quand une main l’en empêcha.
-Mauvaise idée.
Ce n’était pas la voix de Chester. Jane se retourna et vit une femme à la peau blanchâtre, pratiquement transparente. Ses ongles peinturlurés en rose flashy se plantaient dans la peau de Jane, et traçaient de petits arcs de cercles ensanglantés. Elle était habillée à la limite du vulgaire : Minijupe en cuir, talons aiguilles et mini haut rose sous une veste en cuir noire. Ses lèvres étaient recouvertes d’un rouge vif, rappelant la couleur du sang. Les cils de ses yeux verts étaient maquillés par du rimmel noir et un trait d’eye-liner sur sa paupière rappelait à Jane le maquillage grossier de Mona.
Jane regarda autour d’elle, cherchant après Chester. Aucune trace de lui. La femme tira Jane en arrière et Jane alla s’écraser contre un mur. La femme referma la fenêtre, anéantissant les espoirs de s’enfuir de Jane. Elle s’approcha de Jane, toujours à terre, et s’accroupit. Ses lèvres s’étirèrent en un sourire malsain et elle dit :
-Même pas peur.
Le surlendemain, les journaux publièrent des avis de recherches. « Jane Mayfield et Chester Mc. Morhaut, adolescents de 16 et 17 ans, disparus dans la nuit du 14 au 15 novembre 1982, dans les alentours de la maison abandonnée. Si vous détenez toute information, veuillez prévenir les forces de l’ordre ».
Ce qui arriva à Jane et Chester ?
On ne les revit jamais. Enfin, les habitants de ce petit village anglais ne les revirent jamais. La légende raconte qu’ils auraient été transformés en démons par la femme et qu’ils se seraient vengés de Mona, qui succomba à une maladie mystérieuse. Depuis, on raconte que les deux amis parcourent le monde pour châtier les jeunes qui lancent des paris trop osés qui coutent la vie à leurs victimes…
Si j’avais un conseil pour vous, ce serait d’éviter de vous amuser à lancer des défis idiots à vos ennemis comme à vos amis, ou vous finirez probablement comme Mona…

40197 -
modifier supprimer 40201 - Réponse de Isabella192 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-02-26

Merci :)

40197 -
modifier supprimer 40200 - Réponse de Madeline71 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-02-25

J’aime sa beaucoup! Bien fait! :D

40197 -
modifier supprimer 40199 - Réponse de Isabella192 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-02-25

Ah et puis je voulais dire, si vous avez des remarques, n'hésitez pas, je sais que c'est LOIN d'être parfait :/

40197 -
modifier supprimer 40198 - Réponse de Chloé192 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-02-25

Spécialement pour Madeline :)

Je sais que c'est long alors merci si vous avez lu en entier, ça compte énormément pour moi merci ! :)

modifier supprimer 40190 - de Madeline71 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-02-22
Ecrivain - "Hi! I love writing, so here is a preview of a story I'm writing!:)"

Lizzy and Harper Barnes were world famous scientists, known for creating crazy mixtures that cured severe illnesses. They had a huge lab that was located underground in London, England that no other soul in the world knew how to get into. Or so they thought.
One night, after a long day of mixing and stirring on an attempt to cure cancer, Lizzy and Harper decided to get some well needed rest and get back to work in the morning. They had a built in house connected to their lab, with more stuff then any human could ever need.
“I think we should go to sleep, now, Harper.” Lizzy mumbled, rubbing her hazel eyes wearily.
“But what if somebody breaks in?” Harper asked in his usual state of worry.
“Our lab is underground with fourteen security measures and six security guards. I think we’re good. Besides, how can we work properly without a good night’s sleep?” Lizzy argued.
“But I’M not tired.”
“Yeah right. You’re using the paint splattered counter to steady yourself. Come on, we’re going to bed.” Izzy dragged Harper out of the lab, and into their bedroom. She dropped Harper in the bottom bunk, and took her seat at the top. “Good night, partner.” She yawned.
“Good night.” Harper replied, his voice muffled by his pillow.
Meanwhile, three small figures lurked around the entrance to Lizzy and Harper’s lab.
“It has to be here somewhere.” A dark, raspy voice came from one of the figures.
“Come on, can we just go back to our base? We’ve been searching for hours, and it’s past midnight. I’m exhausted.” The smallest of the three whined.
“NO! We can’t give up now! We’ve been plotting to ruin these lab rats’ reputation for years now! And we’re so close, I can taste it.” The tallest yelled, his voice echoing off the dark, empty streets of London.
“Yeah.” The first cloaked figure and the leader of the group agreed. “And we didn’t binge watch every possible channel on T.V that mentioned them for nothing. This could be our victory!”
“Fine, whatever. But if I collapse, it’s on you.” The smallest crossed their arms in defiance.
“Wait! I smell something.” The tallest whispered. “It smells like something… radioactive.”
“FOLLOW IT!” The leader demanded, the smallest nodding their head vigorously in agreement.
The tallest continued to smell the air, until it became so strong they nearly fainted.
The tallest pointed to an uneven layer of concrete. “This is it.” He said.
“Perfect! Good work, Alexander. Tyler, pull out your concrete blaster.” The leader ordered.
Tyler, the smallest, pulled out a slim, gray, dull looking gun from his black cloak. “This one, Gus?”
“Yeah, that one. Do it!”
Tyler took a deep breath before pulling the silver trigger, sending hundreds of tiny red hot bullets at the concrete, causing it to melt away.
Tyler, Alexander, and Gus gasped when they noticed a sleek black ladder sticking up from the hole.
“Yes!” They exclaimed in usion. The three had met eleven years ago, when they were ten years old.
Since then, they’d been plotting against Lizzy and Harper but nobody knew why.
This was the closest they’ve ever gotten to achieving their goal, to ruin Lizzy and Harper’s reputation as the best scientists to ever live, and nothing was going to stop them now.
Slowly, one by one, they descended the ladder. They gaped at the sight of the magnificent lab. They were the only ones other than Lizzy and Harper themselves who had actually seen it, and it was certainly a sight to behold.
Tyler paused before following Gus and Alexander. “Wait- what about the fourteen security measures we heard about on the news? You know, like, the passwords?”
“Nobody cares about that, Ty.” Gus smiled in pride as he examined a thin test tube filled with a mysterious purple liquid. “We’re lucky we got off easy.”
“Yeah! I mean, look at this!” Alexander shouted in excitement, holding up a book labeled, ‘Easy Elixirs’.
“Shh! You’re going to wake them up, Alex! And don’t let your hood down, in case there are security cameras.” Gus put his finger to his dry lips.
“And what about the six security guards? Huh? What about those?” Tyler demanded.
“I don’t know, nobody cares, shrimp! What matters is that we do what we need to do and get out of here before we get caught!” Gus placed the test tube back on the marble counter.
“So then, what do we do, Gus?” Alexander asked, clueless though he’d played a huge part in creating the plan itself.
“What do you mean??? Dude, have you been brainwashed or something? The plan, dude, the plan!” Gus whispered harshly, shaking Alexander’s shoulders.
“Right.” Alexander nodded, adjusting his black framed glasses.
“In case you need a reminder, our plan is to unleash a fatal pandemic, leaving traces of it everywhere in this lab. Then, we will proceed to frame these idiots and we will be victorious and powerful!” Gus boomed proudly. “I’ll do the mixing and creating, Alex can leave traces of it everywhere, and Ty, you’ll be on watch to make sure nobody sees us and hand me the necessary items. Got it?” He instructed.
He didn’t wait for a reply. “First, the ingredients. I have been planning this recipe for AGES!”
“We.” Tyler interrupted. “We have been planning this recipe for ages.”
Gus cleared his throat. “Right. Anyways, first, give me that green bag.”
“Which one? There are a million green bags in here. Green is like, the science color.”
“Shut up, man.”
“No you shut up!”
“Can we just get to work, guys?”
“Seriously, you are the lousiest work partners ever!”
“Yeah right.”
“What did I do?”
“Just give me that.”
Eventually, with a lot of work and arguing, there sat a vial of what would be the deadliest virus to ever live. Alexander had left obvious exposure of all the ingredients around the lab, so Lizzy and Harper were sure to be blamed.
The three boys high fived in celebration. “This is it, guys!” Gus exclaimed with pride. “Our victory in a vial!”
He put on three layers of plastic gloves and grabbed the vial. “Now let’s get out of he-”
Before he could finish, a large, muscular man tackled them. When he’d pinned them all to the ground, Tyler mumbled, “I told you so.” Under his breath.
“You guys are going to be in BIG trouble for breaking into this lab.” The man’s gruff voice stated. “Or maybe I should just take care of you, one by one.” He lifted his fist above Tyler’s terrified face. “You first.”

40190 -
modifier supprimer 40222 - Réponse de Madeline71 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-03-12

Thanks! Nice to meet you!

40190 -
modifier supprimer 40219 - Réponse de Morgan225 (USA) - 2022-03-10

Hi Madeline! I like your story so far! I'm Canadian too but my family moved to the US.

40190 -
modifier supprimer 40196 - Réponse de Madeline71 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-02-25

Sure! And thank you so much, that means a lot!

40190 -
modifier supprimer 40195 - Réponse de Isabella192 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-02-24

Hi, I read your story, and I liked it! I also love writing, can we be friends?

40190 -
modifier supprimer 40191 - Réponse de Madeline71 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-02-22

It's really long, so I hope you take the time to read it! :) I'll post more of it soon if you enjoy it!

modifier supprimer 40110 - de Diana243 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-11-20
Ecrivain - "Just messing around with a word document"

Her eyes narrow toward the darkened vault

Counting the starts above her head

Her fingers point out the faint details

That the average soul would have certainly overlooked

And he noticed these simple attributes

Alongside her childlike outlook on the universe

And carefully placed his words

To align her emotions like a perfect puzzle

She listened with intent

Watching his lips move from corner to side

While he recited the lines

From deep within his complex mind

She formulated a response

Gentle and lovely

Against his hopeful mindset

That balanced his speech

And then they slipped into each other’s arms

Afraid yet overwhelmed with newly equipped excitement

As they perched below the night sky

With the cold breeze brushing their skin

modifier supprimer 40095 - de Maggie28 (USA) - 2021-11-04
Ecrivain - "Random Poem?"

The torrid afternoon settles like a
blanket over my bones.
I suck in a thick breath,
air laden with intense moisture.
The sky feels like an ellipsis,
tension building until
heat lightning splits the sky,
without storm, without warning.
The subject changes, the rain falls

40095 -
modifier supprimer 40096 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-11-06

This is really good!

modifier supprimer 40045 - de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-10-05
Ecrivain - "Dear Mrs White"

Oh Mrs White how was your death?
Was it full of sorrow
or full of dread?
Did you dance among moonbeams
on your way to the stars
Was it a long journey leaving scars?
Were you surrounded in linen
pure and white
or covered in satin
as dark as your soul
Did it hurt when you fell
through the chasm below
Or was it quite slowly like a blanket of snow
Please answer my question about your past
My time is coming and I will not last

modifier supprimer 40015 - de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-09-12
Ecrivain - "Hey guys!"

Hi guys I knw its been to long since I posted anything and I hope none of you thought I died due to mysterious circumstances! I'm doing fine I started school a few weeks ago which has made me insanely busy and stressed not giving me a ton of time to be creative, If any of you guys want to give me a prompt for a poem I would love to write it as soon as I can!

modifier supprimer 39973 - de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-08-18
Ecrivain - "The truth"

Excuse me but this is very odd
Our worlds on fire but the hose is off
Water rises pumped inside
But that's when monsters begin to arise
"Full of toxins!"
they yell and shriek
We must find other ways to make ends meet
The man with power!
They sing with joy
His wealth is huge with much employed
"Excuse me sir could you spare a dime
To help us live and our descendants thrive?"
His chuckle rings inside our ears
"Of course my peasents, true and dear!
First though I must run to the stars!"
His manical thoughts created scars
Excuse me but this is very off
Our worlds on fire but the hose is off
The water poisons in the pump
The hose is on but this waters off
Far and few have taken a drink
Without them this world will shrink

39973 -
modifier supprimer 40039 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-09-28

thank you!

39973 -
modifier supprimer 40029 - Réponse de Manishi 134 (Sri Lanka) - 2021-09-22


39973 -
modifier supprimer 39975 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-08-19


39973 -
modifier supprimer 39974 - Réponse de Amaani0 (Grande Bretagne) - 2021-08-19

I like it!

modifier supprimer 39962 - de clara250 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-08
Ecrivain - "[HP]欧石楠的绽放"


modifier supprimer 39961 - de clara250 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-08
Ecrivain - "[HP]欧石楠的绽放"


modifier supprimer 39960 - de clara250 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-08
Ecrivain - "[HP]欧石楠的绽放"



modifier supprimer 39959 - de clara250 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-08
Ecrivain - "[HP]欧石楠的绽放"


modifier supprimer 39955 - de clara250 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-08
Ecrivain - "[HP]欧石楠的绽放"

  说到尼娜,她的生活过的就跟公主一样,要说她有哪点不满意,那就是班级成绩考核排名。可能是因为她受过良好的早期教育 ,她一直是一个直A的优秀学生,可是成绩却一直排班里第二。格林有一次拿“千年老二”来和她开玩笑,她差点就要去抓花他那张白白胖胖的脸,为此格林胆战心惊了好几天,结果,不知道格林去跟尼娜说了些什么混账话,第二天尼娜就气势汹汹的找尤妮斯算账。没错,就因为尤妮斯每回考班里第一。
  倒不是尤妮斯要卖弄自己多有才华,眼下她确实只有这一处可有优势了。原先,那些同学也并不在意她是否学习好,只一件——圣诞晚会或感恩节等类似活动时,少不了要玩真心话大冒险那种无聊的游戏,借此来取笑尤妮斯“书呆子”。她平素喜静,又不大与常人合得来 ,上台演讲这种事也没人举荐她,只是闲暇时看书来打发时光,因此是大多数人不愿意靠近的“书呆子”。只有格瑞斯愿意在烛光下陪尤妮斯读书,愿意和尤妮斯做朋友。可是后来,尼娜在三年级时转到了我们学校——据说是她的商贾父亲想要到学校周围做什么生意。不过这里可真没有什么可赚钱的买卖——至少尤妮斯这样想。不管怎样,尼娜现在把她当作对手,视为眼中钉 。

modifier supprimer 39954 - de clara250 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-08
Ecrivain - "[HP]欧石楠的绽放"

  “哼!”为首的凯文·格林抱着胳膊冷笑着说,“我来告诉你你是谁——穷人莱斯利!穿着破麻袋来上学,死皮赖脸的领着政府的补贴。我告诉你,你那穷作家爸爸每月领的补贴都是像我爸爸这样高层次的人交的税金得来的,你们家真的好不要脸!我看你爸是穷疯了吧!”说完,他“呸”地朝碎石地上啐了一口唾沫,围在他身后的没脑子的小弟都纷纷效仿,然后粗鲁地大笑起来。尤妮斯不由得握紧了双拳 。
  “莉莉丝 !”格林急哄哄地冲上前,把尤妮斯推搡到一边,瞪了她一眼,皱着眉头问尼娜,“怎么了?是那个小贱人朝你扔石子吗?我大可以让弟兄们教训她一顿!”后边那些有些壮实的男孩蠢蠢欲动地从包围圈里走上前来,不怀好意地朝尤妮斯呲牙咧嘴地笑。

modifier supprimer 39953 - de clara250 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-08
Ecrivain - "[HP]欧石楠的绽放"

“ 我永远无法忘记那个晴朗的夏日,在杂草丛生、破败不堪的后花园里,一封被一只飞的摇摇晃晃的绒毛枭紧紧叼着的棕皮信如何改变了我的人生。正如其他莱斯利家族的人一样,我开始让生活精彩起来,就像灿烂的阳光照射进了阴暗潮湿的罅隙,一切都是那么让人激动,让人鼓舞,让人看到生的希望。而且生活渐渐步入正轨,由此,我并不乐意交出我的能力。

modifier supprimer 39932 - de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-07-28
Ecrivain - "If I could change the world"

If I could change the world
Chaos would run amuck
A guillotine would be used
to saw off the reapers head
Then how happy we would be
lounging in the sun
Oh to live immortal
Damage comes undone
Humans darkside then would show
Dancing in the devil's heart
Though we are immortal we may tear
this world apart
But without death to set us free
The hell will come to earth
Burning down all heaven
Angels wings are turning dark
No savior great to set us free
no hope for the end
Only life to laugh as her power forever reigns
Dangling her puppets on a string
Her job becomes too much
But life herself can't die
She will decay into the ground her freedom running dry
And then our land I'm afraid will close
Our world will sing its final song
One fine glorious hymn
The stars will shine out
And hope now is nigh

Hey guys hope you like this! IF any of you has information for publishers interested in poetry please let me know!

39932 -
modifier supprimer 39949 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-08-06

Thank you! I would much rather talk on my students of the world account though. Do you have one?

39932 -
modifier supprimer 39947 - Réponse de 李康訸253 (Chine) - 2021-08-06

You wrote very well! I love so much. By the way, I want to be a pen pal with you. My email is likanghe2021@outlook.com we can discuss literature together

39932 -
modifier supprimer 39937 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-07-29

Thank you! I'll have to check it out.

39932 -
modifier supprimer 39933 - Réponse de Amaani0 (Grande Bretagne) - 2021-07-29

Powerful! There's a really good website called Submittable that you might like to check out where you can submit all kinds of work to different publishing companies.

modifier supprimer 39915 - de Maddie93 , 10 ans (Canada) - 2021-07-16
Ecrivain - "L.U.N.A Prologue"


“Wear it.” Insisted Garry Yearns, one of the most famous managers in the music industry, holding a black tube top and slightly jostling it around. “If you want to make money, this is what you wear.”
Luna twiddled her thumbs nervously behind her back. Luna was a 17 year old girl, and one of the most famous pop stars ever. Though, she was commonly known as ‘L.U.N.A.’
“I don’t know… it’s not really my style…” Luna mumbled nervously, biting her lip.
“Your ‘style’ doesn’t matter in the music industry. Fans like tube tops. So if you want to be liked, wear it.” Garry shot back, waving the tube top more vigorously.
‘I do want to be popular…’ thought Luna, observing the tube top, though it was hard to see clearly because it looked like a blur with Garry wagging it around faster than a dog waves its tail when it hears the ‘W.A.L.K’ word.
“Ok, I guess.” Agreed Luna, taking the tube top doubtfully.
“That’s the attitude!” Beamed Garry, nodding his almost bald head enthusiastically.
Luna plastered on a fake smile. She was concerned though. She’d been a pop star for a few months, and until now, she’d never been asked to wear a tube top.
“Oh, and it’s ‘bout time we released a new single, huh?” Garry thought out loud, lifting his overweight body off of his leather office chair, and brushing his knees off, even though they were crystal clean. “I’ll ask Joey to write us a wicked rap.”
Luna’s jaw dropped. She’d always written her own songs. She liked that process better than actually singing. And since when did she rap? She’d never rapped in her life!
“Um, Garry- could there be some mistake? I’ve always written my own songs- and I’ve never rapped! Ever.” Asked Luna, fiddling with the tube top nervously.
“Oh, ha! I know, I know. But this is what the FANS want.” Explained Garry, patting Luna’s back so hard she almost fell over.
“Oh. Right.” Murmured Luna, frowning.
“That’s my girl.” Encouraged Garry, leaving the room.
That left Luna with her thoughts. Do I want to do this? I can turn back, right? Am I being used? Does my opinion matter?
‘Maybe it’ll turn out to be fine.’ Thought Luna, looking at the tube top. ‘Of course it will.’ Decided Luna. ‘I mean, wealth and popularity. What else could you ask for?’
Luna felt more confident now. So what if she wore a tube top? So what if she didn’t write her songs? And rapping could be fun! ‘Yeah.’ Thought Luna confidently.

39915 -
modifier supprimer 39950 - Réponse de Shuhua242 , 14 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-07

Wow, this is really great!

modifier supprimer 39907 - de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-07-12
Ecrivain - "Fathoms of your soul"

Never lie to me
I see guilt inside your eyes
You are evil personified my dear
And I know where your heart lys
Oh never keep a secret
A grudge where sorrow grows
Festers up its seeds in hell
In the fathoms in your soul
A demon is nicer than you
For a demon knows the truth
You can't deny what lies inside
The poison in the roots
Your heart of stone was broken
Before you were ever born
So never lie to me my child
Or I will make it grow

39907 -
modifier supprimer 39912 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-07-15

Thank you so much Viola I would love to make a song with my poems but I'm horrible at music theory.

39907 -
modifier supprimer 39910 - Réponse de Viola185 , 14 ans (Allemagne) - 2021-07-14

Hey Delaney!
I like your poems, they're quite nice! So keep attention that nobody steals it!
I have written a poem as well, I guess I use it for a rap.
Maybe you can use the poems for a song/rap as well :)
Lovely greetings

modifier supprimer 39889 - de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-06-30
Ecrivain - "In denial"

I'm falling yet I'm not afraid
Because I'm falling into you
Your arms will catch me if I shall fall
Oh all my life is yours
That's what all my friends say
Oh how how they lie
See how they jeer
Your eyes so bright I can't look away
but I'm in denial over you
They say the reason I'm not sleeping
Is my reality is better than dreams
The truth really is
I'm scared to fall asleep
For in dreams you keep me awake
Surrounding me in your love
I'm scared to fall asleep
I fear I'll never wake up
Oh how they lie
See how they jeer
Your eyes so bright I can't look away
but I'm in denial over you
Someday it shall be
Me and you in the sun
Dancing to our hearts content
just not now it won't be so
Cause I'm in denial over you

39889 -
modifier supprimer 39892 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-07-02

Thank you!

39889 -
modifier supprimer 39891 - Réponse de Amaani0 (Grande Bretagne) - 2021-07-02

Absolutely lovely!

modifier supprimer 39881 - de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-06-20
Ecrivain - "Hey guys!"

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't had a poem for a little while I've been very busy in school lately along with other things. I thought it would be fun if one of you guys recommended a song I could write a poem based off. Make sure the song is appropriate with no explicit lyrics please. Have a great day!

39881 -
modifier supprimer 39883 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-06-21

Sounds nice! Ps this may take a while because I'm leaving tomorrow for a week long trip.

39881 -
modifier supprimer 39882 - Réponse de Amaani0 (Grande Bretagne) - 2021-06-21

In Denial by Lara Marshall or We'll pull through maybe?

modifier supprimer 39879 - de Amaani0 (Grande Bretagne) - 2021-06-18
Ecrivain - "Heart of the Night: Chapter 10"

Luna had nearly totally forgotten her old day time life. She felt as though she had live here among the clouds and stars all her life. She knew all the places and creatures that lived in the night. She knew which clouds were sturdy and which stars were safe. She could leap almost just like Vastwars and sing the night songs.
Vastwars, watching her as Luna was playing with the owls in the forest one night, decided it was time. The next evening, before Luna had even fully woken up, he grabbed her and half dragged, half pushed her from cloud to cloud. 'Wait a minute' said Luna in shock, 'it's much too early to go down to the ground. It's only sunset. It's much too early for us to be active at all!' 'We have to make an exception for once.' And before the naturally curious Luna could ask why they had already landed in a field and Vastwars had ordered her to mount him. Luna was a brilliant Wanil Rider by now, but even she found this the most difficult ride ever. Partly because it was barely twilight by this time and she still felt stiff. It was a long ride. Luna felt as though it would never end. Half in a stupor, she felt her ride race across flat ground, swim over rivers, and finally felt their pace slow as they proceeded up a smooth, steep slope.
'Get off me and look down Luna.'
Luna got up, stumbled, and blacked out.

modifier supprimer 39855 - de Amaani0 , 10 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2021-06-05
Ecrivain - "The Heart of the Night: Chapter 9"

She was right to climb on to Vastwars. After whirling through clouds and past stars which glazed her slightly ('Vastwars had told me that stars were safe' Luna had thought accusingly), her ride landed so abruptly that she tumbled off and clutched the nearest thing that was all around her. A beautiful, short, sharp note reached her ear and she looked down and the long blade of grass in her hand. 'The singing grasses'. Said Vastwars. Luna stood up. They were in a large area of grass surrounded by a ring of trees. The moon shone a milky light into the circle. A wonderful melody, sounding like all the instruments of the world, greeted her ears. 'Oh, it feels like one of those enchanted rings in fairy tails!' She breathed. 'Oh, everything's enchanted if you look at it the right way.' As he said this, Vastwars, who had been carefully surveying the grass in a judgemental way, finished his calculation and began pulling, sliding, and running through the grasses creating amazing music. Luna listened in rapture. ' Oh do let me have a try!' She cried when Vastwars had finished. 'It's all about knowing which sections of blades play which combination of notes.'
As it happened, Luna had always showed promise in the music department, and soon, not did she know the grasses like the back of her hand, she had made a harp out of tree bark which she strung with her favourite grass notes. Luna felt she could live this life for ever.

modifier supprimer 39849 - de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-06-04
Ecrivain - "The phoenix"

I never owned a record player
Or a fiddle I could play
Never dyed my hair blue
Mine was blinding red instead
My soul was never lost
so why bother searching
Yes I know we're not the same
But I was born to be the greatest girl alive
Never dreamed that one day I'd die
As a phoenix I will rise
Through the ashes hear my cry
I'm more than you believe
I never dared to stand out
Anxieties force me to hide
Never had a friend in person
Though I know I'm not shy
But I was born to be the greatest girl alive
Never dreamed that one day I'd die
As a phoenix I will rise
Through the ashes hear my cry
You haven't seen the last of me
I will return
I shall fight
Through the plagues and through the night
Break the world end your lives
All for the things I crave with all my might

39849 -
modifier supprimer 39874 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-06-15


39849 -
modifier supprimer 39870 - Réponse de Maddie93 , 10 ans (Canada) - 2021-06-14

I like it a lot! You are so good at this.

39849 -
modifier supprimer 39861 - Réponse de Delaney37 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-06-07


39849 -
modifier supprimer 39857 - Réponse de Hakka189 (Emirats Arabes Unis) - 2021-06-07

Splendid and marvelous lyrics. Keep it up.

39849 -
modifier supprimer 39853 - Réponse de Delaney26 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-06-04

Yay! I'm glad you liked it! I know my poetry has been kind of dry lately so I thought this would be a nice change.

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